How to congratulate on his birthday Woman

From the time of carefree childhood, every girl with an exhilarating feeling in my soul waits for the approximation of the special day of all the 365 of the year - the date of his birth.Anticipation of congratulations on the occasion excites and 18 years and 25 years, and in adulthood.Since dawn, all available means of communication come new girl congratulations on his birthday, and everyone congratulates want to remember his wishes.Let's discuss how skillfully chosen words and pleasant trifles to make this day a memorable one for the culprits celebrations.

How to congratulate on his birthday Woman

To create a special mood of the birthday girl in her day, you will come to the aid of the beautiful poems, the original SMS or lyrical prose.From the young age like beautiful girls syllable, so prepared in advance and you will be narrated greeting very nice young damsels, it will long remain in her memoirs.The following examples refer birthday greetings friend or girlfriend.


verses Here is a list of popular greetings in verse:

You have birthday today,
But I do not buy flowers,
will not compose congratulations
Of beaten and colorless words.
But I'll take in his arms dawns,
will gather pearls sunrises,
Scoop emerald sea
And you'll give it all.I
rainbow gossip you holiday
And the orchestra will order nightingale,
Fate ask you
happiness and love infinitely beautiful!

Your birthday cake so big,
A candle on it yet so small,
And you mean to live under the sun, the moon
Even a hundred years - since the cuckoo said.
And I say, all these hundred years
Let happiness and joy will be full,
And let once hundreds of lights will light
fun on the honeycomb cake.

petals, touching the skin, let proshepchut:
«Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations»,
stars in the sky, let only one word shine:
«I love, I love you so!"
Let all sing to this day in the world,
How crazy on you miss one.
So I wanted to say: "I love wholeheartedly!"
But then again, I only whisper: "Congratulations!"

In prose

Here is a list of popular greetings in prose:

  1. I wish you never feel lonely!Let the happy and difficult moments, the phone is not silent, let your house is full of true friends, even if does not stop the laughter and sing songs!If you want to share experiences or happiness - we will always be close.We love you - dear, kind, cheerful friend.Let your life be as many happy days can be as small as possible and sadness!
  2. Happy Birthday!With all my heart I congratulate you!I wish you health and happiness!To life and work you good luck!Always stay the way you are.How about you positive energy and human dignity !!!Your intuition and charm makes you special.You have so many other wonderful qualities.Take care of it all.Stay always in the same sincere person!Let life circumstances are such that this list is only replenished.I wish you love, Love with a capital letter.Mutual Love, pure Love, Love and Love the beautiful HAPPY !!!!
  3. I gave you the birthday girl, my playful little joy and luck, a little luck and good.I'll give you rasprekrasnoe mood, give you glad tidings that will forever change your life for the better.May all your problems crumble to dust, and all your wishes will come true.Wishing I'll finally, my pretty, prettier and become happier with each passing year.

in the form of SMS

Here is a list of popular congratulations for sms:

SMS I write again,
is not new to you.
But I congratulate you in it
And send my love.
Happy birthday to you,
Guiding Star.

I wish you to be beautiful,
always wanted, young,
The family - always a favorite,
In a circle of friends - always easy.
I wish you happiness for many, many,
well as light and heat,
And to your whole road was strewn with

In your birthday wish
tell you quite a bit:
Let happiness does not pass by!
'll let you all loved!
Let there be light path,
What do you have to go through!Giving
cloudless days,
Let your Angel keeps you!

Ideas beautiful wishes in your own words

No one will argue that the words that came to mind when the time comes to say congratulations, sincere, but even in such cases it is necessary to prepare in advance to consider the plan, what would you like to say.For example, the beautiful birthday greetings from colleagues, a woman obtained if recall complicated situations at work, with which she coped with honor, helped employees.The girl-friend will appreciate references to comic toast of those funny situations that you have experienced together.The main thing - be guided by the fact that the cause of the birthday girl smile and mischievous laughter!

original birthday greetings beloved

chief aide you in such a case - your imagination.Just apply the advice that favorite congratulations on this day should be plenty.For example, congratulate her as many times as it marks the years - such a holiday will definitely be different from the rest!pleykast Send a birthday girl to write rhymed lines or insert a greeting is not in verse.Think about where to spread in different places of the note, otkrytochku with gentle words.Be sure to supplement their wishes many flowers, can literally showered her from head to toe, delicate petals!

unusual congratulation girl with birthday will be a short video of congratulations assembled relatives, acquaintances, friends, co-extracts the video images of life achievements, which she dreams.Accompanying visuals are her favorite music or read your text about something only your personally.So the atmosphere is very special birthday girl will stay with for a long time, you and she can always review the video again, feel the romantic atmosphere of the holiday.

Video: cool greeting from a guy

When answering the question of how to congratulate your favorite, you bet on the romance, it never regret it!What woman can resist the loose balloons bouquet of beautiful flowers and a huge box with a gift!With this entourage "My favorite, Happy Birthday!" Sound memorable and remembered for a lifetime.Step by step instructions in realizing such a surprise, you can see in the video below.

Young people today often think that the birthday surprise, confirm their sincere, strong feelings for her only expensive gift.We do not agree with this statement, as a creative, unique hand made surprise invented, based on your general memories, show the girl how valuable for its chosen time spent with her, strengthen love.

How interesting issue a gift card

Romance, designer, flowers and little animals, funny cards - it's all your helpers in carrying out the mission "The most memorable greeting his girlfriend."The easiest way - choose a favorite picture and ready to printed text, but to add some special bar by, for example, your overall Glue the small picture.When the turn card - blank sheet, you have the ability to individually, in their own words to express all their wishes culprit celebration.

If you have a minimum of creativity skills, but a great desire to make an exclusive thing - please be colored paper, lace, satin ribbons, rhinestones, pugovichkami, beads, plus a pair of scissors with glue, and start to work!With the help of lace is an ornamental border around the edges.Tapes will help to make the desired number of ribbons or place a large postcard as a scroll - just need to roll up her pout and nice tie.Shallow shiny ornaments make out the flowers, lettering, making arbitrary patterns.

Think and feel free to use for greeting the girl with her birthday collage of photos.For example, one can make a garland of fall out of the turn card.An amazing gift for turn expectant mother, if the image of a pregnant woman silhouette stick picture ultrasound unborn baby.Never forget that the support, encouragement, written expression of feelings that transmits this small gift will always be relevant, cheer up, positive charge!