How often to water the cabbages in the open field

Some gardeners believe that it is necessary to take care of cabbage at the initial stage, and then it will develop its own.But this is a misconception, as even a slight change in growing conditions can lead to total loss of the crop.The most important factor for a good development of the plant is its proper watering, so we'll look at how often to water the cabbages in the open field.Oversupply of moisture in the soil, as well as deficiency can lead to rapid destruction of the root system.

How to lack of moisture in the soil

is necessary to take seriously the question of correct watering, which you need to learn to identify the lack of moisture in the soil.Lack of moisture has a devastating impact on the quality of the crop.Unstable watering is also an exercise in futility, because the moisture to the root system does not have time to do, and seedlings still thirsty.

Visual state of cabbage is a mirror in which is easy to determine how much vegetable crops enough water.For example, in the summer o

f intense heat can frequently be seen drooping and flaccid state of the leaves of the plant, even if the land is moistened.This is explained by the fact that against the background of intensive evaporation of water from the leaf surface root system can not cope with its supply.To determine soil moisture is most easily using the rolling ball of earth.According to the degree of stickiness of the earth you can find out about the status of different types of soil on the site:

  • if the ball rolled earth crumbled when pressed, the loamy soil needs watering;
  • if not go to form ground ball, then watering is needed sandy soil;
  • if the pressure-sensitive earth rolled the ball maintains its integrity, but it cracks, it is necessary to pour heavy loams.

tips, how to properly irrigate headed cabbage in the open ground

Cabbage - a water-loving plant, due to the shallow roots and high evaporating leaf surface.Most water is consumed when head only tied, so at this time soil moisture should be less than 80%.There are three main method of soil moisture, which grows cabbage:

  1. furrow irrigation.
  2. Drip irrigation.
  3. irrigation.

Watering recommended furrow of the hose when the plant has already been strengthened, and for irrigation of young bushes this kind is not suitable - it is recommended to make the water directly into the root zone for them.A more efficient drip irrigation when the water supply is carried out in small portions.This method ensures that the optimum soil moisture during the entire maturation cabbage.The disadvantage is the high cost of installation and the possibility of waterlogged land.What is the ground drip irrigation system can be seen in many photos on the Internet.

sprinkling method - this is the best choice for irrigation cabbage, because in this case not only moistened the soil, and surface air layer.Irrigated land going through special rainwater plants, which can be adjusted in a wide range irrigation rates.In this method decreases the possibility of waterlogging, swamping the land.The advantage is the fact that along with the water, you can make a foliar application and soil moisture combine with a sprinkle of drugs, destroying pests.

suitable water temperature for watering

for growing cabbage in the open ground when watering the water temperature is very important.Humidification plants in the open ground should be made or defended the heated water in special containers, which should be placed on the site.To process heating in the fall and in the spring season was faster, better capacity to paint in a dark color.The optimum temperature of the water when watering the cabbage in the open ground is 18-23 degrees.Water cooler 12 degrees is fatal to all varieties of cabbage.

How often and when watered cabbage

irrigation frequency cruciferous open field depends on the terrain on which the plant is cultivated.If the climate is rainy, then frequent moisturizing impractical, to avoid waterlogging the ground.When drought liquid evaporates instantly, so watering should be more frequent.Immediately after planting the seedlings should be watered every 3 days to 8 l / sq.M. Subsequently average watering - is two times weekly rate of 12 l / m.

Early varieties of cabbage is recommended to water intensively in June, and later need more moisture in August, when there is a stage in the formation of heads.The best time to moisturize the soil - morning and evening.If there is dry weather, you should not wait for the drying of the earth, and watered twice as often as the average.Metered water can be distributed using a watering can, if the site is not installed drip irrigation or rain.Watch the video, where experienced gardeners give good advice on watering cabbage:


good harvest forward to the gardener, who not only knows how to make watering plants, and their feed.Cabbage is desirable to fertilize during the growing season, and begin ever since growing seedlings.To feed you need to do is fertilizer: a bucket of water diluted with 40 g of superphosphate, 25 g of ammonia, 10 g of potassium chloride.This solution is necessary to fertilize the plants 14 days after picking.Even after 2 weeks it is necessary to re-dressing, which is taken for 35 g of ammonium nitrate and 10 liters of water.

After transplanting cabbage in the open ground is carried out the third feeding: a bucket of water diluted with 80 g of superphosphate, 30 g of ammonium nitrate, 20 g of potassium chloride.Last time feed the plants should be 14 days after landing.During this period it is recommended to fertilize mullein or chicken manure, which will provide the seedlings necessary nutrients.To this was dissolved 500 g of fertilizer in a bucket of water and poured in each well to 1 liter.Some gardeners fertilize cabbage ash, which was diluted 1 cup bucket of water.

Recommendations for watering cauliflower

Cauliflower - is an indispensable product for the diet, but to grow it on the plot is rarely possible: the dense ball is not obtained, the head do not fastened.Not all gardeners know that this variety does not require copious watering - excessive moisture seedlings in open ground disrupts the root system and holds a head of education.Average watering index - weekly, and when the weather is dry - 2-3 times a week in the evening.This variety is susceptible to the attack of various pests, so it should be in addition to spray.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to water the cabbage in August and September?

period abundant watering in the later grades - this August and September, if there is no rain.For the early and middle-ripening breeds - this assembly during harvest, so watering these plants should end 2-3 weeks before the end of the growing season.The overabundance of moisture can cause a split fork and a short storage of the crop.For the late varieties watering is completed one month prior to harvest.

cabbage can be watered with cold water?

too cold moisture will not allow the root system to develop fully and forks will be weak or even can not tie.Cold water not only provokes the disease, but also completely destroys immature plants.Therefore, from cabbage watering hole or tap water is not recommended, because the pipes passing underground, it is cooled further.

As to water in the heat?

In dry weather flow rate for the major grades of 7-8 per plant, and the maximum flow rate is 50 l / sq.m.We can not allow a power to the ground is not washed away from the root system.Undesirable and excess moisture cabbage beds, when the water after a few minutes of irrigation does not go away.This can lead to that cabbages become too loose.