How can you kindly call girl

Not every lady will attract the eye.Tender words for girls - it's just honey to the ears.For the beautiful half of humanity kind words are very important.No wonder there is a saying, "A kind word and a cat nice".Affectionately known as the girl?Question important.A set of standard phrases do not fit, relevance is important compliment, beautiful lady status.Agree called pussy girl that you see for the first time - a vulgar, not cute.Find out how to come up with the desired kind words for the right woman to set a romantic tone of your meetings.

How to pick up girls for nice words

fair sex loves gentle and affectionate reference to his person.Lovely words girl chosen correctly, set fire to the interest and will house a lady to you.How affectionately call girl?Do not throw the kind words in passing, without any respect.Beautiful word spoken too sugary, with a bad actor accent apprehended like a joke or a stupid nickname.

When thinking what to say to a girl that she melted note style: Smile and say si

ncerely affectionate compliments.False words are not like anyone, she may feel that "drama" willfully.Little excitement - it's not a shame, because this shows that you're talking cordially and heartily.Do not rush to shout all come to mind words like patter - risk being misunderstood.

who like

sincerely heartfelt affectionate adjectives for women - not just a part of speech - they are part of life.When you already have contacts liked the ladies, show their attention and warmth in her address.Wishes good morning, nice day, good night touches the girls, they show that you really essential mood and feeling of the girl.Take care of her health, give a compliment, poem, inspire lady on a great mood and creative day.

During the meeting, use for communication affectionate epithets and touching appeal, looking into the eyes of the girl.Do not turn this moment into a boring routine.Say you like the girl tenderly, heartily, "sweet", "sweet", "flower", "take care of yourself" - is better than the conventional treatment "Cach", "Tan", "Vic", "enough to hurt."In response to the good attitude ladies give mutually affectionate words, and reciprocity and love worth it.

Gentle words to his girlfriend

Beautiful words girlfriend brought into a life together based on some frames.It is worth remembering:

  1. not compare favorite with anyone else plucked the scandal.
  2. Use for diminutive endearment those qualities and traits that she sees a negative - a very risky move.Not only a representative of the fairer sex enjoy gentle in her address, "you are my tolstushechka", "my plump patty", "Krivoruchko mine."
  3. not emphasized on the exterior of the shortcomings."My giraffe" or something better "Super Beaver" - is not only strange, but also insulting.
  4. Fudge banned!Flattery is not to everyone, too, "honey" word may perceive as a bad hint.It is unlikely that you achieve such an effect.
  5. Pleasant words beloved - is an art.How tenderly call girl in your own words?Your beauty has already heard about their long legs and slender waist dozens of times.Rate her tender hands, interesting look.
  6. not talk constantly about looks.Sometimes these conversations tiring woman.You've fallen in love with her soul?Evaluate what it wonderful companion, praise for their understanding, support, show attention to her abilities and careers.

How beautiful call girl named

When you are in a public place or a company, will be more appropriate to call the lady's name.But the name can be called your woman affectionately.That sounds nice, "Katya", "Mrs." or "Katya", "Katyusha"?Your attitude toward the woman reveals the true essence of a gentleman.It is important measure: it would seem the name "Nadenka" and not rough, as "Nadia", but not too sweet.It sounds a name as a joke.Name your girl is given on the birth of her parents, so "humiliating" her name, you humiliate her family.

diminutive versions

names Here is a short list of women's abbreviated name, which can be useful on the question, as it is affectionately called by the name of his girlfriend:

