Surface pumps for watering the garden

Each summer resident, engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits in the garden, knows that a good harvest can not be achieved without a correct systematic watering.But what if the water source is not too close?Even the distance in five - ten meters can become an obstacle: it is necessary to carry buckets of water, but it is a heavy burden, especially for the elderly.Help to cope with the task of irrigation in the country site surface pumps for a qualitative watering the garden.More information about the kinds of devices, brands and their purpose, see below.

What is the surface pump and why is it needed

There are two main types of pumps which are used in the summer cottage for watering the garden - it's surface and submersible device.The first type of pump is installed on the surface, ie,Water is the source from which the liquid will be taken.The second type - submersible apparatus for pumping from wells or wells of great depth.Then the equipment equipped with suction multistage structur

e is immersed directly into the water, allowing the site owner to water the beds at a great distance.

in private homes, cottages surface pump can be used as an additional element of the water supply system.The installed device is able to increase the water pressure in the water.Basically, the surface pump is used to pump the fluid needed for watering the garden, pumping it from the special storage tanks.There are machines of different designs, intended to determine the source depth.But usually, the pump can cope with a maximum depth of 8-10 meters.

Unlike submersible pump device surface is not too strong, so they can not be used to transfer mineral oils, fuel, and other liquid mixtures, which can damage or break the system equipment.By purchasing a pump, you must adhere to the rules of operation.If cottager will comply with specific recommendations for use of the device, it will last much longer.How to use the equipment:

  • Keep working surface device idles.If no water will flow through the hose during operation, the pump may overheat and break down.Liquid feeding helps cool, performs "lubricating" function.
  • Please note that before using the system, you must manually fill the unit with water.This is due to the effect of water hammer, producing a liquid during injection.Blow touches the impeller vanes and by the strong impact can break the unit.The same thing can happen if by chance during the water intake hose to the air bubble gets.
  • Do not leave the device in an area where the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, together with the liquid in the tank.Drain it, so that the pump was completely empty.Freezing fluids can cause severe damage or complete unsuitability of the device.
  • Each device has specifications that define the allowable level of humidity, ambient temperature.You can not prevent hypothermia, overheating of the device.

The material used for the surface of the pump housing: plastic, stainless steel, cast iron.Plastic case among them is the most unreliable, such devices are used to pump water for irrigation of the garden.They can be operated to 50 degree temperature.Plus plastic pump is that it is not subject to rust, easy, and costs less than the other surface of the device.However, exposure to large damage greatly reduces the service life.

Cast iron housing will appeal to those who like quiet operation devices for watering the garden, besides it is durable and reliable.Material stainless steel suitable surface pumps, which are designed for long-term service with a wide range of tasks: using such devices produce irrigation plants, raising the water in the fountain is operated installations.

What types of pumps for watering the garden

There are many variations of pumps for watering the garden: drainage, drum, vortex, circulation, centrifugal (console).The main surface devices gardeners tend to acquire the last two.Each type has certain characteristics that are used to perform specific tasks - pumping water, improve the pressure in the water system, etc. Often, the pumps are not purchased by themselves, as part of the automatic water stations, which offer the following benefits:.

  • These includeown surface pumps, pressure switches, accumulators - storage tanks, sensors protection from running dry and many other things that makes the system work more efficiently.
  • Automation will make it possible to stock the liquid.
  • The unit is protected from water hammer.
  • fully controlled by the pressure and the surface pressure of the pump.

There are automatic stations, which are equipped for the needs of the customer, each item is individually with the help of a specialist in the store.However, sold fully equipped and options already assembled and ready to work effectively.For not too choosy buyers is the perfect option that will save a lot of time and effort.

centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump usually used for pumping water, the hose can be operated with a depth of up to nine meters.It works by centrifugal force of the engine.Inside the housing is located a rotating wheel and its component parts - two discs.Between them there are blades which are directed in the opposite direction from the rotation mechanism.Due to the fact that different pressure is created in the center and at the edges of the container, the water discharged to the outside.Centrifugal pumps for watering the garden capable of pumping liquid with a small amount of various impurities.


relatively centrifugal vortex pump apparatus is inexpensive.They are compact, so great for location in a small area.Inside the machine is a rotating wheel is also equipped with radial blades and inclined type.Due to the rotation speed of the vortex flow is created, the ejecting liquid.These pumps provide a much stronger pressure than the centrifugal, but they MUST NOT be used for water with impurities.In addition, they have a low efficiency, not to exceed 45%.

