Fashion jewelry 2016

Complete the image quality may decorations that complement the style and give a special elegance.Fashion jewelry in 2016 are incredibly diverse.And every girl is able to pick up the desired accessory by selecting the form, materials and brand, fully meet the style and taste preferences.

most fashionable jewelry in 2016 photo

to create fashionable jewelry in 2016 used a variety of materials - from precious metals (silver, platinum, gold) and natural stone to cheaper options - leather jewelry, jeans, plastic, beautiful beads or beads.Diversity of strikes, designers will give fantasy.The fair sex will be able to choose the accessories of any form (even the most bizarre and original) and choose the material, which is the soul.

Variants fashion jewelry accessories, you can see in the photo below.

combination of in jewelry jewelry with simple metals

applied in the manufacture of jewelry accessories precious stones must be made in a frame, which would help the stone "to reveal."Usually, precious meta

ls are used.But in the 2016 season are not uncommon and accessories that combine precious (eg, diamond, topaz, sapphire, jasper), semi-precious (amethyst, malachite, mountain crystal) stones and base metals or plastic.

fashion jewelry with stones and leather

The trend in 2016 will be accessories made with leather.Particularly popular with leather braided baubles lines.Patterns and decoration can be very diverse.Typically, the metal fastener chain and various kinds of data used in the product.

not inferior to the popularity of and products, which combine leather and stones.Stones can be both natural and conventional.Usually, this trend can be seen in the performance of products on the neck (cervical collars) or on the wrist (bracelets in the form of a spiral).Baubles with pendants of different animals, hearts, droplets - unique accessories that will add your elegance and originality.

Jewelry from natural stones

for making jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings) are often used natural stones.Choosing and buying products made of natural stones, it is worth remembering: semiprecious stones, in addition to the aesthetic function, have certain beneficial and "magical" properties.Each person, depending on the sign of the zodiac, character, personality type has its own stone-mascot.

products made of natural stones are quite affordable and are very popular.Basically, jewelry accessories are manufactured with the use of agate, moonstone, coral, turquoise, and others. These accessories look neat and depending on the lighting can change their colors.We offer you examples of ornaments that have become very popular in 2016.

Exclusive jewelery

Exclusive articles of precious metals and stones - it's not just a stylish decoration, which combines the elegance of the forms and quality of materials used, but also a piece of the soul of the designer.Jewelry Sets can be made by unique designs, taking into account even the smallest details.It's not cheap, but you can be sure that no matter which party or a meeting you will not encounter a woman with the same earrings, brooch or bracelet.

Jewelry sunlight

Sunlight - a company that specializes in the production of jewelry with diamonds.Prices for these products pleasantly pleased, and at the highest level of quality.Sunlight brand Collections pleasing original graceful forms of products that hardly leave anyone indifferent.There is no doubt, and that with the help of these products you can easily win the heart of a girl.

Jewellery from pearls

Especially popular are the products of pearls.Necklace, gold earrings with pearls - ornaments that look rich and elegant.They are ideal for evening attire.Sets of articles of pearls - a classic, never coming out of fashion.The only thing that changed - design jewelry.

Jewellery made of silver Silver

always in the trend and the season 2016 - is no exception.Especially popular are the ornaments of silver and precious or semi-precious stones.The unique silver brooch, kulonchiki, rings, earrings, rings look attractive and will be excellent complement for the evening as well, and to the casual clothes.

Fashion earrings

Kaffa Earring-Kaffa - the fashion trend of the season 2016. They give the image of mystery and elegance.It made such a clip earrings, and because of their wearing are not necessary punctures in the earlobes.Stylists say that this kind of earring to wear better in one ear to the other in this thread the small stud earrings.To determine which design fits exactly to you, you should try a few different models.

stylish chandelier earrings

in vogue in 2016 includes the most original and unpredictable patterns.Common jewelry earrings chandeliers considered.That drooping earrings, which can be made of gold or silver and have a drop shape or cross.Typically, these earring decorated with stones, and can be used as gems (eg diamond crystals), and natural and semi-precious.

massive jewelry on his neck

Massive jewelry looks expensive and brilliant, but their use should not oversaturate image.It is recommended to use one thing or massive decoration on the neck (at what, in the area of ​​the neckline, it should be one) or a bracelet.Otherwise, you just get lost in the background accessories.

You are free to make massive decoration on the neck with his hands, looking at the video below:

Fashion symmetry in bracelets and rings

Many stylists are trying to balance the image, to a pair of asymmetrical earrings (for example, earrings, Cuff) recommend the use of symmetricrings and bracelets.So, on both wrists are advised to wear the same bracelet and ring - to the neighboring fingers.It is desirable that the ring had been without unnecessary decorations.

If this information has helped you to choose the decoration, or you want to share photos of their jewelry purchases, leave a comment at the bottom of the page.