How to plant cucumber seedlings

Cucumber - is an annual plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, familiar to people since ancient times, more than 6000 years.Popular vegetable culture is unique, because the fruits are eaten unripe.The younger and greener than a cucumber, the more valuable it is.Fresh cucumber contains almost no protein, carbohydrates, especially fat, because it is so popular among people seeking to lose weight.Gherkin good as fresh and salted form.Many are trying to grow vegetables themselves.How to plant cucumber seedlings?Learn all the secrets of this process.

When planting cucumber seedlings

With garden plots and orchards, many people are trying to grow the seedlings on their own, to ensure a healthy planting material of the variety, which is scheduled.To grow a good harvest cucumbers just need to learn some agricultural techniques and knowledge to properly use when growing vegetables.Preparatory work begins three weeks prior to planting in the ground.During this time, a cucumber must have three leaves and a develo

ped root system.Perederzhivat no longer recommended, cucumber - lianovidnoe plant, the stem may be damaged during transplantation.

Growing seedlings of cucumbers on the balcony in the warm time of the year

cucumber seedlings growing in the balcony has become a reality for many citizens.Having no other option, gardening enthusiasts can not only harvest without leaving the apartment, but greener and create a floral decoration from the middle of the summer of bright green leaves and yellow flowers.To get a result in the form of fresh cucumber, to start to grow seedlings.In dim sunlight need to install additional fluorescent lamp.Here are instructions how to plant cucumber seedlings:

  • Select healthy dense seeds and soak them for 20 minutes in a weak solution of manganese.
  • Put in damp gauze to the seeds hatch.Germination takes 1-2 days.
  • In specialty stores sold the land intended for planting seedlings.You can make the composition themselves by mixing manure (40%) and peat (30%), turf (20%), sawdust (10%).
  • Paper disposable cups or small peat pots, fill the earth.
  • Germinated seeds in one place in each cup spout up and sprinkle the ground with a layer of about 0.5 cm.
  • After 20-25 days after emergence of the seedlings will appear when strong 2-4 leaf, seedlings ready for transplanting in the open ground orlarge containers, placed on the balcony.

Seedlings winter in the greenhouse under the film

Using a heated greenhouse, seedlings grow even in winter.To get a perfect result, please read how to plant cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse.Always keep the air temperature around 25-28 degrees Celsius warm earth gives up to 10 cm cucumber -. Heat-loving plant, so the film, which is covered greenhouse, should not give to penetrate the cold air, and the sun's rays during the day will help to warm up indoors.

Seedlings begin to grow under the film by the end of winter, in February, to be able to cucumbers grown transplanted into open ground in April or release greenhouse on the film.Germinated seedling similarly as in the balcony.Once the seeds are planted in cups do not, and in the ground.If germinated cucumber will grow further in the territory of the greenhouse, to give them tools that allow climbing plants not travel along the ground and clinging tendrils to climb up.This helps to prevent fungal diseases of leaves and creates comfort at harvest time.

How to plant the seedlings in the home

To buy ready seedlings of other people, many gardeners grow it themselves at home.If you decide to engage in planting seedlings for the first time, listen to the recommendations set out below.The important point is the choice of varieties of seeds and land where they will grow.Cucumber loves the heat and moisture.By providing the necessary conditions, you will be able to grow strong healthy seedlings.

soil selection and preparation of its

To get a good harvest cucumbers, seedlings should be planted in the soil, which in its composition is close to the one where the plant will live on during fruiting.The roots of a young cucumber quickly adapt to the new location, begin active growth of vegetable.Optimally, if the composition of the soil will contain the turf, peat and humus as fertilizer.For drainage function, remove excess moisture good use of sunflower husk or expanded clay.Cucumbers prefer low-nitrogen soil, so it is advisable to plant them after the tomatoes, peas, onion, cabbage, potatoes.

Selecting seed and planting

huge number of varieties of cucumbers baffled many novice gardeners.Experienced farmers have long chosen the favorite varieties: salad or for pickling.If you have your own seeds from last year, take the time to plant them.Best germination of seeds show that at least two years.They have higher yield, while the same age will delight only a riot of leaves.For planting seedlings discarded hollow seeds.

Weighted tested for germination as follows: some seeds float in salted solution.These must be removed, they will not give good results, although the seed looks tight.The remaining rinse with fresh water.For disinfection against fungal diseases soak them for 20-30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.In the high-quality seeds will sprout in a day with a damp cloth.In pots or cups with the prepared soil seeds of cucumber placed hatched sharp tip up, to sprout quickly came out of the ground.

Transplant seedlings after growing

Grow your own cucumber seedlings should begin to transplant.It is important not to miss a certain point, when the vine is not very large.The long stem is very fragile and can be damaged or completely break at the time of transplantation.Saplings, who received a large amount of light and moisture, have a bright color and strong stems.Transplant better in the evening.Before that, you need a good seedling pour water to safely remove it from the cup.If peat pots were used, plant plants in a soil with them.

cucumbers in the garden

prepared for planting seedlings in the garden prepared hole, watered with warm water and try not to damage the roots when transplanting.The distance between the planted cucumbers should be 15-20 cm between the beds -. 60-90 cm After a week stems sprinkle a little ground to form additional roots that would increase the next harvest.

Growing cucumber in a greenhouse

Before planting sprouts of cucumbers in the greenhouse should be disinfected with a solution of copper sulfate (2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water).With such a structure, it is possible to harvest much earlier.Seedlings are planted at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other in a staggered manner, irrigation wells with warm water.Well, if you have the opportunity to open on sunny days the greenhouse to maximize the access of light.

Landing in

barrel One barrel is better to plant no more than 6-8 pieces of cucumber seedlings.Previously on surface strengthen the framework by which to curl lianki.Ease of cucumber seedlings growing in a barrel is that the soil will comply with all requirements, including drainage layer and fertilizer.Watering is carried out directly on the ground weak pressure from a hose or watering can with the help of warm water, heated in a day, trying not to fall on the leaves.Instead barrels sometimes use high bucket.

Seedlings in the bag

pre-made hole in the ground 30 cm, set to a tight plastic bag and fill it 2/3 of the prepared soil.One bag is placed 4 sprouts plants at a distance of about 15 cm from each other.Along the edges soften the rim with a cloth so as not to cut the stems grow back.To give greater stability of the bags around these set frameworks, better metal, which later will perform and a decorative function.

Growing cucumbers on a trellis

At length all the beds at a distance of 2-2.5 m high installed metal or wooden supports.Between them stretched several rows of wire or synthetic twine.In order to give the correct direction of the young plants from the lower part of the stem bush to the frame tied soft cords.Cucumber growing on a trellis method has a number of advantages:

  • At high beds are not strongly felt the average daily temperature difference, no condensation on the leaves, and the plant is less susceptible to fungal diseases.
  • cut irrigation, in which water does not fall on the leaves, which do not like cucumbers.
  • Easy to harvest, vines do not break.
  • Increased productivity of the plant.

Video planting cucumber seedlings house