  • Alexander - Sasha, Sashulya;
  • Alice - Alya, Aliska;
  • Alla - Alia, Alyusya;
  • Anastasia - Nastya, flooring, Nastasia, Beyonce;
  • Angelina - Linochka, Angelinka;
  • Anna - Anya, Annie, Anna, Nyuta;
  • Valentine - Valya, Valya;
  • Valeria - Lera, Valerie Leroy;
  • Barbara - Varya, Varyunya;
  • Faith - Verunya, Vera;
  • Veronica - Nick;
  • Victoria - Vikusya, Vituli;
  • Galina - Galinka, Galechka;
  • Daria - Dasha, Darinka;
  • Eve - Evochka;
  • Eugene - Genia, Evgesha;
  • Catherine - Katya, Katya;
  • Helen - Helen, Lenusya;
  • Jeanne - Zhannochka;
  • Zoe - Zoyatchka, Bunny;
  • Irina - Irishka, Irusya;
  • Xenia, Oksana - Xenia, Xenia;
  • Lydia - Lidusya, Lida;
  • Maria - Masha, Mashulya;
  • Natalia - Natulya, Natochka;
  • Olga - Olga, Olia;
  • Polina - Paul, Pauline;
  • Sofia - Sonyushka, Sofyushka;
  • Tatiana - Tanya, Tatyanka;
  • Uliana - Ula, Ulyasha;
  • Julia - Yulechka, Yulia;
  • Jaroslav - Yasha, Mutton.

Original ideas affectionate nicknames

How many words already invented, and it is said that to come up with original word love at first sight impossible.Soriginalnichat happens if you a woman has its little secrets, interesting situations, which are only aware of you.It is interesting to observe the friends who puzzled look of laughing at the girl you just called affectionately "saucepan".No one does not know how long she had forgotten them on the stove and burned!


original phrase for each person on your own.Yes, called "lion-fish-mouse" boring.For example, the word "lady" is not new, but very few people use it to gently "dignify" his woman.Or how you word "mademoiselle", "Darling", "honey"?Be original, who, if not you, young lady calls her "my Paris".Fashionable, not banal, and the value does not matter.

Fun and funny

If your girl with a sense of humor, here is your imagination disclosed all the open spaces.This nickname can be associated with any particular funny situation, "highlight", childhood, youth, ladies.The main condition is that there is no shame!How funny and tenderly call girl?Options cool nicknames:

  1. Salad.
  2. Pirozhulka.
  3. patties.
  4. Bowler.
  5. Marmyshka.
  6. Monkey.
  7. Kozyavushka.
  8. Kozyulka.
  9. tarakashki.
  10. Beachwood.
  11. Borschik.
  12. Krysik.
  13. Myshara.
  14. Babulesa.
  15. freckled nose.
  16. Lopatka.
  17. bison.
  18. Patsya.
  19. Kabanosik.
  20. bars.
  21. watchdog.
  22. Tuzik.
  23. Vaska.
  24. mat.
  25. Vylupastik.

List kind words, which can be called Woman

most vivid and memorable nicknames that guy, man can "treat" Woman:

  1. favorite - the most popular and pleasant words in the world.
  2. kitten kitty - fondly or playfully.Cats really the most mysterious creatures.
  3. sun - a very cozy and warm word.
  4. Baby.
  5. bunny, zayunya, zayushka.
  6. Honey, lapulya, lapusik.
  7. Cutie, sweet.
  8. bunny, zayushka, hare.
  9. Princess, Queen, korolevishna, the queen.
  10. Tiger, Tigryulya.
  11. Beauty, beauty.
  12. My joy, my treasure.
  13. Native, rodnenky.
  14. Dolly.
  15. Angel.
  16. Pupsik.
  17. Fish.
  18. Bee.
  19. Swallow.
  20. Kusyuchka.
  21. Zolotko.
  22. Sweetie.
  23. Imp.
  24. Mouse.
  25. Toffee.
  26. Kusyuchka.
  27. Scratchy.
  28. Dandelion.

Video tips: how to name the girl tenderly

Proper selection of compliments - a science.Romance recognition of an attractive girl should not be boring and banal.Make a nice favorite - it is necessary to present, the right words sincerely, from the heart, rather than write a kilometer, found on the Internet corny lyrics.Watch the video below to see just how relevant and enjoyable can be words spoken against your girl.Endearment to the girl is able to melt the heart of the most strict and unapproachable!