girl Compliments

If you want to make an impression on the women's favorite, then you have to acquire the ability to speak nice words.Sincere expressions of admiration, approval at the right moment can work wonders.In time the girl said the compliments will make her happy, motivated her to it, to become even better for you.If you do not skimp on the praise, the location of the fairer sex are guaranteed.

How to compliment a girl on the Internet

people communicate in real life is totally different from the virtual interaction.Use the tips to your words like guaranteed, and at the same time find out what are the advantages of online correspondence:

  • Ability to delay a response.Unlike a live telephone communication or conversation, the caller will not be obliged to give an answer immediately, so you will be less likely to "crush the amount of" compliments.Do not write flowery literary opus, after a short compliment, emphasizing the quality of the individual girl, will do better.Emphasize the ability to dress, choose
    a background for photos, pose.
  • Ability to analyze.In contrast to the "live" conversation with the virtual communication girl will always be able to view all the correspondence and analyze all your words.Slukavil very difficult.Be honest, if you do not have to keep in mind your previous word.
  • A strong literacy writing.Obvious gross grammatical errors compliments to the girls leave to communicate with you only a negative impression.
  • way of knowing whether your original statement.Any compliments girls can immediately be verified through a search engine - the exposure is inevitable.Try any found "blank" to describe in their own words.

Under photo

Every girl laying out photos to the Internet on your page to any social network, hoping to see a picture cherished compliments.If you want to please your beloved, a friend or even an unfamiliar girl who like it - leave a comment below the avatar (under the avatar).Believe that the notes to the photos page scrutinized mistress, so be careful to detail:

  • Pay attention to the girl's appearance.Select the most striking features in its way, because in this part in her appearance she would like to draw the attention of men.Maybe it's a great hairstyle, beautiful makeup and tasteful clothes, sports figure, seductive forms?Speak boldly compliments!
  • Note facial expression, posture, which depicts a lady.For the photo shoot women prepared very carefully and always waiting to labors were not in vain.For example, if it is in the photo displayed in the sitting position or thrown back one foot to the other, the options compliment a girl such: "You are very gracious!", "You have such seductive curves", "I like each of your body line" and so on.d.
  • Looking at the photo, be sure to pay attention to the background, because the details can help you make a good comment.For example, if the autumn woods, you can write: "You are very harmoniously look at the background of nature, as a forest fairy."A compliment can be veiled.

At acquaintance

important condition - during the first minutes of dialogue not to alienate the opponent and interest, it is necessary to do the right compliments girl.Needless to say the lady hackneyed phrases using adjectives such as "you're so beautiful," "you have a beautiful figure, eyes, hair," etc., these words she had heard hundreds of times by other men .. And where is the probability thatyou will not be one hundred and first?

She already knows that she is beautiful!It is important not to focus on the obvious merits of her appearance, because all that nature gave her, is not something special.Try to find in it some flavor and sincere words to give her your admiration, noting its uniqueness and originality.For example, it has attractive gleam in his eyes, fragrant hair, warm hands, delicate facial features, etc.

social network VKontakte provides many opportunities for singles.Here, as in real communication, beautiful girls love compliments.To do this, they show the best out of their photos under which you can keep admiring comments, using adjectives.On the Internet, become acquainted much easier than personally, you have time to think about what words to use to cool compliments.


If you meet a girl for a long time or a long time are married, then when something will come a tipping point, and the time comes to add some variety to your personal life.It really make buying gifts, organizing trips to the restaurant and theater.But these actions entail material costs, so there is a way less expensive, but still effective - to send his girlfriend sweet words - love SMS-messages on the phone.

Reading these lines, take right now in the hands of mobile phone and write their most beloved and beautiful girl how much you love her, what she's wonderful, good, etc., as long as these words were sincere andyou have been in contact with her.This will help you to pull her out of the routine of everyday life and make you think about, its relation to you.Following such communication, any girl can not be indifferent to your personality.

What compliments girl talking

If you are just starting a romantic relationship and is still not very well know its virtues, personal qualities, then we can say kind words for the girl towards her appearance.Notice the small details that are unique to her, and she will appreciate your attentiveness.It is important that the amount of praise has been dispensed, or when you are bombarded Woman affectionate words, it gives the impression of flattery and unnatural.Having a compliment in a word, you will make a much greater effect than a dozen meaningless, formulaic phrases spoken in vain.

