How to grow seedlings of tomato at home

Yields largely depends on the quality of seeds and seedlings.Independently growing tomatoes - no laughing matter and is very laborious, but from an economic point of view, is very advantageous, it requires a lot of knowledge and work.To ensure a good harvest, you will need to know in advance how to grow your own tomato seedlings at home, because it is very important to properly select and prepare the seeds, the soil, and still produce a crop on time and to provide appropriate care shoots.But how to do that?

How to grow from the seeds of the tomato seedlings at home

Seedlings grown at home, has a high quality and well take root in the open ground, it has minimal exposure to disease.Only by choosing a high quality planting stock, the gardener is able to provide itself with good plants and a rich harvest.How to choose a seed or collect them yourself in advance?Is it necessary to treat them, and if so, how?Such questions are administered confused many novice gardeners.

Preparation of seeds for so

is no consensus about whether to buy planting material or collect it in the fall to no.Experienced gardeners often choose an independent preparation of seeds, but for this we need to understand what kind of fruit is best suited.Planting material from their site cost and those who want to save.Anyway, at least the first time you will need to buy them, it is also necessary to make the one who decided to grow new varieties in their beds.It should be noted that self-collected seeds are suitable for planting up to 7-8 years.

In both cases, in order to grow a tomato seedlings at home, planting material is required to prepare in advance.Do this for 1-2 days before the planned sowing.How?To begin with selected high-quality seeds.Make it helps a bowl of water, into which they pour out: empty seeds emerge, and good will to the bottom.The water is drained along with the grain unsuitable.

After the selection of seed disinfection is necessary to make them, and for this purpose often use potassium permanganate solution.Disinfection is carried out as follows:

  1. few grains diluted with water to obtain a saturated purple color.
  2. The resulting solution is lowered seeds about 20-25 minutes.If used for planting several different varieties of tomatoes, they are better placed in the tissue to prevent mixing.
  3. When the seeds are disinfected, they are placed in clean water at room temperature for swelling.Fresh seeds is enough for 8-10 hours, and if they are older than 3 years, it will take more time.

soil for sowing

The correct soil for sowing - no small task for anyone who wants to grow tomatoes at is necessary to take care of the soil.Some gardeners believe that for growing seedlings to suitable land area with the addition of humus, the greenhouse soil and peat.Others believe that it is necessary to prepare a mixture of humus, sod land, peat, urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate.

Whatever mix you choose, you must disinfect the ground, so as not to hurt the seeds: it lends itself to ready the ground to heat treatment.But it is easier to do in the fall pochvosmes and leave, so that it is well-frozen in winter.If the advance is not able to prepare the land for planting, cost of the purchase with a mixture of soil for planting seedlings, which can be easily found in a flower shop.

Planting tomatoes

When ready to seed and soil mixture, you can start planting.About containers for seedlings need to take care of before.To do this, fit wooden boxes, plastic or special peat cups and modern containers with lids, which are capable of creating a greenhouse effect.Where to grow seedlings - you decide, and you to do this very much.

sowing begins with the fact that the soil is moistened, making the hole depth of about 0.5-0.7 cm. When using the boxes have to comply with the distance between the holes of 2-3 cm. When the sow tomatoes in special containers, then slot 1 should be 1-2 grains.The seeds are a little soil cover.In addition to water them is not required.If not soaked seeds sown, make deeper holes - 1.5 cm, and then planting them gently poured.

How to care for seedlings

Properly selected and prepared seeds, planting them - it's not all that you will need to get good seedlings.The corresponding care - an important point in the whole process.Proper actions will help quickly shoots appear and avoid diseases in growing tomatoes at home.First, the container is covered to achieve the greenhouse effect.

Add homemade greenhouses are best in a well-lit area with a temperature of 20-24 degrees.This temperature is maintained until germination, then it was lowered to 18 degrees.During germination soil as required moistened using a sprayer, water take ambient temperature.We must not forget about the condensate, which appears in the film, it is required to clean up regularly.After germination film or other covering is removed.Water the seedlings as they dry, otherwise there is the risk of rot.

The feed seedlings

When a couple first full leaves, the plants begin to feed - it stimulates growth and strengthens tomatoes.But it is important not to overdo it, or get a good green, but no fruit at all, it dies.Determine the need for fertilization in the early stages can help seedlings color - dark green leaves and thick stems with purple hue say that fertilized seedlings is not worth it.

