How to treat flatulence

swellings called state of the body when the colon accumulate gases in bulk.This creates a feeling of bloating.The increased gas formation indicates the presence of certain problems (functional abnormalities or tumors).Treatment of bloating within the competence of the therapist or the gastroenterologist.In some cases, a survey at the oncology, neurology, infectious disease.Read the review of how to get rid of gas in the abdomen, which includes the stages of the treatment process.

Treatment gassing and bloating

bowel Treatment of gases should be initiated immediately upon detection, because the feeling is not the most pleasant for people.Bloating after eating is not an independent disease.As a rule, it is a sign of another, more serious disorders.In the normal state of all human organs in the stomach and intestines may accumulate gases, but their number is not more than 200 ml.Treatment of severe abdominal distention should start immediately.The causes of such symptoms can be:

  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • putrefaction in the intestinal lumen;
  • pancreatitis;
  • stomach disease;
  • poisoning.

Very often, in order to eliminate the bloating of the stomach and improve the overall condition of the body, it is necessary to reconsider the diet.If a person has problems in the endocrine glands, the need to eliminate dairy products.It is recommended to exclude plant foods rich in fiber:

  • legumes;
  • pasta;
  • bakery;
  • kvass;
  • radishes.

flatulence problems occur in people who consume junk food, alcohol, carbonated drinks.They may complain of belching and heartburn.Pathogenic microbes in the intestines are constantly break down food, giving off the gas.In pregnancy, increased flatulence is normal, because the fetus presses on the digestive organs.In old age, the problem is due to the weakening of the muscles.

folk remedies

constipation and bloating can be eliminated with the help of home treatment decoctions and infusions.This process does not harm the body, carefully working on the internal organs.As a result, the treatment reduces the formation of gas, discomfort disappears.Traditional healers since ancient times used for this chamomile, parsley, fennel seeds and other herbs.But do not forget about proper nutrition and physical activity, because without any treatment would be useless.Recipe chamomile broth:

  1. take 1 tbsp.spoon flowers of the plant;
  2. boiled water;
  3. cook 5 minutes;
  4. left to brew for a few hours;
  5. strain and drink 2 tablespoons.spoon before eating.


Popular pills blisters:

  1. Activated carbon - is a budget option for the safe removal of the disorder.Lovely absorbent for cleaning the cavity of the stomach and intestines.
  2. Mezim forte - a useful enzyme for improving the work of the internal organs.It eliminates the severity and discomfort.
  3. White coal - modern medicine for removing toxins from the body, excessive amounts of gases.This person does not lose nutrients.
  4. Motilium - increases peristalsis of the human intestine, allowing the accumulated gases are evacuated from the body.

Features treating abdominal distention in infants Treatment

gas formation in the intestines of the child under the age of three months, has a number of conditions.The problem often occurs in children, preventing them to sleep and eat.This happens with the introduction of new products in the diet or when a child ingested air during feeding.To eliminate the symptoms it is recommended to keep children upright after eating, is not going to happen to burp output flatulence.When systemic disorders prescribed fennel tea (Plantex) Espumizan or infusion of fennel seeds.

Video about the causes and treatment of flatulence

Flatulence is not an independent disease, it is only one of the symptoms of disorders of the work of one of the digestive organs.flatulence sometimes accompanied by frequent diarrhea, abdominal cramps, weight.Methods of dealing with the problem should be applied on the basis of the reasons for its occurrence.Only after a complete survey of the gastroenterologist or physician can initiate treatment.All the necessary information on this issue, you will learn from the presented video below.

After eating



Olga, 47 years : There are wonderful folk remedy to correct the problem gassing 4 tablespoons fennel seeds are ground into a powder added to yogurt(0.5 l).After 3 hours, consume in one sitting.I'm always the save.

Oleg, 52 years : With strong drink bloating Nospanum and Mezim one tablet.This method effectively helps eliminate bloating symptoms for some time, but is not suitable for frequent use.

Julia, 35 years : When I start worrying problem of frequent gassing began dieting.Additionally drink sometimes Hilak forte, it helps my digestion to work properly.