Chronic gastritis

Many people nowadays suffer from inflammation of the stomach.For gastritis chronic form is characterized by recurrent disorders of the mucous membranes.At the same time clearly expressed in the relevant symptoms and deterioration of health.Completely cure chronic gastritis is impossible, but, on the other hand, it is possible to block all its manifestations.The remission will not apply disease itself, which will give a person the opportunity to live fully.This will require compliance with the rules of eating behavior and regular preventive measures.For more information, read on.

causes of disease

Chronic gastric gastritis is a consequence of prolonged exposure to adverse factors.The etiology of the disease was studied to perfection, so the medicine provides a full range of reasons can cause this problem.The factors in question, be divided into two categories: internal and external.The external include:

  • prolonged violation of the / character of a food;
  • systematic use of harmful food;
  • violation of chewing function;
  • regular consumption of alcohol;
  • great smoking experience;
  • systematic use of drugs, characterized by the negative impact on internal mucous membrane of the stomach.

Internal factors:

  • resistant forms of oral diseases;
  • diseases associated with disruption of the endocrine system (thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.);
  • violation of metabolic processes in the digestive tract;
  • kidney disease;
  • chronic digestive system disorders (liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, some forms of hepatitis).

Classification according to ICD - 10

term "chronic gastritis" covers a wide range of diseases related to inflammation of the inner c stomach tissue.Each of them is characterized by its excitatory factors, symptoms, prognosis, pathogenesis, diagnostic methods and treatment.Below is detailed classification of chronic gastritis, which includes all diseases that fall under the general concept of an inflammatory disorder of the stomach:

  • hemorrhagic gastritis of the chronic form;
  • alcoholic gastritis;
  • gastritis chronic erosive;
  • chronic superficial gastritis;
  • chronic gastritis atrophied;
  • non-atrophic gastritis of the chronic form;
  • chronic superficial gastritis;
  • reflux gastritis;
  • hyperplastic gastritis;
  • atrophic gastritis of the chronic form;
  • chronic gastritis, unspecified (fundic, antral gastritis);
  • subatrophic gastritis chronic form;
  • chronic pangastrit;
  • chronic H. pylori gastritis;
  • chronic catarrhal gastritis;
  • lymphocytic gastritis;
  • diffuse mixed gastritis;
  • chronic gastritis hypertrophic;
  • hypoacid gastritis;
  • gastritis, chronic intestinal;
  • hyperacid gastritis chronic form;
  • lymphocytic gastritis;
  • autoimmune gastritis;
  • antrum chronic gastritis;
  • granulomatous gastritis chronic form.

Typical signs and symptoms of an exacerbation in adults

Almost all members of the adult population manifestations of chronic forms of inflammation of the stomach are of the same character.Assessing the symptoms of the disease, a qualified medical officer may, with a high degree of accuracy to make a preliminary forecast and refer the patient to pass the required tests.Check out the manifestations of the chronic form of inflammation of the stomach, so that later to know when to sound the alarm.The symptoms of the table are typical for different occasions, and described below:

Common symptoms

When hyperacidity

At low acidity

Pressing / aching pain in the upperbelly

Constant burping

belching with acidic stomach contents

a bad taste in the mouth

appetite Deterioration

Hunger pains (in a few hours after a meal)

Bad breath

The feeling of hardness in the stomach

poor appetite

appetite Deterioration

Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea

Lowering blood pressure, accompanied by weakness and drowsiness

Constant burping

bloating, accompanied by rumbling

arrhythmia, heart pain

Features and current symptoms of gastritis in children

A common phenomenon is considered a children's gastritis.At a young body this disease is somewhat different than in adults.Inflammatory processes are started in the stomach due to violations of the motor and secretory activity, which arise due to a decrease mucosal protective properties.It creates an imbalance between the protective mechanisms and annoying, which leads to a so-called autodigestion.During this long process, there are clear signs of chronic gastritis, when they appear, require access to a doctor:

  • complaints of intolerable pain in the upper abdomen;
  • heartburn - a burning sensation behind the breastbone and in the upper abdomen (noted during physical exertion and torso);
  • belching air with an unpleasant odor or a small amount of food eaten;
  • decreased appetite, until the complete refusal of food;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • bloating, loose stools, anemia, constipation;
  • pallor Leather How consequence of depletion;
  • white or gray coating on the edges of the tongue.

diagnostic methods

view of the fact that chronic inflammation of the stomach has many subspecies and variations of, symptomatic diagnosis is almost always ineffective.By outward appearances it is possible only to set a preliminary diagnosis and refer the patient to pass laboratory tests.In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are several effective techniques that allow a high degree of accuracy to identify the specific kind of chronic disease:

  1. Standard FGS.It is very reliable and is perhaps the most informative diagnostic method.For the patient, this procedure is not very pleasant - through the mouth and esophagus introduced flexible endoscopic probe is equipped with a microscopic camera.The image is displayed on the screen, and his doctors determine the severity of the disease.The study revealed all the damage to the stomach wall, and found the place in which the possibility of internal bleeding.
  2. Intragastric pH-meter.This method is based on the study of the chemical characteristics of the stomach contents, pH-metry reveal disturbance of acid balance.The research results are pushing doctors to some conclusions about how the patient's condition.
  3. Laboratory diagnosis.This type of research involves testing the blood feces and urine.Sdaet patient samples that are being studied in a specially prepared environment.Results of laboratory investigations indicate the presence / absence of bacteria contributing to the development of gastritis.

