Treatment of polyps in the gallbladder without surgery

Who would argue with statistics?Every tenth inhabitant of our country there are polyps in the gallbladder.Given that they are detected by ultrasound accidentally, the figure would be much higher.Compounding the situation, that in this condition no specific symptoms.Some doctors say the operation requires a mandatory, others are less categorical.They argue that if you have polyps in the gallbladder, treatment without surgery is not possible.Who is right in this situation?Try to understand.

Symptoms of gallbladder polyps

What is a polyp of the gallbladder?This rise on the inner wall of the organ.When they are in the plural numbers - it polyposis.Danger that these benign growths to develop into cancer.Unfortunately, they do not have pronounced symptoms.The emergence of pain right upper quadrant in severity when eating, nausea - all of the same is shown in diseases of the liver, gallstones.Diagnostics, except US, does not exist, and identified education accidentally.

Distribution are cholesterol po

lyps of the gallbladder.Their reason is simple - the cholesterol is deposited on the inner walls of the body.In inflammatory grows diseased tissue structures.Papilloma look like nipples.The most dangerous - adenoma - growth of cancer cells.Among the causes identified a number:

  • accumulation of cholesterol;
  • obesity;
  • taking hormones;
  • bile stasis;
  • eating fatty, fried food.

treatment without surgery

How to treat a polyp in the gallbladder?Single build-up to 5 millimeters is not dangerous.When their size from 5 to 10 millimeters, requires constant medical supervision.Therapy is needed in order to avoid an increase in the build-up.Prescribe medication, "allohol", "Holenzima" bear bile.It is recommended a strict diet, treatment of folk remedies.Look, it looks like the build-up on the photo.

When education are increasing in size, are more than 10 millimeters, made endoscopic polypectomy of the gallbladder.This operation only removes the build-up, and the body remains intact, continues to operate normally.Only when the size of formations more than two centimeters, recommend the removal of the patient's body, because the probability of cancer.Operation is fast, 2 days later the patient continues outpatient treatment at home.According to international classification ICD-10 disease to such tumors have a K80-K86 code.


Besides medication, prescribed diet.When polyposis is very strict.The diet eliminates fatty and smoked foods, limit intake of sweets and honey, salt decreases.Completely excluded such products:

  • onions, garlic, radish;
  • fatty meats;
  • beans, spinach;
  • sour cream;
  • baking;
  • pickles;
  • mushrooms;
  • strong coffee.

Diet for polyps in the gallbladder requires split meals - five times per day.It is necessary to drink plenty of water, up to two liters to bile became less dense.It is recommended to be added to food bran, fiber-rich.Allowed:

  • lean meat;
  • sweet fruit;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • boiled vegetables;
  • yogurt;
  • butter;
  • porridge on the water.

folk remedies

If you have a polyp in the gallbladder, treatment of folk remedies suspend its increase.Excellent results are obtained by the use of a decoction of celandine.The course of treatment lasts one month, a break for 10 days, then the process continues, and so three months.For the preparation of the composition is poured into a thermos spoon celandine herbs, add a liter of boiling water.Matured hour.Should take before meals a day, three times.Dosage - a hundred grams.

possible to cure the polyp of the gallbladder

completely cure this disease can not be.The build-up do not disappear.They are only able to stop its growth.To this end, early diagnosis is important.Only when you have captured the disease at the beginning, and education have a small size, it is possible treatment.Prescribe medications, diet, treatment of folk remedies.This mandatory periodic monitoring of ultrasound.

Video: what to do when a polyp of the gallbladder

Some experts tell you that the operation is required in the presence of tumors, while others argue that it is possible to do the treatment.Watch the video, and you are familiar with the risk factors and causes of the disease.You will understand, in any case, be sure to surgery under any circumstances.When is allowed at polyps in the gallbladder treatments without surgery?

feedback on the results of the treatment

Yana, 65 years

pass the examination, the doctor accidentally discovered a growth on the wall of the gallbladder.I advised a strict diet.The hardest part in all of this - to give up sweets, pies.It is especially difficult to drink water often.After six months came to the US, and the build-up is not increased in size, and even lost weight 6 kg.Very useful diet, I advise to comply.

Elena, 45 years

came to the hospital with pain in the right upper quadrant.I thought that hurts the liver, it was the reason that a small build-up in the gall bladder.Advised to drink an infusion of celandine.Not to say that nice.But the doctor said that if not treated, the polyp grows, it is necessary to operate.It took three months, went to the US - there is no increase.Excellent recipe.I advise.

Tatiana, 35 years

There was a nagging pain in his side, on the right.I went to the US, and found in the gall papilloma small.The doctor said that at this stage is permissible in the gallbladder polyps treated without surgery.Herbal stop their growth.I saw everlasting and yarrow with rhubarb.Six months later, an ultrasound found no change.It is advised to drink the grass.