The feeling of heaviness in the stomach

with the discomfort and discomfort in the abdomen or stomach faced everyone at least once in their lives.The reasons may be different - the household, due to heavy feasts, or related diseases.But the undeniable fact that the severity of the stomach is always accompanied by a painful condition.When such cases occur frequently, you should definitely seem like the profile doctor - a gastroenterologist.The body signals the beginning of the disease of the gastrointestinal tract.Learn more about the symptoms, the underlying causes of gastric heaviness and its treatment.

Reasons constant heaviness in the stomach and burping after a meal

can catch a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, abdomen, even when the products are of good quality, and the dishes - freshly prepared.The body reacts to the food entered belching, throwing air entering only when there is a problem with digestion.If you are eating even a small portion of food, you feel inside the "stone" of the stomach, pay attention to the reasons lis

ted below.Comparing with them their way of life, to draw conclusions -tyazhest in the stomach, the stomach often disappears after the cause.Here are the most popular 'culprits' of discomfort:

  • excessive overeating;
  • frequent snacks cold food or fast food meals;
  • excess spicy, fatty, fried foods, carbonated beverages;
  • use of incompatible products;
  • abuse of tobacco, alcohol;
  • frequent stress;
  • the initial stage of the digestive system disease.

Associated symptoms

How to recognize that the discomfort felt by the inside, from the stomach?There are a number of symptoms that directly indicate a problem with the gastrointestinal tract."Blame" the frequent use of semi-finished products, the abundance of carbohydrate food, hard to digest foods (mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs).Unpleasant sensations will grow into a big problem called gastritis.Change attitude to the choice of products is no longer enough.It is necessary under the supervision of physicians to take drugs.Consider how the body signals about problems with stomach.

burning sensation and pain in the abdomen

appearance of heartburn, and often painful attacks in the digestion of food eaten that only happens due to the fact that the release of hydrochloric acid the stomach excessively.Under the influence of the natural and disinfecting products and cleaving mixture esophageal valve relaxes.Part gastric splashed into the esophagus.This person often feels burning and bitterness coming from the stomach.Heartburn Abdominal provoke products:

  • fatty dishes;
  • confectionery, chocolate (milk);
  • alcohol with high degrees;
  • heavily carbonated beverages;
  • spicy seasonings;
  • garlic, onion;
  • sour fruits, citrus fruits and juices;
  • tomatoes;
  • fried dishes.

Short-term pain in the stomach, the stomach may occur against the background of frequent overeating or snacking on the run dry rations.Isolated cases occur in poisoning.Acute repetitive seizures associated with the stomach, the stomach can not be ignored.They may be harbingers of gastritis, colitis.Sharp, too spicy foods, irritating the mucous membranes of the abdomen, often cause stomach pain.

Nausea and vomiting

unpleasant pulling feeling in the stomach, cramps and vomiting may be the final say on the use of contaminated water, food or eaten by the large number of products.When gastric motility is disrupted, the mass began to be digested, the muscles are pushed to the esophagus and oral cavity.It brings physical relief.Cases when vomiting is caused by alcohol poisoning or more of nicotine.Sometimes nausea and vomiting the body reacts to the emergence of stress.In such cases, no need to treat stomach, and nervous system.

Sensation of distention, bloating and flatulence

rapid ingestion of food in the stomach without thorough chewing, talking often harmful.Bad habits lead to the fact that the gastrointestinal tract begins to inflate from overflowing gases.This can create awkward situation ambiguous.Violation of the percentage of "useful" intestinal flora, often occurring after a course of antibiotics, causes:

  • fermentation digestion products;
  • bloating;
  • excessive gassing.

Pregnant women often complain of abdominal sensitivity, increased flatulence.Symptoms appear as a result of the physiological adjustment of the organism and increasing compression of the bowel wall of the uterus.Sometimes it is not the gases exiting time provoke painful spasms, not only for the stomach, and the stomach.There is a list of products that contribute to flatulence, which should be avoided in the diet for people who are prone to flatulence:

  • large amount of sweets;
  • rye flour products;
  • legumes;
  • cabbage.

discomfort in the gut - diarrhea or constipation

due to disorders of the digestive system (dyspepsia) appear abnormalities in the intestine by stool quality.Irritated mucous membrane of the stomach often reacts diarrhea.The food is not fully digested, rapidly excreted from the bowel.This is especially observed in the morning hours.Sometimes, stomach, intestines react opposite - constipation, when a person with difficulty defecates once a few days.

In this and in another case, it delivers maximum discomfort and pain to the intestine.Constant urging to the toilet or, on the contrary, abdominal distension, stomach is made in the patient's life a lot of trouble.A qualified doctor finds the cause of abnormalities of the bowel after a detailed diagnosis and the date laboratory analysis.Violation of the microflora provoke goiter, change the normal work of the stomach and intestinal peristalsis.

temperature and weakness

Doctors starting a general survey of the patient, always ask about bowel condition, a chair.The answer to this question gives a hint at the true cause general malaise.An increase in temperature, dizziness - frequent consequences of the use of substandard products, poisoning them.Poisons, trapped in the stomach, causing bouts of pain, and in severe intoxication a person can lose consciousness.

Gastric lavage, dropper with drugs cleans the blood, help the patient to return to normal state.Another cause general weakness are some of the serious forms of gastritis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer disease is one of the intestine.Increased body temperature indicates the progression of the abdomen of the disease, its aggravation when medical help is urgently needed.

How to get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the stomach area

Yourself get rid of heaviness in the abdomen is possible if it is a one-off case of overeating.Digest the food enters the intestines, bloating passes.If stomach discomfort occurs with constant regularity, do not delay to consult a gastroenterologist.For the treatment of complications in the stomach, abdomen suitable methods such as traditional medicine and drugs.

Folk remedies

Home Treatment of gravity in the upper abdomen is possible if you have already visited the profile doctor, and he gave you advice about a parallel supporting operation using folk remedies.Forget about overeating, bad habits, follow the course of treatment, a doctor's appointment.Then the methods of alternative medicine help.Here are some recipes to get rid of frequent bloating and abdominal discomfort:

  1. decoction of chamomile flowers, drunk before a meal one hour, soothe the stomach wall.A tablespoon of dry grass to fill a liter of boiling water and bring to 100 ° C.Cover and allow to settle leaves and flowers.Strain.
  2. aloe juice with honey.The fleshy leaves of the plant rinse, remove the spines and twist through a meat grinder.Gruel mixed with honey 1 to 10. The means to take carefully, one spoon, based on the results of gastric acidity.At low use mixture before eating for an hour;high - after half an hour after eating.
  3. Infusion of rose hips.Half a liter of boiling water pour 25-30 grams of dried fruit.Infuse for about an hour.Drink 2 times per day of 50 ml.
  4. porridge, cooked from buckwheat and oatmeal, helps to get rid of bloating and abdominal discomfort, with regular use.
  5. Dried fennel seeds (one teaspoon), pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew.Strain after 15 minutes.A few sips before each meal will help maintain comfort of stomach, abdomen.


What to self-medication did not become a kind of lottery and not have to suffer twice from stomach pain?Please refer to the appointment of a qualified professional.The doctor will tell you what to drink, that take, so as not to feel discomfort, pain in the stomach after eating.Buying tablets from the stomach into the pharmacy, read the information in the instructions on the composition, method of use and warnings.Often used in medical practice, drug and enzyme preparations, saving on the severity of abdominal pain, stomach:

  • «Festal";
  • «Mezim";
  • «Omeprazole";
  • «Motelak";
  • «De-nol";
  • «Motilium";
  • «Pangrol";
  • «Gastal";
  • «Rennie."