Diarrhea in early pregnancy

Diarrhea - a process more frequent watery stools due to violations of the intestine.Hormonal changes the first trimester of pregnancy, adapting to new conditions authorities sometimes provoke the appearance of the disorder.Diarrhea during early pregnancy brings a woman uncomfortable.The causes of this disease process are different.Diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy is not as dangerous as when other pathologies of the digestive tract or infectious problems.

causes of diarrhea during early pregnancy

malabsorption of food and liquid leads to frequent indigestion, dehydration.Symptoms unpleasant, and can harm the woman and baby.The causes of diarrhea during early pregnancy:

  1. eating disorders.Strange eating habits for pregnant women - are not uncommon.Sometimes the products are so incompatible that the intestine can not digest a combination thereof.
  2. toxicosis.The digestive system of the future mother is experiencing changes, new conditions may cause diarrhea.
  3. excitement.Pregnancy itself is an exciti
    ng period of life, let alone to talk about trips to the gynecologist, various surveys, expectations.Often nerves appear surprises in the form of diarrhea.
  4. Food poisoning.Substandard products can not be digested in pregnancy.Diarrhoea and vomiting in pregnancy indicate a woman of poisoning.
  5. infections intestinal environment.Rotavirus, Salmonella, dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, provoke not for one week.A woman should consult a doctor to protect the baby from danger.
  6. Chronic diseases.The reason for the regular loose stool may be a pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, biliary dyskinesia).
  7. Infection with worms.Woman, not hygiene, drink dirty vegetables, fruits, not properly cooked meat, risk of suffering from parasitic infestations.
  8. Laxatives.Taking laxatives pills without adherence, dosage, chair often becomes too liquid and speeded up.

Than to treat diarrhea

Whatever the development of the disease stage, the woman will need to consult a physician and the appropriate treatment.The cure for diarrhea for pregnant women should be safe.In mild indigestion doctors prescribe adsorbents and brine.The former include smectite enterosgel, activated carbon, to the second - glyukolsan, rehydron.

When neurological disorders remedy for diarrhea for pregnant women combined with a sedative - valerian tincture or Leonurus.Other sedatives are prohibited in this case.Frequent symptoms of diarrhea dehydrate the body, so the patient should be drinking plenty of fluids.Black diarrhea, abdominal pain require intense intoxication therapy.

What can I eat when pregnant diarrhea

important to dieting and the exclusion of products that can cause diarrhea.Recommended to eat oatmeal, rice, light soups, eggs, baked potato without butter.You can eat crackers, savory biscuits, bread.From drinks fit jelly, warm herbal tea, broth of rice.Aerated water, dairy products, fried, spicy and fatty foods completely prohibited at the time of the disease.

Video of liquid stool in pregnancy

Many women want to see on the test cherished two strips, counting the days to the delay in the hope of getting pregnant.It sometimes happens that the happy moments of interrupted pregnancy disease states.These unpleasant pathologies include diarrhea.If you happen to suffer from diarrhea during early pregnancy, watch the video.You should learn about the causes of the appearance of diarrhea, to quickly protect your baby.