The sprinkler for watering the garden

In the summer time it is very important to water the garden.Anyone who has a dacha, knows how crucial issue, especially if the summer rain does not spoil.Garden sprinklers water become loyal assistants to those who want to gather a good harvest from your garden, because in the dry summer months, can not do without water irrigation.What models of dispensers are, how to save and to construct a spray of water - this is not only our article.

Watering the garden with a spray

Irrigation water - it is an integral part of the care of a garden or vegetable garden.The effect of the spray resembles natural rain, so it is very beneficial effect on the growth of plants in the garden, the ground is not covered by a crust when dry, and it is not necessary to loosen the water after each watering.The fine water droplets moisten the soil garden gradually, unlike watering from a hose or watering can, which can wash away the ground near the roots, thereby causing damage to the plant.Life-giving water droplets inciden

t on the leaves, coming to the roots, giving them an impetus to growth.

To process the garden irrigation water was controlled, using systems that work not only in the manual, but the automatic mode, irrigating certain plots or backyard garden at the right time and in the right amount.To begin to determine where the water will flow.When groundwater is located at a short distance, it is better to drill a well on a personal garden.To supply water to the Top used a submersible pump or motor pump.A hose water enters the irrigation system and watering occurs garden plot.

Unable to drill a well, gardeners use water cask storage.The capacity of large capacity, it is better if a minimum of 200 liters, set in the garden, filled with water, which comes in through the plumbing.The barrel is drilled hole equal to the diameter of the tube, which is inserted and secured to it the adapter and the hose leading to the watering site system.

main types of nozzles as a garden and lawn

If the water supply hose to the engine you are already familiar with, it is worth considering the main types of sprays of water intended for irrigation of the garden, lawn, garden.Distinctive criteria is belonging to a vertical type or a drain that feeds the water system of the radical.A more common form of vertical, as during operation of the sprinkler covers a large irrigation area.Please find several types of irrigation devices.

Fan Garden Sprinkler

Under the influence of water pressure sprinklers automatically raised off the ground by 10-30 cm, when you turn off the fall down to ground level.The rolling sprinklers are watering the fixed length of the garden plot (series PS), or a jet of water can change the distance (SRS series).With a fixed length of jet nozzles using only the angle of inclination of the water can vary.For SRS series, there are several types of nozzles, painted in different colors which characterize the distance and angle of the jet of irrigation water.

  • Brown - the range of 2 m, a small height above the ground almost.
  • Red - the range of 3 m, the angle of elevation of 15 degrees.
  • Green - the range of 3.5 m, 15 degrees.
  • Black - the range of 4.5 m, 15 degrees.
  • Grey - has three fans, rising to 28 degrees, the range of the jet more than 5 m

umbrella sprinkler

umbrella sprinklers to water pipes laid in the ground to a depth of 30-40 cm, retractable socket, appear above.ground surface during irrigation.The name assigned to the sprinkler resemblance spray water with an umbrella.Formed by the "tent" of the water used for irrigation of large trees, shrubs, where watering is needed in the immediate vicinity of the plant root.Built-in outlet tubes allow point via watering hoses for a particular sector.

rotary atomizer water

Rotary water dispensers are the most economical among peers.Available in three versions: small, medium, and long range.The maximum length of the water jet can reach up to 20 m. Steering angle irrigation from 10 to 360 degrees.In connection with the possibility to rotate a full turn, rotary atomizer has another name - "wild flower".In all rotary sprinkler nozzles used, due to which the water is evenly distributed.

Pulse Sprinkler

Impulse sprinklers good use, if your garden area is big.This type of sprinkler is used for directional watering plants in the garden and trees in the garden.The diameter of the watering can be 14 m. According to the structure has three horns, each of which rotates independently and separately adjustable, which positively affects the quality watering.

How to spray your hands - with video instruction

Household plots and gardens need not only irrigation water.Protect the future crop from pests and diseases will spray chemicals.Not to spend a large amount of money, self-made device, referred to in the video, it performs the functions of the sprayer.His rational use and for watering trees and vegetable garden.To do this:

  1. plastic spray bottle.Suitable even one that is out of order, as long as the nozzle was maintained.
  2. plastic bottle.
  3. stick of wood, aluminum the desired length.
  4. Rubber 3-4 m.
  5. pump.

sprinkler design is assembled from material prepared for 15-20 minutes.

  • attach to a stick dispenser in a position, as shown in the video.
  • in plastic bottles near the neck of the hot nail to make a hole and place the screw with a hole drilled in it.Screw fasten the nut to secure the leak to use rubber gaskets.
  • typed in a bottle of water barrels for watering or chemicals, if you plan to plant processing.
  • One end of the hose is put on the screw which is located in the bottle, the other is attached to the pump.
  • nebulizer is inserted in the neck of the bottle.
  • pump air into the bottle, creating a pressure there, you can start watering or pollination by adjusting the fluid streams by turning the valve on bryzgalki.
  • Covered diameter depends on the length of the stick, you choose.

Photo improvised devices

Some "Kulibins" working in the gardens and cottages, to ease the heavy physical labor associated with watering the garden, come up with a simple but effective design, homemade.To tell other cottagers, home designers share their experiences and photos, made adaptations.Here are some homemade mechanisms sprinklers for watering the garden, garden, lawn water.

Where to buy and how much are the sprinklers known brands

Every garden owner, cottage or garden should be in the arsenal of a system for watering, if he wants to gather a good harvest, or admire the lush green lawns and flowerbeds.When there is a financial opportunity to purchase professional equipment for watering the garden with water, you should choose brands, proven, high-quality as the mechanisms, such as Karcher.

  • Hozelock company operating in the market, specializing in garden equipment, accessories and hoses are ready to provide a wide range of products, which you can choose online price range depends on the model and destination selected goods for irrigation.
  • Internet-shop "Garden engineer" on its website offers rotary sprinklers and accessories.The nozzle can be purchased for 67.20 rubles, and the irrigation of 972 rubles.and higher.
  • site ready to offer garden equipment of famous brands such as K√§rcher, FIT, TRUPER, Marolex.The range of the online store, which is located in Moscow, Chapaevsky Lane, 14, you can choose and order home delivery nozzles, sprinklers, including rotary, pulse, nozzles, spray guns, filters.Prices for the available range of products from 254 rubles.Half of all store sales are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


former military, I decided to seriously engage in vegetable garden.Using the article information, automatic watering the garden built with his own hands.By attaching to the turntable design, maintain a constant desired humidity in the greenhouse and in the garden in a given radius.The first fruits of labor from the garden appeared on the table before, thanks to the timely watering.Sergey I.50 years.

Bought centrifugal pumps Karcher online store.Excellent for the fourth season, helping us to pump water to irrigate the garden.Very happy with the purchase.Nina, 56 years old.

We are a young family, purchased the cottage for families with children.On the advice of relatives organized a superficial watering lawns with water using a spray.The controller automatically activates the water at a certain time.Grass grows great, high-level vacation.Fame and Victoria.