Ornaments from natural stones

Ornaments from natural stones - an original and elegant addition to your image.The healing properties of these products are described as far back as the Middle Ages encyclopedias.The tradition of using organic minerals and stones in the decoration to have survived, and does not lose its relevance than ever.What ornaments are a great gift for you and your loved ones, how the stones to choose?Let's look at this in detail.

Beads from natural stones

Modern Masters made ornaments to suit every taste.The assortment of jewelery shops include rings and brooches, beads and necklaces, earrings and bracelets.The game of colors and a skilful combination of patterns make them unique.You can buy the finished product in a set or separately.By their choice should be approached seriously and carefully.Decoration should be your amulet, which will protect and help to cope with difficulties.

Beads are the most popular types of jewelry from natural stones, among older women and young girls.A huge variety of beads all

ow women to make a decent selection, and choose for themselves the high quality product with a stylish design.

Beads can have both light and dark colors and shades.In their manufacture is used noble materials such as turquoise, pearls, amber, jasper and other famous gems.Of particular value are the necklace with natural and precious elements, coral necklaces.These necklaces were great ladies still in the distant past.Jewels do not cease to be fashionable today.

Brooch made of natural stones

Even if your dress stylish and bright, with ruby ​​brooch or other natural stone will not be overkill, it will be an original addition to your image.You can pick up the brooch in the shape of a flower or animal or it may be a natural gem with an ornament in elegant bronze frame.For example, as in the photo below.

rings and earrings made of natural stones

deserves special attention rings and earrings with natural stones.They are as a kit separately.But it is worth to note that some of the stones are not compatible with each other.For example, do not wear jewelry items at the same time with malachite and amber, turquoise and ruby.It is better that both the ring and earrings were made of the same stone.For example, if your finger is decorated with a beautiful ring with a ruby ​​red, the perfect complement to this will earrings with rubies.

Pendants and pendants made of natural stones

Factory pendants and pendants with precious stones or natural and handmade products - is not just a decoration, but the mascot, who accompanies a person throughout life.Popular gold pendants or articles in gold.This precious metal saves people from many ailments and does not cause allergic reactions.Pendant precious stone on a gold chain will be a worthy gift for the holiday.

Bracelets made of natural stones

At the peak of its popularity are bracelets with natural materials.They can be classic and decorative, with the addition of fine detail - natural jewels.This bracelet, impressive size, will look spectacular with an evening dress.Thin bracelets best to wear combined with everyday clothes.

jewelry sets made of natural stones

to create a complete harmonious way is to buy a set of jewelry made with natural materials.It will look spectacular and attract good luck to you, and bewitched the views of others.

Ornaments on Zodiac signs of natural stones

in jewelry, each element has a special energy and can fit you or not fit.When choosing a product, you need to be guided by their inner feelings.Examining or examples thing, feel it draws you to himself, or, on the contrary, pushes away.If, picking up the product, you will feel the peace and tranquility - it suits you, you can safely buy it.It will bring into your life the joy and happiness.If you are having trouble with this, it is better to abandon such purchases.

correct choice of stone depends not only on your intuition.Sometimes it can take.There are other methods of selection.For example, astronomers have developed a special classification, according to which the stones are selected according to the sign of the zodiac.

Guided by this classification, allocate such basic rocks for signs of the zodiac:

  • ruby ​​- for Aries
  • sapphire - for Taurus
  • Topaz - for the Twins
  • emerald - for Cancer
  • diamond - for Lion
  • Jasper - forVirgin
  • aquamarine - for Libra
  • black opal - for Scorpio
  • grenades - for Sagittarius
  • striped topaz - for Capricorn
  • turquoise - for Aquarius
  • amethyst - for Pisces

addition to the basic elements, for each sign of the zodiacthere are lucky stones.This takes into account not only the sign of the zodiac, and date of birth.Such decoration is a real talisman, accompanying a person throughout life as to bring happiness and prosperity.

jewelry with natural stones Jewelry

work - work fine.Master each time trying to make elegant and unique thing.Jewelry with natural stones are of particular value.Fans of such products have a unique charm and charisma, which is achieved due to the influence of jewelery.

Jewelry made of silver with natural stones

successful combination - silver jewelry with natural stones.Such decorations are combined together metal nobility and natural jewels.They make a special engraving on the memory, if it is - a gift for a loved one.

Ornaments from natural stones handmade

Products made with their own hands, always original.Energy of the decor is fantastic.Copyright jewelry valued worldwide.The main value of their - what a master can not produce two identical products, even making them the same pattern.If you change some detail decoration becomes quite different, with its "highlight".Master and create their own unique collections of works by offering them on public display at the exhibition opening.

You too can make jewelry accessories with their own hands, for that you will need such elements and details as beads of various sizes, clasps of copper, chains.Create decorations will be easier if the hand is guidance for their production, or have the opportunity to attend a master class.

detailed instructions and tips for the manufacture of decorative items with their hands, you will find in the video below:

Ornaments from natural stones for men

belief that only women wear jewelry, is erroneous.Many men have no less interest in such products, especially with the use of natural elements.A perfect gift for any man will be men's bracelet.It will be an elegant addition to and a business suit, and casual wear.natural stones Shambhala used for making such bracelets, precious stones, silver and gold-plated.

Jewellery made of natural stones: Gems

original and unique accessories, which is composed of stones, semi-precious stones:

  • rhinestone
  • diamond
  • black agate
  • lapis
  • fire yeah
  • jade
  • Opal
  • green tourmaline and others.

Such decorations are elegant and beautiful, has the original finish.They have magical properties.

Jewelry from natural stones

Among the jewels made with natural stones, a separate group of isolated jewelry.These gizmos are now at the peak of their popularity and give their owners a unique charm and originality.Jewelry is not so expensive, and the range of such products in the variety and quantity of jewelery does not lag behind things.This accessory will be a great gift to a loved one or friend.It can be as a decoration, and cherished mascot.

When selecting products with the use of natural stone should be guided by inner feelings, astrological and other classification criteria.The main thing that you liked it and adorned you.

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