Gold pendants hearts

For any woman to get a gift Heart Pendant - means to learn about the passionate romantic feelings of the person who presented it.A man who is experiencing strong real feelings for his beloved, choosing a gift for her, first of all draws attention to the hearts, because it is a symbol of love.Gold pendants hearts remarkably combined with an evening dress, and with a bright outfit for a party.A variety of models allows you to make a choice of the suspension, which is necessary to the beloved soul.More is to elaborate on the basic types of the popular heart.

fashion gold pendants in the form of heart

Elegant pendants with heart shaped pleasure are not only young girls.For young fashionistas sometimes with such jewelry begins acquaintance with the world of jewelry.Instill love of beauty - then tell and show the young lady, how to wear jewelry.Women are more mature, too, with a sense of gratitude will be a present suspension, symbolizing undying love, which is carried through the years.

be opened heart

Pendants with a secret that open, called medallions.These decorations were and gave her lover in the era of romanticism, 200-300 years ago.Inside the suspension put a lock of a loved one, a portrait, a commemorative flower petal or a note with a passionate declaration of love.Our contemporaries do not lag behind their predecessors, presented medallions to the value, a hint of romance and love, so that open pendants have not lost relevance.

vintage monogram, engraving meaningful words do locket Tiffany more attractive, which is kept under lock and key the secret meant only for two.People wearing these pendants, believe that the heart functions as a powerful talisman, keep out of trouble.Eventually, when the romantic feelings become the stage of family relationships, in some pendant opens store pictures of their children.

pendant in the form of two halves of the heart on

Nobody will be indifferent gold pendant, made as the two halves of the heart, connected to each other.Very symbolic ornament for lovers, both of which are each a part of the pendant.When a certain period, they are not together, this symbol will remind feelings its second half and help to survive the separation.Two halves of a heart have to meet and connect.

Jewelers have come up with a very interesting design, where half is designed for girls, is made of gold and has a picture of a lock.Guys prefer silver, take for yourself a second portion in the form of key.If a young person wants to prolonged reverent attitude, he must find his approach to the girl, his key.Often split halves of the pendant double represent cupids, according to legend, break hearts or swans as a symbol of fidelity.

C diamonds

Gold pendants with diamonds are expensive, they look more elegant.Such a gift will bring joy and understanding how strong feelings.According to legend, the diamond does not weaken the feelings between husband and wife, no matter how old they are together, restoring their brightness sensations, many years ago.Therefore, the suspension on which the precious diamond is the perfect gift for a loved one.

to diamond, even in a few carats flashed all its facets and showed the true beauty, it must rise above the metal, which is attached.For this is more suitable platinum and white gold, which is stronger and reflects the yellow glare of natural gemstone.In jewelry, where the diamond is located at the gold fixing deeper, long-lasting, but the stone will not be able to shine so.A cheaper analog of the diamond - the product with cubic zirconia.The layman can not distinguish the two stones (diamond and cubic zirconia), similar in appearance but differ in value.

with crystals Swarovski

If kulonchik heart shaped studded with Swarovski crystals - it means the product is not made of pure gold, and is spraying.Exterior Suspension looks expensive, elegant, but reduces the financial costs.Knowledgeable experts recommend for young girls to choose a gift from such a collection.The volume of the famous design pendant from Tiffany, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, will be a wonderful gift for any occasion to a loved one, besides, it's easy to order from the online store, in which the catalog is always a large selection of products.

with key

exquisite gold pendant - heart with a key - will be the finishing touch to the image of his girlfriend.The original designers of the solution gives the elegance of style, who has such a suspension.Pendants heart give not only Valentine's Day.Anyone who is experiencing true feelings to your beloved one, make gifts for no reason, to please a loved one.Key has a secret meaning: "I found a way how to open your heart."The girl, who received the gift heart pendant with the image of the key will immediately understand how strong the feelings of her boyfriend.

What does gold pendant in the shape of a heart

No other valuable product does not have such a powerful symbolic meaning as the image of the heart.Jewelry house, famous throughout the world, such as Pandora, Swarovski, the Moschino, Vivienne Westwood created the entire collection on the theme of love and passionate feelings.Favourites sales - image of the heart, has been and remains the most spectacular recognition.

with arrows

Arrow Cupid pierces the heart, says a lot: "love to visit every corner of my soul, I give you my heart is wounded feelings for you."The official reason for such a gift can easily become a day of engagement or a touching declaration of love, but the girl will wear a pendant for a long time.each time remembering the wonderful moments and experiencing the feeling again and again.

Broken Heart «Love Lost»

sincerely sorry for the people who wear pendants «Love Lost», it's a sign of unrequited or lost love, the feelings were false and rapidly cooled.Pendant resembles the heart, where cracks appeared in pain and could not stand it.It must be said that this decoration is not accepted to give, often she herself buys it himself as a consolation prize, and remove when meets a new love.

Where to buy and how much are the suspension of gold

Large selection of jewelry made of gold, silver can be found in stores, not only large cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg.Sales network and offers a massive collection of singles, where a large variety to satisfy even the most demanding customer.Jewellery of yellow, red gold, with platinum inserts, with or without stones - for every taste and budget.Central Bank of Russia offers discount price of 1 gram of gold a little more than 2040 rubles.To get the best price of 1 gram of gold, you need to sample (eg, 585) multiplied by the discount: 0.585 * 2040 rubles.

price of gold products may have a wide range, depending on which gold was used, whether fixed stones and what:

  • Jewelry store in Moscow " 'offers gold pendant without inserts from 1140 rubles - a wide selection cangold24 previewed on the
  • Pendant with zirconium from 1800 rubles -
  • Heart diamond from 4000 rubles -
  • Internet-shop "Magic Gold" offers gold pendants hearts from 1120 rubles -
  • interesting assortment of pendants hearts represented in intern-shop "Adamas" from 1117 rubles -

Video: Beautiful heart pendants in the shape of

jewelers Fantasy knows no bounds.Pendants in the shape of a heart can have a rounded or elongated shape, with a bend without it.Decorate suspension expensive gemstones like diamond or Swarovski crystals, as shown in the video.Colored stones, fortified by heart a contour or across the surface - a great solution for a more economical option.Twin hearts with the image of angels, swans, keys, with anchor kits - a large selection of gifts for every taste.Jewelry in the shape of a heart shown in the video - a symbol of love.

Novelties gold pendants of hearts 2016

pendants in yellow gold in the form of a fiery heart will always be at the peak of popularity.People do not cease to love each other and give gifts with the symbols of their feelings.An updated collection of 2016 offers interesting solutions forms gold hearts, a combination of gold with other metals and stones - like precious diamonds and semi-precious.Presented to your attention a photo without further ado let enjoy products that are ready to be gifts.