Gladiolus : when the digging and how to store

Gladiolus - colorful plants, color postcards and photos, are found in the gardens of almost all lovers of flowers.Neither the design of a country house is not without its landing.To get them bright and abundant flowering, a little care during the growing season.Question: gladiolus, when digging and how to store, no less important.On how well it depends on the fate of the plants to be resolved.There are several rules that allow not only to save gladiolus, but also to ensure its further growth and flowering.

When digging in the winter gladioli

Each Florist amateur defined for himself while digging gladioli.It depends on the place of cultivation of the flower, or rather on the climate zone and the cold weather.Therefore tell the exact time digging difficult.The easiest way to determine the temperature regime.Digging gladiolus is recommended for establishing the autumn weather, but not earlier than 30 days for the late varieties of flowering is complete.During this period, the aging of planting materi

al.too, should not be delayed collection.

Since cutting stems should not undergo more than 50 days.Delay timing acquisition may cause bulbs pests and diseases.Dig the tubers for storage plant with green leaves.Some growers mistakenly waiting for their yellowing.This coloring may indicate the presence of disease.Such planting planting impossible.Yellowing of the leaves is allowed only in the early grades.

begin collecting plants for the winter before the onset of frost at temperatures from +10 to +5.If the flowers are completely healthy and the site is not infected by thrips or any illness, it is possible to dig up the flowers a little later, when it becomes colder and the thermometer will drop to three indicators.Strong delay the harvest is not worth it: a decrease in temperature may trigger the development of fungal infections.

If there is a possibility of infection caused by thrips, gladiolus dig at a temperature of not less than 8 degrees.Subsequent cold weather these pests down under the ground and climb under the scales of bulbs, which overwinter successfully.Collection gladioli carried out in dry weather, the earth itself is showered with tubers and do not have to tear off her, causing plant damage.The first dig of the early varieties of soil, then medium, later.Plants for reproduction grown from children, collect the most recent, but before frosts.

How to properly clean up the bulbs Gladiolus

when properly digging and how to store?When collecting gladiolus Carefully bury the shovel at some distance from the plant to avoid damaging the bulb with accrued to her babies.Therefore, many gardeners dig planting garden fork.When immersed in the instrument ground flower pull its leaves.

After all gladioli dug, they cut off the upper part of the ground, leaving no more than 1-2 cm. This measure is necessary to protect the plants from infection by thrips.Then planting material should be sorted by the size of the bulbs, grades and cleaned of soil.Working with him is then much easier and, in addition, this approach will help to keep all varieties of gladioli.Sort bulbs does not affect the winter, so many growers do not attach importance to this point.

In adults, the tubers must be cut the roots, otherwise they will evaporate moisture in the winter, and remove the mother bulb.Inside her dying scales can hide thrips and spores of pathogenic infections, which can cause infection of the planting material.Young bulbs that were grown from the kids, you need to cut off the roots, while leaving 1 cm. Age tubers with a wide Donets discarded.

When sorting kids laying on the storage of the largest intact with opacity scales: they persist and bloom better and faster.After that, all dug planting material is washed under running water to completely clean it from the soil.Clipped gladioli leaves, old, damaged bulbs removed off-site and burned.

Preparing for

storage to your flowerbed gladioli pleasing bright, plants need to properly prepare for the winter.During the rest of the kidneys occurs laying out of which spring to wake up new stems.When preparation for storage gladioli dried and treated them from pests.Let's look at how to lay flowers for the winter to not only save them, but also to continue the breeding of this beautiful plant.

tuber treatment against diseases and pests

Before laying the winter gladioli bulbs plants must be treated to avoid infection caused by thrips and virus infections.For this tubers washed again with warm water or soap or the container is immersed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.At this point, the quality of the selected material is additionally checked: defective babies emerge.

bulb is then treated with a disinfectant solution with the products either.To cook using drugs such as "Inta-sup", "Maxim", "Hom."The tubers are dried first in open air, and then keep the house at week 30 and month at + 20 ° C.The second drying stage is carried out using gauze bags, where the selected material is placed.If you can not dry the bulbs under high temperature, before sending a plant for storage, it "is tracked" for two months on a windowsill or in any other place.

methods of storage of bulbs Gladiolus

winter when digging and how best to store?If the first half of the question is clear, then, how to decide where to lay the bulbs for the winter, so they do not die?Depending on the grower residence (urban or rural resident) and its existing conditions, there are several ways to store gladioli.Let's look at each one individually:

in the basement or cellar

ideal option for keeping flowers are dry basement or cellar.a separate place away from the fruit and vegetable stands out for this bulb.This is due to the fact that the latter emit a large amount of moisture, which is detrimental to the planting material.In addition, it is necessary to monitor the temperature regime in the store, it should be in the range of 5 to 8 degrees, and humidity, which should not exceed 60-80 per cent.

How to care for the young tubercles?Babe wintering need a few other conditions.For them it is recommended to reduce the temperature of 3 degrees and humidity increased to 90 percent.Gladioli used for storing the boxes with a mesh bottom to provide uniform ventilation.To further protect the plant material near the bulbs put peeled garlic cloves.

Containers are placed on the shelves.If the container with the bottom not vented, the flowers are placed in conventional boxes in sand.With this storage tubers over the winter overgrown babies.If there is no mailbox, the bulbs stored in nylon bags of pantyhose or grids that need to tie up to the shelves to allow for ventilation.Even if you manage to create the ideal conditions for storage, several times during the month should be inspected tubers.Spoiled gladiolus flowers need to be removed to prevent the destruction of all the planting material.

The apartment

Not all flower lovers have the opportunity to keep the planting material in the basement, some have to do it at home or in an apartment.To save the bulbs in this case more difficult, they require special care.To do this, find the coolest place in the house.Then put the flowers in paper bags, which are made from newspapers or from xerographic paper.Sometimes tubers are placed in cardboard boxes, sprinkling sawdust.With this storage method it is necessary to make sure that gladioli do not touch each other.

In both cases the plant material is reduced in size.Before planting it should be soaked in a solution with a growth stimulator ( "Appin", "Kornevin") minutes 30. Store the bulbs in the refrigerator.For this stack them in any sealed container, placed on the lower shelf.Before you lay down flowers in a container, each corm wrapped paper.Remove them from the fridge in early March to dry.Then sent back, but on the top shelf.In some cases, gladioli stored on a cold window sill or balcony door.

The balcony

If the climate is not too severe, gladioli stored on the balcony in the box.For planting should not perish with rare frosts, boxes with bulbs wrapped agrospamom or old blanket.The most difficult in this case, the storage is the observance of the required level of humidity, as well as the laying of the flat.Then the bulbs are stored in a clay shell.To do this, prepare the "mash" of clay and water, having the consistency of thick cream.It alternately dipped each tuber, dried.Then laid on the sand or in the storage boxes.

Videos about cleaning and maintaining the bulbs in winter

Chief Editor of "The Magic Garden" Natalia Petrenko will tell how to do flowers gladiolus cultivation, planting and maintenance, digging, keep the bulbs of these wonderful beauties.It will show what to do with the late flowering plants, how to prepare them for home storage, to the following summer they continued to please the eye.Members will be able to get acquainted with the peculiarities of harvesting early, medium and late varieties of gladioli.Learn the secrets that will help save not only adults tubers, but kids will especially valuable specimens following video clip: