Cleaning the body sorbents

modern man is exposed to adverse environmental factors, which adversely affect his health.Everything that surrounds us - water, food, environment - is fraught with threats and contain harmful, toxic substances (toxins).People poison themselves by eating alcohol, tobacco, food with the wrong weight preservatives and taste substitutes.Clean the body and may help him sorbents for intestinal cleansing.Let's take a closer look at what a sorbent, which has views of how to properly use them.

Types of sorbents for the purification of the body

sorbents - substances that absorb and carve out disease-causing toxins.This class of substances widely used in the chemical industry for water purification, for disinfection of sewage discharge, gas industry and medicine.The system of cleansing the body using sorbents will help you be healthy.On the mechanism of operation (exposure) sorbents are divided into:

  • adsorbents (absorb other substances all of its volume as a sponge);
  • absorbents (draw toxins surface);
  • chemical absorbers (for sorption materials come from a chemical reaction);
  • resins (binders using ion exchange processes).

In a separate group of isolated chelators - drugs (drugs) to clean the digestive tract and intestines.They bind and excrete a variety of toxic substances, pathogens, toxins and waste products (in the use of poor-quality food, alcohol).In applying the drug-enterosorbents possible bowel cleansing at home without an enema.Examine the following table features the impact enterosorbents depending on the base material.

Main sorbent material

Features exposure effects

Examples of

Activated carbon

absorbs toxins, toxins, gases, and other toxic body substances, includingtoxins.

«Activated Carbon", "Karbolong", "Karbosorb", "Sorbeks".


water-soluble polymer.Effectively links, deactivates toxins and poisons.

«Enterosorb", "Enterodez".


preparations based on this natural minerals, even in microdozes show excellent sorption properties.Silicon promotes the removal of toxins, allergens.

«Polisorb", "Enterosgel," "Atoxil".

Magnesium and aluminum

reduces the content of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, has locally anesthetic, laxative, choleretic action.

«Fosfalyugel", "Gastal", "Almagel".


medication with him having an absorbent, enveloping, antiulcer, antacid, gastroprotective effects.

«Sukrat-gel", "Venter".

Clay powder

Has an absorbent effect, has selective sorption properties.

«Smecta", "White clay".


binds toxins, providing detoxification, promotes weight loss, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, improves overall performance.

«microcrystalline cellulose," "Double cellulose."


Antidiarrhoeals, enterosorbiruyuschee, antioxidant, lipid-lowering, detoxification properties facilitate cleaning.

«Polyphepan", "Lignosorb".


drugs based on it are used for detoxification, lower cholesterol, normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract, improve immunity, are the prevention of diabetes and gout.

Supplements "Chitin", "Chitosan".

pectin sorbent

Pectin weight in this sorbent capable to turn into jelly, which effectively absorbs bacteria, small particles of undigested food from the gut lumen.

natural sorbents "Zosterin Ultra", "pectic".

Alginovayaya acid, which is derived from seaweed

substance binds and removes from the body of heavy metals, radioactive isotopes.


Ion exchange resins

Ion exchangers bind bile acids in the intestine, and then remove them with feces.The impact of rapid, deep cleaning.

«Holestiramin", "Kolestiramin".


Helps remove toxins, toxins, normalize mineral metabolism, accelerates wound healing, boosts immunity.

«Litovit-M", "Baktistatin".

preparations for bowel cleansing

If you feel bloating, nausea, became paler skin color and you are drawn to unhealthy foods, you can clean the intestines using sorbents.Intoxicated body is much worse, there may be frequent headaches, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, may appear white fur, skin rashes, bad breath, sweating.To get rid of these unpleasant symptoms, you will need absorbents - chelators.These medications to cleanse the body must be present at home, their impact is required periodically to everyone.

In tablets

The use of sorbents for the purification of the intestine in the form of pills is very popular and in demand.Tablets entering the stomach, the first swell and then dissolved, with the current gradually released active component (active ingredient).Tablet sorbent absorbs all harmful allergens, bacteria, microorganism, heavy metals, toxins and other substances.

  • «Activated Carbon."It is the most simple, accessible drug-sorbent, so clean the intestines activated carbon would be an excellent idea.Apart from toxins, it helps cleanse the body from alcohol.Available in the form of tablets, powder less.When poisoning, is used for cleaning the body 1 tablet (0.25 g) per 10 kg body.BecauseThis carbon sorbent, it should take 1-2 hours. before meals or other drugs, or else he will bring all of these beneficial properties.Side effects can be distinguished constipation, black stools, dyspepsia.
  • «Polyphepan".The drug is available in the form of powder or tablets, the main active substance is the sorbent lignin.He has good absorbent properties, it's great to cleanse the bowel."Polyphepan" has no toxic effects on the body, it can be used by pregnant.Take the drug-sorbent must be at the rate of 0.5-1 g substance per 1 kg of body weight.Serving to improve bowel require three times a day.
  • «white coal".The main active substance is not carbon, and silicon dioxide, which is much more efficient classical activated carbon, other than that used much smaller dosage.It is necessary to use an adult t 3-4. 3-4 a day.Side effects are virtually absent from the preparation, however, long-term use consume vitamins and minerals, asthey are derived from the body sorbents.

The capsules

This release form has a certain advantage over the pills, their effect.Capsules are made of sorbent materials which are readily soluble in the stomach, so the active substance is rapidly released and starts to work.Capsules-sorbents dissolve quickly, you get a fast effect in case of problems with the intestines.The tablet works a little slower, but you can not focus on the release form of the drug, if the rate of exposure to the drug is not critical.

  • «Sorbolong".sorbent capsules are used in food, alcohol, drugs, poisoning, diarrhea and so on. Note the use of the drug -by 1-2 capsules, depending on the severity of intoxication.It consists of a powerful enterosgel sorbent and prebiotic inulin.Among the side effects happens sometimes nausea and bloating, impact and quick cleaning.
  • «Sorbeks".The drug is granular activated carbon, is therefore similar side effects.Accepted sorbent 2-4 capsules 3 p.per day depending on the severity of intoxication.If you are nice to swallow the tablets with active carbon, the capsule will come to your aid.

sorbents for

children Children's bodies are more susceptible to drugs, so you should be careful in the choice of sorbents.If there is a minimal threat to life or severe diarrhea, severe dehydration occurs the child's body, immediately call an ambulance.The best solution would be the appointment of a specialist sorbents becauseself child may end tragically.

  • «Smecta" is a very popular children's drug-sorbent, which is used in otstroy, chronic and infectious diarrhea, for the treatment of heartburn, bloating.A good quality product is that it is not absorbed in the body and is displayed unchanged.Use can be up to a year for the sachet, 1-2 years for 2 bags and over 2 years - 3 bags.
  • «Sorbovit-K" can be used safely for children and adults of all ages for the preventive treatment of complex diseases of the body and cleaning.Tablets of the drug have a black color as developed on the basis of the activated charcoal fiber material.In addition to the self-cleansing the body of toxins, the sorbent will help get rid of kidney disease, allergies, clean the liver and even improve your health after chemotherapy, radiation for cancer.Dosages vary depending on the use and severity of the disease.

sorbed probiotics

  • «Laktofiltrum" combines lactulose and probiotic natural sorbent lignin, therefore, this combination has a double positive effect on the body.The drug is used by adults, 2-3 vol. 3 times a day.
  • Dietary supplement "Baktistatin" is a part of the natural zeolite sorbent and prebiotic to normalize bowel function.The drug is recommended to use a month 2 capsules 2 times a day.Sorbent relieve the body from the harmful effects of toxins, and the prebiotic are not being absorbed in the small intestine, it will stimulate the growth of colon microflora.

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Katya, 25 years

Something ate, began a terrible diarrhea.The disease is accompanied by fever, weakness.Initially he struggled folk remedies, but it did not help, then reached into the medicine cabinet, which has chosen a time-tested activated carbon.After taking 6 tablets sorbent temperature slept, and the chair began to improve.I believe the use of sorbents for the purification of the intestine.

Ruslan, 29 years

seriously ill wife, was very weak, stomach pain and terrible diarrhea.We thought to call an ambulance, but the neighbor has prompted a remarkable powder "Polisorb" which corrected the situation.She received it in the afternoon, and by evening the condition began to improve, appetite, stool became more rare.The doctor did not cause, but drank a full course of sorbent for cleaning.

Angelica, 27 years

very sick beloved daughter, fever.Anna shouts, tummy ache, refuses to eat.Fortunately, there was a familiar nurse who advised sorbent Smecta, which can be used from an early age.The result was not long in coming - stomach rumbling stopped, the child calmed down and quietly fell asleep.Highly I recommend this drug.