Installing a garden unit, depending on the water source

To install the optional pump to hire professionals, this one can do it yourself.The devices typically have a small size and weight that allow not only easy to install on and quickly mount the device if required.This is useful when you want to go on vacation or to hide a surface pump in a strong cold snap.Installation principle is almost the same, changing only source of water supply.In addition, the device can be used not only for watering the garden, but also for pumping rain water out of the basement, pool.

Water from wells

Typically, these reservoirs are at a depth of ten meters and more, there are 20 meters of the well, so the surface of the pump assembly of them is impossible.To use the wellbore fluid, must purchase submersible device that will be in the water and eject it from great depths.If the well is shallow, then you need to put the pump on a flat surface, put it in her hose and turn it on, pre-filled with water manually.

How to arrange watering from the barrel

Watering the garden from the barrel by means of a special surface barrel pump.This structure weighs, typically no more than four kilograms, so it is able to use each.Deep drum must be no greater than 120 centimeters.Electric pumps of this type, they cling to the edge of the tank (hose lowered into the water), and then incorporated into the network.Basically cell phones are equipped with a special filter, have a small noise.


When installing the irrigation near the well, it is necessary to provide a flat surface.In some cases, you may need mounting studs that reduce vibration levels and as a consequence - the noise.To pump run more quietly, summer visitor can use a special rubber mat.During the installation of the hose is lowered into the well, but before it is necessary, in order to avoid water hammer, fill the machine with water.

Pond and other bodies of water

to natural reservoirs design approach is best, using centrifugal force, because often in ponds, rivers, lakes, sand contains impurities that can damage the vortex mechanism.To install you will need a steady foundation, a rubber mat to reduce noise.After installation of all component parts, machine tube should be dipped into the water to pump and turn.

What is better to choose a garden pump - Overview manufacturers

Many modern company engaged in water supply devices, create a surface structure for watering the garden.The main producers in the world and domestic markets: jumbo, swirl, elitech, unipump, craton, ejector, jemix, neoclima, grundfos, wilo, JEELEX, trickle, awelco.You can buy an inexpensive apparatus in Moscow, or to order delivery through the online store.Overview and characteristics of some popular models:

  • Elitech ns 600p.It has a self-priming pump, steel frame.Suitable for pumping clean water for normal or drip irrigation.Required capacity - 600 watt output - about fifty liters per hour, works with the depth of eight meters.
  • «Jumbo 70 50 n."Capable of working at depths of up to nine meters.It requires power 1100 watt, pumping 4.2 cubic meters per hour.
  • «Whirlwind Mon 1100n".Demands for power 1100 watt, pumping 4.2 cubic meters of water per hour, effective to a depth of nine meters.
  • «AQUARIUS BC-1.2-18U".This vertical machine, consumes 690 watts.Able to work on pumping 4.3 cubic meters of water per hour.Maximum depth - eight meters.

Where can I buy and prices on popular models of water pumps

Buy a device such well-known firms as JEELEX, trickle, wilo, elitech, unipump, craton in Moscow and in other cities with the management and all the accessories, you canin a specialized salon or order through the online store.Price varies depending on the material chosen model, the quality of filters and other accessories.The approximate cost of the surface pumps - from 880 to 8000 rubles.

Addresses of online stores where it is possible to buy a water pump:

  • (2200 rubles);
  • (from 1199 rubles);
  • (from 1090 rubles).

Customer Reviews

Ivanna, 43 years old: "With her husband read the reviews on the different devices, decided to buy a single-stage pump for watering the surface of aquario.So far, no complaints there, works just fine »

Konstantin, 27 years:" In the private house recently acquired Pump "Aquarius."What can I say - the problem of watering the garden finally decided before that had to carry buckets of water.The scheme of installation is simple, happy work. "

Oksana, 35 years old: "A few months ago bought the" Jumbo 70 50 n "single stage, buying happy.I do not even imagined before, as not enough of such a device for watering my garden huge. "

Video: Review of surface monobloc pumps

There are many companies producing surface-type pumps, all of them are similar in construction.One of the most convenient forms for such unit - a candy bar.The buyer will not have difficulties in order to understand the structure and installation of similar design.To better understand the operation of the device to be mounted on the surface, made the following video.Review details the different surface models, which can be useful in the territory of a cottage garden or plot.Watch the video with a detailed description of the work-in-one pump: