What is a sigmoidoscopy

Diagnostic Study of the lower rectum is accessible and informative way to diagnose bowel condition.The procedure is carried out with the help of proctoscope, creating conditions for a detailed examination of problem areas.Sigmoidoscopy What is it?This method allows an endoscope to perform a visual inspection of the mucous membrane lower digestive tract, calving distal sigmoid.The process is painless, the patient does not require long recovery.

What does sigmoidoscopy

endoscopic instrument is a long tube about 15-35 cm from the light source at the end and air supply system.The study of the inner surface of the intestine produced by different optical eyepieces.Examination of the rectum can occur with the use of flexible or rigid endoscopes.During the diagnostic study determined:

  • condition of the rectal mucosa;
  • cracks, wounds, blood, pus;
  • neoplasms of different nature (tumors, polyps, hemorrhoids).


procedure reason for intestinal diagnostic purpose is the clinical picture,

the inherent pathologies straight or sigmoid colon.After 40 years of increased threat of malignant tumors in the intestine, therefore the procedure of investigation of the lower digestive tract it is recommended to take place routinely every 3-5 years as a preventive measure to combat cancer.Specialist appoints rectal examination of the following symptoms:

  1. constipation;
  2. complexity of the process of defecation;
  3. diarrhea;
  4. pus, mucus;
  5. incomplete bowel movement;
  6. suspicion of oncology;
  7. inflammatory bowel disease;
  8. chronic hemorrhoids.

Preparing to study

Preparing the patient for sigmoidoscopy begins long before the beginning of the procedure.For 2-3 days the patient should be excluded from their diet foods that cause gas production processes, fermentation (fruits, vegetables, legumes, oat, barley, millet porridge).There must be removed from the diet, confectionery, flour, meat products, fatty meats and fish, alcohol, carbonated drinks.The day before the scheduled research is needed to produce bowel cleansing using:

  1. Enema - purification to be performed the night before and the morning just before the examination.Washing is performed 1-1.5 liters of water until the purity of emitted.
  2. laxatives - bowel preparation to carry retromanoskopii laxative "Fortrans".One packet drug dissolves in a liter of water and then consumed in stages.The total amount of alcohol consumed funds should be 4 liters.
  3. microlax - preparation for sigmoidoscopy microlax carried out the day before the procedure.It is recommended to enter the tube 2 rectal laxative into the anus with an interval of 20 minutes in the evening and in the morning before the test.

How is sigmoidoscopy

Instrumental study begins only after doctor examination finger rectum.How to spend it sigmoidoscopy?Before the procedure, the patient should remove clothing, underwear from the waist down.After that, the patient is placed on a couch in the "lying on its side" or in the knee-elbow position.Feedback from patients, the procedure causes only minor discomfort, easy to carry.The whole process takes 5-7 minutes, is performed in the following sequence:

  • endoscope barrel lubricated with petroleum jelly, inserted into the anus to a depth of 4-5 cm
  • is extracted obturator is inserted into the optical eyepiece, and then begins a visual inspection of the inner surface of the intestine..Further there is a smoothing rectal tissue using paged air.
  • Depending on the purpose of rectoscopy performed a biopsy, removal of polyps, cauterization cracks wounds.The appliance is then carefully removed.

Possible complications after

examination Sigmoidoscopy should be performed by an experienced doctor, using a high-quality instrument and its components.In rare cases, the examination accompanied by bleeding (when removing polyps or biopsy), perforation (rupture) of the rectum or its departments.Rupture of the intestine tissue requires immediate hospitalization and surgery.


study of the digestive tract - a simple, painless way to detect and eliminate various intestinal diseases.The procedure has no contraindications, but may be delayed for medical reasons, under certain conditions.After a course of conservative therapy bowel sigmoidoscopy appointed again.Reasons for postponement of the survey can be:

  • anal fissures;
  • narrowing of the rectum;
  • inflammation at peritonitis type;
  • profuse bleeding from the gut;
  • problems with the lungs and heart.

Which is better: a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy

all kinds of endoscopy of the intestine to help identify the pathological processes in time and to take certain measures for their prevention, elimination.How to check the intestine using colonoscopy anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy what kind of procedure?The difference between these types of survey is only in the depth of penetration of the device.The difference in the length of the proctoscope affects the informative value of the final result, so it is important to stay on the correct method of diagnosis.