How to deal with insomnia

Insomnia exposed to people of any age.Throughout the night tossing and turning in bed, look, how to get rid of insomnia can and an old man and a teenager.Most often insomnia occurs in those people who have an active mental activity.In psychology, it is assumed that if you do not deal with this disease, it will negatively affect the human condition, the consequence will be a reduction of quality of his life, and disorders of the nervous system.

Methods for the treatment of insomnia

Many people often wonder: how to fall asleep if you do not sleep?The most a good way, if insomnia is not caused by the disease are sedentary repetitive exercises.For example, reading books, praying or knitting, but do not work on the computer.Tension causes eye fatigue and disrupts sleep.You can also use other remedies for insomnia:

  • hot bath before going to bed;
  • warm drink of honey;
  • to combat the disease need to move a lot, for example, during a dinner to go to a cafe or shop, but after work it is desirable to take
    a walk;
  • swimming in the pool and performing basic exercises;
  • visit a psychologist;
  • hypnosis;
  • use homeopathic methods.


choice of drugs against insomnia is limited by the fact that as such a universal drug against the disease does not exist.asomnii Treatment - is the restoration of the biological rhythm of sleep.Isolated from the complex of treatments for insomnia medication will not solve the main problem agripnii - morbid insomnia.It is always best to begin treatment with drugs of plant origin.


In the struggle with insomnia use several groups of drugs: sedatives, antihistamines, tranquilizers.They are constantly improving, reducing side effects and various contraindications.Pills are available to all age groups of patients.As a general rule, to fight the signs of illness, people buy non-prescription drugs for insomnia, containing plant-based:

  • Neurostabil;
  • Ortho-Taurine;
  • Novopasit;
  • Persen;
  • et al.

Tablets Persen from insomnia have a mild effect.They contain an extract of lemon balm, valerian.They do not cause daytime drowsiness.The course of treatment is one week.It is a day to take medication 3 times 2 capsules.Ortho-Taurine prevents fatigue (physical and mental), forging sleep.Do not addictive.It is necessary to drink 2 capsules an hour before bedtime, treatment - from 10 days to a month.


addition to tablets, which helps with insomnia?Drops!Anyone who suffers asomniey (insomnia) should pay attention to the new domestic drugs Valemidin.It contained only herbal soothing: motherwort, valerian, mint.Take a drop of insomnia should be an adult before eating, pre-dissolving them in water.30 drops dosed 4 times daily.Take they should be no more than 10 days.Can help with insomnia and Landysheva drops - you need a week at night and take 30 drops diluted in water.

folk remedies

From asomnii can help people proven tools.To learn how to get rid of insomnia at home, we knew our grandparents.All treatment at the excitable healthy people comes to observing sleep.At long agripnii, along with treatment drugs recommended intake of simple natural resources of traditional medicine.Treatment of foods and herbs for insomnia is very simple.


Treats insomnia willow-tea: Pour boiling water 3 tbsp.l.dried herb, tincture leave for 5 hours in a thermos.Take 4 times a day.Elderberries also help to cope with the illness: a tablespoon of red elderberry root should be brewed with boiling water, then boiled for 15 minutes and leave for half an hour.A decoction of the day to eat 3 times.From ailment helps infusion of fennel, one tablespoondry grass should be brewed with boiling water and pour it stand overnight in a thermos.Then strain.Drink decoction of insomnia one glass a day.There are also herbal:

  • Take 30 grams.Leonurus and peppermint, 20 gr.hops and valerian.
  • All stir and pour boiling water, heat for 20 minutes.Next, it is necessary to overcome the raw materials and pour a little water.
  • Broth should drink 1/2 cup 3 times.

With honey

Honey helps strengthen the body, it makes it easier to fall asleep and acts as a sedative for the nervous system.Recipes:

  1. insomnia great help honey and milk.Every day before going to sleep you need to drink warm milk with honey product.
  2. Beet juice and honey: it is necessary to take a glass of honey and a glass of beet juice, stir and pour into any bank.Drink the infusion must be 3 times in 1 until the end of the entire mixture.
  3. As a precaution drink warm honey water at night.

How to deal with insomnia at home

Sleep Disorders interfere with a person to live peacefully and to conduct regular business.Many people, when faced with a problem, no idea what to do to fall asleep?You can try to visit a doctor at home to cope with the disease.To do this:

  • comply with diet;
  • eliminate junk food from the diet;
  • engage in sports;
  • take vitamins;
  • breathe fresh air;
  • specially prepare the bed to sleep: ventilate the room, use orthopedic bedding.


main condition to prepare for sleep - mode.If the child every day will be laid to sleep at the same time, very soon he will get used to it.More tips:

  • Come up with your baby a special ritual for sleep.We need some kind of repetitive actions performed immediately before bedtime.For example, reading a fairy tale or swimming.
  • Lullaby - a time-tested method of laying.The child will feel that he is loved.

When pregnancy

often by pregnant women can be heard: "I wake up at night and can not sleep, it is possible to take?" Is necessary before taking medication consult your doctor concerning the safety of the drug for the unborn child.In addition, it is important to avoid the daily stress.Before going to bed drink tea with thyme.Do not sleep during the day.To get rid of asomnii well helps:

  • daily exercise;
  • daily routine;
  • ventilation of the room;
  • comfortable pajamas and a place to sleep;
  • evening walk.

In old age

Older people are more likely to occur sleep disturbance.They may suffer due to the fact that worsens the circulation and reduced level of melatonin.This problem should be treated, and to take measures to eliminate it using special medications.The main condition - remedies for insomnia for the elderly should be safe, do not cause complications in the whole organism.In addition, people aged cure insomnia help, follow these steps:

  • necessary to make your bed comfortable;
  • avoid stress;
  • do not drink coffee and tea is too strong;
  • eliminate fatty foods;
  • ventilate the room, but so as not to get sick;
  • often walk in the fresh air;
  • sleep in a cotton linen.

From what is

insomnia Causes of insomnia are: chronic disease, excitement, fatigue, negative attitude to the world, a wrong way of life.The motive for the illness can become drunk on the night of strong tea cup, or eaten dinner dish fat and drunk a glass of wine or beer.In addition, the symptom may be at asomniya:

  • drinking bout;
  • VVD;
  • women - in menopause;
  • in newborns - for colic;
  • depression;
  • making medicines;
  • loud music, bright light in the room;
  • bad habits;
  • strong feelings.

Video: how to sleep insomnia Insomnia

subject to different people - regardless of their social status, age, gender and level of income.Individual only its causes.For information on how to quickly get rid of insomnia, of preparations and methods of treatment asomnii well described in the video.By following the simple advice of famous people, you forget all that is sleep disturbance.