Hemorrhagic cerebral stroke

cerebral circulatory disorders - diagnosis, which is part of the world the top three deaths.There are two types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic.In the first case, the blood circulation is disturbed due to the fact that the vessel is covered by thrombus.Stop feeding, destroyed tissue.In a hemorrhagic stroke, the brain is a sharp rupture of the vessel, which leads to hemorrhage.This kind of disease is much rarer than ischemic.In any case, only emergency assistance to save the patient not only by death, but also disability.

Causes of hemorrhagic stroke

Bleeding in the brain in most cases is due to hypertension.At high pressure, the vessels become thinner.There is a disruption of the walls, enhanced permeability.When hypertensive crisis vessel bursts and blood is poured into the space between the skull and the brain, and sometimes inside.As a result - there is a bruise.Among the causes of brain stroke note:

  • diabetes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • cerebral vascular disease;
  • blood diseases;
  • disease
  • deficiency diseases;
  • stress;
  • injury.

symptoms and common signs of the disease

vascular diseases - stroke - develops instantly.After bleeding in the brain substance is a violation of circulation.Hematoma presses, damage tissue, causing inflammation and extensive edema.When hemorrhage in the right hemisphere of the brain occurs paralysis of the left side of the body, and vice versa.Onset of the disease is determined and such symptoms:

  • redness of the face;
  • arrhythmia;
  • flashing red flies;
  • dilated pupils;
  • cardiac arrhythmias;
  • increase in pressure;
  • fainting;
  • nausea, vomiting.

signs of brain stroke are developing very quickly.If assistance is not provided, - death or disability are possible during the day.Symptoms vary with the lesion site:

  • appear blindness, deafness;
  • broken it;
  • violated swallowing function;
  • occur disturbance of consciousness;
  • disease Neurology;
  • lost memory, the sense of smell.

First aid for stroke

Note from a loved one the first signs of brain stroke - skewed smile, inability to talk, inability to raise only one hand, the complexity of the display language.We need an ambulance emergency care.If the victim very quickly taken to hospital, you will reduce the consequences.Before the arrival of emergency put the patient to the head was higher: it is better to turn it on its side.Do not give food and drink.Do not allow the patient to move, provide access to fresh air.It is necessary to remove the oppressive clothing, reduce the pressure.

How is

diagnostics starts diagnostics brain stroke a patient survey: what his pressure on that complains.Also:

  1. When neurological diagnosis determines the sensitivity loss.Diagnose a decrease in muscle tone, impaired consciousness.
  2. Computed tomography reveals the location and volume of hemorrhage.With the help of this research is the source of the bleeding, the level of compression of the brain tissue.
  3. When MRI explore small hematoma.
  4. Echoencephalography defines brain displacement relative to cranial hemorrhage.


Conservative treatment of brain stroke involves the use of tablets and injections.The dosage and duration of admission cycle determined by a physician, guided by the condition of the patient.Medications to solve many problems.Main - control of blood pressure and stop bleeding.In some cases the recommended surgery.

Drug therapy

Treatment options:

  • to prevent cerebral edema, reduction of intracranial pressure: IV "Lasix" up to 20 mg.
  • To combat hypoxia twice a day, "Hypoxen".
  • Tablets "Trental" improve microcirculation.
  • Psychomotor agitation removes drug "Seduxen".
  • Exclude blood clotting intravenous injections "Gordoks".
  • Prevent hemorrhage dropper "aminocaproic acid."
  • good reviews pricks "Dibazol" dose of 2-4 ml.They reduce high blood pressure.
  • injection "Cere" do to restore brain metabolism.


Conducting operations in cerebral stroke gives better results than conservative medical treatment.This is because the surgery removes hematoma.This eliminates the pressure on the brain, improves blood circulation, reduces swelling.What matters is how completely removed blood.It is important not to damage surrounding tissue.After surgery, there is a rapid recovery, which saves the patient's life.

If the hematoma is close to the surface of the brain, doing open surgery.The minimum probability of occurrence of additional injuries.Through a small hole in the skull is administered probe, remove blood clots.Transactions made in conjunction with computed tomography.The surgeon observes on the screen of where there is at the moment the tool and hematoma.In such operations is possible to remove even very small particles of blood clots.

rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation after hemorrhagic cerebral stroke - a process complex, time-consuming.At this point it is important to support and patience of loved ones.It is important that the patient had a desire to live.It is required to everyday stress on themselves, to overcome the difficulties and pain.Recovery is desirable to begin at the earliest stages of the disease.It is recommended to the combined effect of: medicine, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises.Be dosed load not to deliver to the patient pain and discomfort.Do not miss a single day of training.

period of recovery after brain stroke can range from 6 months to a year.Rehabilitation solves several important tasks:

  • Restoration self-service.Movement, self-eating, easy job.
  • return to professional activity.In the presence of contra - retraining, a change of profession.
  • Preservation of social activity.
  • prevention of stroke recurrence.

In order to bring the patient into a form that requires impact of different types:

  • Drug.Prescribed by a doctor for a blood pressure stabilization and recovery of all brain functions.
  • psychological.Classes with specialists for psychological and emotional rehabilitation.
  • Drug-free.Avoiding alcohol, smoking, eating right, losing weight.
  • Massage.Restoring spasm or, conversely, relaxed muscles.

In this situation, it is important to carry out rehabilitation activities of the whole body:

  • recovery movement functions.Changing the position of the body in bed-ridden patients.To learn to sit, stand, walk.Physiotherapy.
  • Reconstruction process of chewing, swallowing.
  • putting in order the intestine.
  • speech recovery.
  • resumption of fine motor skills of hands.Learning to close the lock, fasten buttons, turn on the lights.

great importance for the recovery of the patient after the brain stroke are breathing exercises, sessions with a speech therapist.Good results give physiotherapy: electrophoresis, treatment effect of the magnetic field.To restore the movement function is used electroneurostimulation - impact electricity on the acupuncture points.Indispensable with a massage in the water, playing in the pool.Relaxing and soothing baths: pearl, coniferous, oxygen.

Projections and effects of hemorrhagic stroke

acute stroke is not always favorable forecasts for recovery.Especially when the treatment in the clinic proved premature.Two of the three patients become disabled.The lethal outcome of a brain stroke ends at 10% of the victims.Do patients a chance to restore your health?It depends on several factors:

  • timely treatment in the clinic;
  • correct treatment;
  • desire of the patient to recover;
  • help loved ones and relatives.

What are the consequences of hemorrhage in the brain?The most serious of them - paralysis of body parts.As a consequence - loss of memory, vision, hearing.Violated it, up to a total loss.The patient is no longer think logically, developing coma, and behind it - death.It is possible that the condition improves, and then there is a repeated hemorrhage.When the patient was taken to the hospital in time, correctly established the cause of hemorrhagic stroke, likely prognosis.Especially after hospital continues rehabilitation activities.

prevention methods

One reason the brain of stroke is high blood pressure.Needed his daily supervision.If necessary - adjusting the pressure medications.Important and control sugar level, because its increase is also located among stroke causes.In addition, you must:

  • nutrition;
  • abstinence from alcohol;
  • mild exertion;
  • walking on air;
  • smoking cessation.

Video: What is brain hemorrhagic stroke

Watch the video to see by using the layout looks like a brain hemorrhage.You will find out why there is a brain stroke that is required to do for the prevention of its occurrence.Ask how to relate the position of the affected hemisphere, and the body side, where there were violations.You will understand why helps the surgical treatment of stroke, some devices allow for rehabilitation of the patient in the clinic.