Raspberry cultivation and maintenance

taste sweet raspberry many familiar since childhood.Fragrant sweet berries are good in a fresh kind, in compotes as preserves.His popularity this berry has gained not only by taste, about the healing properties of raspberries during a cold, many are not only heard, but use them if necessary.Have on your site a small raspberry patch - the dream of every gardener.How to find the right sound approach to this thorny shrub with delicious berries?If you want to have a good crop of raspberries, follow these guidelines.

Features of cultivation of different varieties of raspberries

If you think that all the raspberries growing the same - it's wrong.Dozens of raspberry varieties differ from each other by the color of berries, ripening, size and quantity of the harvest.Each requires its own attention and approach.Gardeners know that there are varieties of raspberries, which allow pick berries not once per season, but several.Interesting?Let us examine this point in more detail.


ability raspberries produce fruit continuously throughout the season called remontant.Blooming bush fruits, but it does not stop there.There are new flowers and berries, then everything is repeated several times.With such a variety of raspberries on your site, you can harvest all summer and autumn.There is another feature of raspberry remontant: berries appear as a two-year shoots, and the annual.This leads to a weakening of the plant.

to obtain not only frequent, but also abundant flowering and ripening of berries in late summer and autumn, when the usual garden raspberries have not, better to pay special attention to young annual shoots, cutting off the shoots of raspberries last year after the first harvest of the season.With proper courting remontant raspberries on your table fresh tasty berries will be until November.

not remontant varieties

The most common kind of raspberries - traditional.It has a sweet medium-sized berries, fruits once per season from late June to early August.Yields from traditional varieties of raspberries average, but it was good that having a strong root system, perfectly adapts to changes in the environment and provides multiple new growth.

Grade Tale has a smooth stem, which facilitates the collection of fruit crops.Unusual black raspberries Cumberland similar to blackberries, not capricious in care, rarely sick, and the yield of the variety is always high.In this variety of plant nutrients in the berries more than the individual blackberries or raspberries.Lack of Cumberland - bushes quickly let the new shoots have large thorns on the stems.

planting raspberries Rules

Despite the fact that raspberries may well multiply on their own, should pay special attention to the place and time of landing, if you want to please you green bushes high yield of berries.From the selected area depends on how quickly the seedling adapted to the new location when the first berries appear.Even small things, which we mention below, affect the increase in the yield of raspberries.

Location raspberries in the garden

Deciding to refresh your garden for the young seedlings of raspberries, for the beginning of the pick up for them the right place.Where will grow this amazing berry, there should be no drafts.Allotted in the corner of the garden a quiet place, well-warmed by the sun - will be the ideal site for the raspberry bushes.Protection from the wind in winter will enable accumulate more snow, which will be a natural insulation for bushes and spring moisture will saturate the ground necessary for intensive growth of shoots.

Soil Preparation

Malina does not like weeds, so the soil where planting is scheduled, you need to carefully dig, remove excess vegetation.Perekop is carried out on a depth of 30 cm. If the landing is scheduled in the spring, it is best to prepare the soil before winter frosts.By planting raspberries in autumn, do it at least one month before the beginning of gardening.When digging the soil make the mineral and organic fertilizers, to make it more fertile.Raspberries will grow well on drained soil, which is not stagnant moisture, but do not dry up the roots.

best time for planting

For raspberry does not really matter when planting seedlings is carried out - in the spring or fall.She must take equally well.With spring planting note that until the seedling will be in the ground, he began a rapid growth, but the kidneys do not have time to dissolve.Seedlings are taken with a full root system.During the autumn planting, calculate the time so that until frost was not less than 20-25 days.During this time, raspberry seedling adapted, strengthened and ready for winter.

Care Malinniki

Few plant stalk raspberries in cultivated land.A simple but timely care for young raspberry bushes will bear fruit that will delight not only you but also your loved ones.Feeding the right fertilizer, regular watering, protection from pests and diseases will help raspberry bushes for a long time to bring a large number of medicinal berries.

Watering raspberry bushes will not tolerate stagnant excess moisture in the soil.Watering is carried out not often, but abundant, so that the roots can fully nourish the whole plant moisture to the last leaf.In such irrigation root system develops in the deeper layers of the soil, which means that she will be able to find nourishment, if necessary.With an average temperature conditions moisten the soil should be 1-2 times a week, especially at the time of ripening berries.If you remove the irrigation, the yield is reduced by 2-3 times.Do not forget to loosen the soil after irrigation for moisture retention.In late August, stop watering completely.


Raspberry canes are well bear fruit and grow if they receive timely dressing.Enriching the soil with organic fertilizers significantly affect the yield increase.In the spring, as soon as the ground starts to warm up a bit, add nitrogen to the soil as fertilizer.This will help the bushes quickly begin their seasonal rise, especially if the plants are still young.On the second or third year Malinniki additionally required superphosphate and muriate of potash.

Garter raspberry

most practical way, the well-proven - planting cuttings raspberries in a double row, between them on poles stretched wire or rope, called trellis.This prime location is not difficult garter seedlings and picking berries.With timely pruning unnecessary stems, tie raspberries you may not need.

Diseases and pests

  • gray powder appears when excessive soil moisture or air berries (gray mold), which makes them unsuitable for food.It is necessary to treat the leaves and surrounding soil preparation HOM.
  • Rust.It affects leaves, stems.Infected shoots are cut and burned.The rest - is sprayed with a 1% solution of liquid Bordeaux.
  • Anthracnose.On leaves, berries, cuttings appear small spots with purple edge and the gray middle.Spring spray for the prevention of drug HOM or Bordeaux liquid.
  • Powdery Mildew.Appears when the hot humid weather in the form of a white plaque on the underside of the leaves.Spray Bordeaux liquid.
  • chlorosis.The leaves are deformed, becoming yellow.The berries are dry, unfit for human consumption.The disease is transmitted by larvae of aphids.To protect against infection it should be destroyed by spraying insecticides raspberry bushes.
  • raspberry-strawberry weevil - beetle dark color, up to 3 mm.Spring eats away the leaves and buds.It helps drug spraying from caterpillars.
  • raspberry mole.The larvae of this insect are found on raspberry bushes, causing her great harm.A reliable way to fight - spray plants in the early spring preparations against caterpillars.
  • Leaf aphids.He lives on the back of the leaves or on young shoots.To get rid of raspberry need treatment karbofosom during bud break.

How and when to carry out pruning raspberries

Mandatory crop of raspberries - a guarantee of increasing fertility.With regular treatment of the bushes, the berries are large, and the raspberry bushes - affordable, not overgrown to facilitate harvesting.In the spring, before the opening of the kidneys, removes dry, damaged and vymerzshie stems.The tops are cut to a height of 120-150 cm above the ground.Extra shoots are removed to reduce the risk of being infected diseases.During the summer time period necessary to periodically inspect the stems and wilted infected cut to the root.In autumn remove old stalks otplodonosivshie for rejuvenation raspberry.

Video tips on growing and caring for raspberries

spring Even experienced gardeners interested in issues where better to plant raspberries, how to properly take care of it, to get a high yield of berries.The video below gives details about the bush, how many years it can grow in one place, when it begins to bear fruit.After watching the video clip, you will learn about innovative approaches to growing raspberries, what better way to put it - Kustov or tape, how often to water the raspberry bushes and what to do after that.Increase productivity will help information about how seedlings are resistant to diseases, interesting facts about the composition of raspberries.