A pinched nerve in the neck

uncomfortable pillows and beds are often the cause of poor sleep, neck and spine discomfort.This problem occurs in many, but the discomfort quickly pass.Things are worse if the pain when turning head does not subside during the day.In most cases, the reason for this becomes pinched nerve in the cervical region, the picture in the photo.Many small vessels and endings in the area make the treatment more difficult than elsewhere spine therapy.

reasons pinched nerve in the neck

Pain arise as a result of reducing the gap between the vertebrae.Serve this may hernia, muscle spasms or protrusion.Pinched nerve occur in the cervical spine is noticeable, it is impossible to ignore.This disorder impairs blood circulation, the work of important organs and brain activity.To treat it is necessary, otherwise it may atrophy Some parts of the body.Do not forget that the inflammation of the occipital nerve leads to a radiculitis.

reasons that cause cervical vertebrae jamming:

  • sudden movements;
  • too much load on the spine;
  • neck injury;
  • rehabilitation period after surgery;
  • infection;
  • displacement of the vertebrae;
  • overweight;
  • lack of fluid;
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Women pinched nerve often occurs after childbirth.Bad posture and heavy fruit during pregnancy lead to disturbances, which cause severe pain.Additional risk factors include hereditary predisposition to the disease.In this case, to get rid of a pinched nerve in the cervical region is very difficult.Failure to comply will cause disease care to remind myself through time.

Signs and symptoms

disease manifestation depends on the cause of the disease.Unpleasant pinched cervical nerve, the symptoms of which are evident, manifests itself by severe pain, limited opportunities to fully perform the movement.Severe forms of nerve disease can lead to paralysis.The sooner the patient will notice at the signs of the disease, the easier it will take treatment of the disease.Therefore, the pinching of the nerve of the neck should be treated responsibly and immediately consult your doctor.

Constant muscle tension should be the first bell abuse.The main feature of the disease are considered to be pain while turning the head to the side, spasms.Sometimes tingling occurs periodically, which also refers to the main symptoms of pinched nerve neck vertebrates.The initial manifestations of the disease are worse at night, when coughing or overcooling of the organism.

diagnostic methods

The first thing to do when neck ache - is to contact the clinic to the orthopedist or neurologist.Tighten with this is impossible, because the consequences of pinching nerve disorders in the cervical spine can be very serious.The doctor will examine the patient, assess the degree of sensitivity and the impact of the disease to other areas.In such cases, be sure to do x-rays in different projections, it is sometimes necessary imaging and MRI.

If pinched cervical nerve leading to circulatory problems, there may be problems with vision.The doctor will appoint rheoencephalography and to explore the fundus.The patient will need to take a series of tests to help pinpoint the nature of the disease and the main cause of the disease.

How to treat a pinched nerve in the cervical

First you need to get rid of the pain.Such drugs as "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac" taken without a prescription or a doctor's advice.They neutralize the discomfort, pain in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, and reduce the inflammation of the affected area.You can also make compresses, ointments applied to the warming effect.If pinched nerve causing muscle spasm, it is recommended to take muscle relaxants, corticosteroids.Treatment with drugs such diseases is carried out only under the supervision of a physician.

There are many therapies pinched nerve cervical spine.Individual program for each case must choose a specialist.This will ensure the most effective results.In the initial stages of patients with nerve designate toe jamming special fixing installation in the neck.Further treatment may be physical manipulation, medicine and spa treatment.An integrated approach and comply with all recommendations of the doctor will allow very quickly get rid of disease and discomfort in the neck area.

Medication Use

warming ointments, pills and injections indispensable for nerve entrapment syndrome of the cervical spine, osteochondrosis.Their action is aimed at reducing pain, reducing inflammation.Medicines can relax the muscles, improve the general condition.Let us consider the preparations:

1. Tablets.The dosage is calculated individually depending on the age and nature of the violations.Among the strong, effective anti-inflammatory agents include:

  • «naproxen";
  • «Ketoprofen";
  • «Diclofenac."

