The reasons for the left eye tick

all at least once in their lives experienced the situation when for no reason began to shrink the eyelid muscle.In folklore, there are even signs ready to predict if the left eye twitches, what does it mean for a person.For women - a successful purchase and pleasant meeting, and men should be careful with financial transactions.In this article you will find a description of modern causes and prerequisites why twitching left eye.Pay attention to cases where it is desirable to see a doctor when symptoms of involuntary jerking of the century.

Why eyelid twitching left eye

reasons for which there is a nervous tic left or right of the century - a lot.It may seem that such a sharp twitch century noticeable all around.But this is just your feelings because of non-standard cases.Constant fatigue, problems of a personal nature, the violation of the regime of sleep can provoke a nervous tic of the eyelid.

If you yourself do not see the reasons for the periodic twitching century, is necessary to address t

o the neuropathologist doctor.Doctor Consultation and treatment are important when the tick does not go a long time.Standing on guard:

  • if twitch muscle under his eye, and that extends to the cheek, upper eyelid;
  • if reducing eye closed;
  • hurts when the facial nerve,
  • when there are signs of conjunctivitis - redness, abscess.


When continuously lower eyelid twitches for a long time, it is necessary to consult a specialist, because inaction leads to a decrease in vision or gemispazm face.If this phenomenon is not permanent, you can do a little gymnastics to the eye, often blink for 1-2 minutes to remove the unpleasant sensation for the whole day.If this does not help, try to give yourself a little rest - give up coffee and other stimulants, if possible, cover your eyes and relax for a while.


When it comes to the upper eyelid, try not to rub it in your hands, because you can carry infection and cause conjunctivitis.Avoid conflicts that provoke stress and strain on the nervous system.Stick to the optimal mode of the day and be sure to let rest your eyes when working at the computer.By following these simple rules, you will avoid the causes discomfort when starting to twitch the upper eyelid.

reasons tick left eye

Why periodically twitching left eye?Involuntary muscle contraction century often for reasons such as:

  • nervous stress and fatigue;
  • frequent stress;
  • irregular and inadequate sleep;
  • abuse of alcohol, tobacco, affect the nervous system;
  • consequences of brain injury (concussion, stroke).

When an expectant mother's eye twitches during pregnancy, it speaks about the lack of in the body of magnesium and calcium.Get rid of unpleasant sensations will help balanced mode of the day with the right amount of sleep and rest.The means of preventing a nervous tic would be eating foods that are rich in magnesium - is:

  • wheat bran;
  • nuts;
  • seeds;
  • buckwheat.

These options are not the only reasons that muscle twitches itself under the eye.Unfortunately, this may be a symptom of neurosis, degenerative disc disease of the cervical.In such situations, doctors can cure tic using medication in the form of various sedatives.As a supplement applied acupuncture, hypnosis.

Video: What to do if twitches

eyes What if started twitching century?Do not panic, calm down, regardless of whether the left or right eyelid.Find out what the doctor recommends that the proposed video.Tic in itself it is not a separate illness, and signals the fault, overvoltage, or diseases of the nervous system.Quiet lifestyle, referred to in the video, will help to avoid jerking the eyelid.