How to treat chronic gastritis

struggle with chronic stomach inflammation involves a range of activities aimed at normalizing the balance of substances, improving immunity, elimination of inflammation and prevention of relapse in the future.Medicine has developed a number of techniques capable of stopping the development of the violations and bring the person to a normal lifestyle.

Therapeutic diet

first step to victory over the disease - normalization of diet.To prevent the development of serious complications a person must give up foods that promote inflammation.In addition, it is necessary to form a strict menu, aimed at restoring internal security forces and the normalization of metabolic processes.After reviewing the table below, you will learn what you need to eat, and what you must give up.

Prohibited products

Approved products

cabbage, turnips

meat is low-fat varieties (rabbit, beef, chicken, turkey)

Fruits with hard skins

lean fish (steam souffle / puree)

chocolate, cocoa, coffee, sweet carbonated water

cream, milk

Spicy sauces / spices / herbs

Eggsboiled, steam omelettes

products pastry

liquid porridge with cream / milk (semolina, buckwheat, oats, rice)

Sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese

notvery strong tea with cream / milk

Fermented beverages

Freshly squeezed juices from fruits / berries

berries fresh

Broth herbs

Fresh bread

Refined vegetable and fresh butter (in moderation)

drug therapy

After the diagnosis the doctor will evaluate all aspects of gastritis occurrence, severity of the disease, the individual characteristics of the patient and prescribe medication.For struggle with chronic gastritis gastric used drugs in the following categories:

  1. Antacids: "Fosfalyugel", "Almagel".In the struggle with chronic gastritis drugs in this group are assigned as the main striking force.Antacids differ Cancel enveloping properties.They bind collagen inhibitors and bile acid.
  2. -m nonselective anticholinergics "Metacin", "Atropine", "Platifillin".Drugs belonging to this pharmacological group, block the action of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine, whereby the gastric wall reduces inflammation.In addition, M-cholinolytics have strong spasmolytic effect, easing the patient's condition.
  3. blockers histamine 2 receptor."Famotidine", "Ranitidine".In the treatment of chronic gastritis in these drugs are prescribed to reduce the production of hydrochloric acid (gastric juice).Due to this imbalance between the wound and the protective mechanisms of annoying.
  4. Inhibitors of Na / K dependent ATPase."Lansoprazole", "Rabeprazole", "Omeprazole".This group of drugs designed to block ulcerative processes in the stomach.In the treatment of chronic gastritis form Na / K inhibitors prevent the occurrence of complications and facilitate the patient's condition.

Folk remedies

Pharmaceuticals perfectly perform its basic function, but the damage to many internal organs and systems.In addition, to acquire all the necessary preparations required a lot of money.An alternative method for the treatment of chronic form of stomach gastritis is a traditional medicine.Vintage Grandma's recipes are based on the use of harmless natural resources, and their degree of efficiency provides a quite successful fight against inflammation.If you're interested, write for himself a few effective home recipes:

  1. cabbage juice.Highly effective against chronic stomach inflammation.To prepare it, you need to squeeze the juice of a fork cabbage.Scheme application is incredibly simple: drink 50 ml of juice every 6 hours and will feel just great.
  2. Herbs.The broth is prepared in the national prescription, save your stomach the dangerous chronic disease.In equal proportions, combine dried yarrow, hay, plantain, St. John's wort, chamomile flowers and nettle (about half a teaspoon).Pour two or three cups of boiling water.When the broth has cooled, drink 60-70 ml.After that, you can not eat for 30-40 minutes, otherwise the effect will dissipate.The described therapeutic exercise should be carried out with an interval of 8 hours.Do this every day, and after 2-3 weeks, the inflammation of the stomach back down.
  3. Tincture on birch bark.Focal inflammation on the inner walls of the stomach caused by infection, effectively eliminated the systematic use of this agent.Take 35 grams of milled birch bark, and fill it with a liter of water, heated to a temperature of 60 °.Let it brew for 2-3 hours, then strain through several layers of cheesecloth.For treatment / prevention of chronic stomach inflammation drink 70-80 ml broth at intervals of 6 hours.

forecast and

disease prevention Subject to the timely start of the fight against inflammation of the chronic form of stomach doctors forecasts quite comforting.Identified at the initial stage of the disease can be overcome within a week.For adults, as a rule, applied the standard treatment regimen.If exacerbation of chronic gastritis is found in the child need to complete a survey, the purpose of treatment and constant observation pediatrician in a hospital inpatient.

If you wish to prevent the emergence of a dangerous inflammatory disease, try to get rid of bad habits and move to a more healthy diet.Also, protect yourself from the factors that lead to get nervous, because all processes in the stomach, directly related to the state of mind of man.To control the state of health is also recommended regular passage of medical examination.

Video: What is chronic gastritis

Watch this short video below, you get a lot of valuable information about the mechanism of chronic inflammation of the stomach and understand how to resist it.The video provides photo illustrations that clearly explain the consequences of the abuse of harmful products and the lack of nutrients in the body.Use this information to avoid becoming the next victim of gastritis.