2. Ointments.The Pharmacy will offer the patient a large number of creams, which solve the problem of entrapment of the neck nerves.Apply the product is necessary several times a day to affected areas.It is recommended to choose preparations of complex action:

  • «Dolobene";
  • «Finalgon";
  • «Nukofluks".

3. Injections.In the cervical and pinching pain in the spine is often prescribed treatment.Approximately 10 injections reduce inflammation, discomfort.It is necessary to be careful, because most drugs have contraindications.Recommended to buy:

  • «Diclofenac";
  • «Ketonal";
  • «Movalis".


Ability to work on joints, bones allows this treatment to actively combat jamming in the cervical vertebrae.This therapy has practically no contraindications and side effects, so will suit many.The procedures can be performed for both the prevention and in the period of exacerbation.The most popular methods of physiotherapy treatment of disruption of the cervical vertebrae consider 3 approaches:

  • Shock-wave method.Special unit acts on the affected area, reducing muscle.Several painless sessions will provide ease in the neck.
  • Laser treatment.Due to stimulation of bone and cartilage improves the general condition and reduced pain.This treatment is used for radicular, reflex syndromes.
  • Electrophoresis.With current introduced into the body drugs.The method removes tension from the muscles, reduces pain.


component of a complex of non-drug methods, which treat a pinched neck nerves and normalize their operation.Conduct treatment should only be a qualified technician who is familiar with the details of human anatomy.Incorrect movement during the treatment session pinching cervical vertebra lead to disability of the patient.For common types of manual therapy include:

  • Relaxing and segmental massage with intensive manipulation.Restores muscles, eliminates pain and hypertonus.A few sessions with a complex treatment will remove the spasm of the cervical vertebra.
  • Acupuncture.Treats discomfort, tension.When inflammation of the nerve is used farmakupunktura.Course of this treatment is completely sufficient for recovery.

Medical gymnastics exercise therapy and massage

There are many useful exercises to perform at home to help reduce pain when pinching.Such therapy should always be combined with a massage.It will help to warm up the cervical spine, relieve tension and improve circulation.The result is noticeable after the first half.As for the exercises to treat a pinched nerve, here are some basic exercises:

  1. Lying on your back, do 20 breaths smooth and uniform.Hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale.Take a few approaches.
  2. Roll over, straighten up.Try to raise your head as high as possible to the chest part, lower slowly.Do 3 sets of 20 times.
  3. Roll over on your back, bend your legs at the knees.Raising the body, turn it alternately in opposite directions.Repeat 15-20 times on several approaches.


Applies only when conservative methods of treatment are powerless.The decisive factor for the operation is the age, the patient's health and medical history.The rehabilitation period lasts from 6 weeks to 2 months.This method of treatment of pinching cervical vertebrae are often used for hernias that may only remove surgically.

Folk remedies

Here are some recipes to help ease the symptoms and signs of the disease from the first time:

  1. horseradish leaves need to pour over boiling water, then apply to the affected area.Neck scarf wrapped, leave overnight.Several times this therapy will eliminate pain, cramps.
  2. melted mineral wax, pour it on the bottom of the vessel.The resulting piece are putting in place a jamming at night, wrapped neck scarf.The procedure is contraindicated in patients with hypertension.
  3. extract from marsh cinquefoil has a warming, anti-inflammatory effect.Sore spot you need to rub the medicine, then warm.
  4. Fresh curd silent sprinkle with vinegar, put weight on the compress.Apply to the neck at night, wrap a towel.

prevention measures

completely exclude the possibility of the onset of cervical nerves difficult.To minimize the risk of entrapment, stick to simple rules.Preventive methods include:

  • elimination of excess weight;
  • necessary to monitor the posture;
  • active lifestyle, sports;
  • elimination of unilateral pressure (heavy bag over his shoulder);
  • proper bed and jobs;
  • timely access to a doctor.

Video: exercises for cervical spine

The video below shows a series of exercises for the prevention and treatment of disorders of the cervical spine.The skilled artisan will demonstrate the proper performance of the technique.Thanks to these classes, you will be able to eliminate the inflammation and pain caused by osteochondrosis or a pinched nerve neck.The complex consists of manual techniques of simple exercises that are easy to repeat yourself.