About her beauty

Probably no one else wanted to compliment a girl, than the words of her beauty.When you show a sincere admiration for the dignity of women outside, then thereby significantly increasing its self-esteem, makes it clear that the efforts were not in vain, motivate her to be more beautiful.Sincere compliments and outstanding friend of the beauty of even the most able to emancipate clamped Woman, get rid of complexes.

Pro eyes

eyes - that's the first thing to say compliments to the woman, because they are the epitome of beauty.They displayed all the feelings and emotions, they talk about how they keep silent about the owner.Most emphasize the beauty of her eyes, their bottomless, penetrating gaze, sincerity.Praise chic makeup, long eyelashes - all of these are small, parts for women are of great importance, and compliments always hit the mark.


smile smile your girl is worth 1,000 compliments!Underlining its beauty, are you implying that you like when it is in good spirits.Such words make her smile more often even in the cloudy day.Praise her sensual lips bend their natural soft color or a beautiful lipstick with a gorgeous smell.Tell her that you like her teeth, they look like pearls when she smiles.That's really a compliment to glory!

list compliments

When selecting compliments is important to use clear and simple sentences.Ornate and pretentious words always pushes, avoid falsehood is very difficult.Giving unusual compliments followed by any person of the female sex - and a young girl and a pregnant woman, and an elderly lady.But it is important to enrich their speech simple phrases that you will need to say every day that the relationship was always filled with love.Here is a list of the best 100 compliments about love every day: you

  • cool;
  • love when you smile;
  • love your smell;
  • I like your eyes;
  • you wonder;
  • love your voice;
  • you're smart;
  • you perfect;
  • you have a nice voice;
  • you cool gait;
  • look amazing;
  • cool shoes;
  • you great cook;
  • you slim;
  • love it when you're around;
  • you have a great figure;
  • like to talk with you;
  • you sexy;
  • perfect dress;
  • you feel so fine;
  • you excites me;
  • fun with you;
  • excellent selection of dresses;
  • you have a great sense of humor;
  • you smell nice;
  • you are a unique person;
  • I like your smile;
  • you have a perfect figure;
  • you're so cute;
  • you're so smart;
  • I like the color of your lips;
  • I like your voice;
  • you so contagious laugh;
  • love your hair;
  • I like you;
  • great hairstyle;
  • I like the way you move;
  • I just admire you;
  • love to look at you;
  • look great;
  • lovely legs;
  • love it when you laugh;
  • cool make-up;
  • I like your dishes;
  • you are super;
  • you all turns out.


Lyrics-compliments are mostly found in the public domain on the network.There are services for the selection of poems called: the letter A, B, etc.Their citation, alas, in 90 cases out of 100 will be treated the girl like a cheap trick.This rule does not apply to his own writings poems addressed to her directly.Never use compliments in verse for exploring (with the exception of ironic and outright funny poems).

In prose

Do not over-zealous to say compliments pretentious tone.The less used lofty words (divine, the way to your heart, the ultimate dream, etc.), the more weight gets a compliment, so he sounds sincere, so get right on target.It is important to feel the balance and not go to the bare enumeration of the facts: you have big eyes you have a blue dress, you are dressed for the weather.

Funny Funny

compliments would be appropriate if a girl has a sense of humor when you can laugh together.Otherwise you will find yourself in an uncomfortable position, justifying that it was a joke.Funny compliments should be short, be careful at this time the reaction of the girls not to go too far and make it in time to stop.Funny words it is better to leave her sister, a young girl or girlfriend.


speak vulgar compliments - a very fine science.Not all girls are adequately perceive compliments on their body parts (breasts, buttocks, legs) and even fewer realize that their own sexuality could be the subject for compliments.For vulgar compliments should be a special atmosphere and mood, even the very young ladies.If a vulgar compliment pronounced nevovremya or not that person, get rid of "pervert" label will be very difficult afterwards.

Video: compliments girl pickup

In this video you will see how a guy meets a young woman using compliments.It is interesting to observe the reaction of the girls, which fits an unfamiliar young man and showers pathetic words.You will see what the result is obtained when the words are spoken beautiful woman.This video will give you a lot of fun, becauseimbued with humor and positive.