Experienced gardeners advised to choose to feed organic fertilizers, and which will prompt the plants themselves:

  • When turn yellow and fall off the lower tomato leaves, it says that they lack nitrogen, but be careful - if you turn yellow all the leaves, it issays its overabundance.
  • If the seedlings became purple, this indicates a lack of phosphorus.
  • plants that are constantly lit room, you need iron and observance day-night balance.

How dive tomatoes

When seedlings appear 3 full leaf, it can dive.But this process gardeners are ambiguous: some believe that swordplay - extra stress for plants, while others say that it is a way to weed out the bad germs.But whatever opinion you may adhere to, dive tomatoes mandatory necessary if:

  • seeds sown in a box, and there are more shoots than planned in advance;
  • want tomatoes with healthy roots;
  • appeared unhealthy plants;
  • need to slow down the growth of seedlings, so it is not outgrown.

picks made about 10 days after emergence, it is necessary to prepare for the process.For 2 days prior to the scheduled pick tomatoes watered.If watered before - the soil is dry, and immediately prior to sparring - the land will be difficult, making it difficult to process.To extract the plant is recommended using a teaspoon - this will protect the transplant.In the prepared tank dive seedlings placed plant, plunging him to cotyledons, then the ground is compacted and watered.

When planting seedlings in open ground

seedlings planted on time - a guarantee that it is better to take root in the open ground and will give a good harvest.Early planted tomatoes are at risk of sudden frosts and late planting affects the time of receipt of the vintage.The ideal time to move the tomatoes in open ground depends on the region's climate.Basically it falls on the period from mid-May to early June.To protect tomatoes from frost, at night it covered.This is followed by timely irrigation, loosening and garter plants.

Frequent problems in growing seedlings and their decision

The first growing gardeners often face problems when the seedlings became weak, severely stretched, outgrown, or vice versa stop in growth, tomato leaves have changed and they were spot.Thin, pale tomatoes say that they are sick, but do not hurry to get upset and send such plants in the trash - a lot of them still manage to save and get a great harvest.Compliance with the recommendations can save the tomatoes and turn the growing process fun.

Seedlings strongly stretched

worth little to distract from the seedling as it starts to stretch.Very often this is due to poor lighting or unmade film on time.But what to do if tomato seedlings is strongly stretched?To solve this problem you need to take care of a good light source, to rectify the situation, and help plant swordplay.Some advise to bring them out in the cold, but this is not recommended.In some cases, if the seedlings are stretched, using growth regulators (Appin, Zircon etc.).

seedling growth stopped

Stopping or slowing the growth of tomato - a common problem.To solve it, you must first determine the cause of this behavior of the plant.The most common reasons that tomatoes grow slowly become:

  1. Incorrectly selected soil - is too acidic or alkaline.
  2. lack or overabundance of supply.
  3. Wrong irrigation - soil is flooded or too overdried.
  4. Seedlings ill.
  5. presence of cats in the house (if she went to the toilet on the seedlings, it turns blue and dies).
  6. Incorrect swordplay.

solves the problem by eliminating the reasons for stopping the growth, the creation of optimal conditions for tomato: lighting, temperature, timely watering and feeding.If after this seedling grows, use growth stimulants.The most common is the sodium humate solution.liquid color should look like strong tea or beer.Watered at the rate of 1 cup of solution per 1 tomato plant.Yet it watered yeast.

leaves have changed color and there were stains

If the leaves are dry, curl covered with spots, it says that the fertilizer plant was too much or in the soil mixture was sand of the sea, which poisons the roots or seedlings did not provide normalwatering, the soil is dry.Correct position of the soil by washing with plenty of water, but the water must drain freely.If the soil is still used sand of the sea, save only to transplant to another soil from washing the roots.

What to do if seedlings grew

optimal solution to this problem is to re swordplay plant, which will slightly slow down the growth to the point where the tomato seedlings have to be planted in the ground.If weather conditions allow, the plants are planted directly in the open ground and provide her further care.In no case can not cut the seedlings or remove the cold unsanctified place - these actions only harm.

Video: how to grow healthy seedlings of tomato in

apartment Grow seedlings not only in a greenhouse or a greenhouse.Living in an apartment - not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​self-germinating seeds and care for seedlings before planting in open ground.Spring - a time when you want to work.Even while living in the apartment, to grow their own tomatoes possible, and thanks to the recommendations of the following video, you'll learn how to do what is right and to ensure the proper conditions.Home grown sprouts will help save money on the purchase, give joy at harvest from the fact that these tomatoes from the beginning to the end - your creation.