Disease neuritis of the auditory nerve

inflammation of the nerve endings in the ear cavity, which provides hearing performance - a frequent occurrence among adults and children.The name of this illness exists - neuritis of the auditory nerve.It is often confused with sensorineural hearing loss, but it is wrong, as neuritis is one of the causes of the disease rather than its synonym.

symptoms of cochlear neuritis

Before proceeding to the symptoms and treatment of hearing aid, you need to understand what evolves from this serious disease.Reasons that may cause hearing loss and the occurrence of neuritis, the following:

  • Any inflammatory infections, including influenza, SARS, shingles, typhoid.
  • The average age of the reason may be poor circulation.
  • problems of the cardiovascular system, kidney disease.
  • reception of drugs that lead to a nerve atrophy.For a child is especially dangerous use of strong antibiotics.
  • possible manifestation of allergic neuritis.
  • tumor of the auditory nerve.

The most important symptoms of this disease

are hearing loss and the presence of noise that can be heard constantly.Often patients complain of similar symptoms after sleep.The disease develops up to 3 days and can move into the chronic stage.As the symptoms of vestibular failure note:

  • dizziness;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • uncertainty when walking.


The disease develops very quickly and goes into an acute stage, there is a bilateral optic neuritis.There are marked all of the above symptoms.The acute stage of cochlear neuritis affects the inner ear canal and leads to complete hearing loss.Under these circumstances, urgently need hospitalization and conduct early treatment.Otherwise there is a possibility of hearing loss forever.


Cochlear neuritis can become a chronic disease due to incorrect construction of its treatment.If we neglect all the doctor's recommendations and contraindications, there is a risk of a lifetime to stay with neuritis, which will be the cause of many awkward situations in social life.What should be avoided during treatment with hearing aid:

  • dangerous antibiotics;
  • toxic damage of pathogenic substances in the workplace;
  • alcohol and nicotine.


diseases During a visit to a doctor, a specialist should be as accurate as possible to diagnose cochlear neuritis.To do this he will have to exclude many other pathologies, which are also directly linked to the worsening of the hearing aid: otitis media, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, ear plug.The doctor will conduct several tests, among which there audiometry, Weber impedancemetry speaker.

If you are led to accept the baby, then reassure him and explain that there is nothing to fear.Physicians always have special techniques that help painlessly, in a playful way to make a full examination to detect diseases of the auditory nerve.The youngest patients who are not able to speak, examined during sleep.Do not forget that only high-quality and thorough diagnosis of neuritis of the auditory nerve will allow time to identify the disease, and then prescribe the correct treatment of hearing loss.

How to treat neuritis Neuritis

completely curable, if the time to ask for help.Modern medicine will completely restore hearing, even in the acute form.To do this, you will be prescribed a prescription, including drugs to improve hearing:

  • vasodilators;
  • desagregants;
  • neuroprotective;
  • nootoropy;
  • venous;
  • hormones.

Cure damage of the auditory nerve in the form of running is difficult for even the most experienced doctor.Self-medication and the use of popular recipes can help during the initial stage of neuritis, but a visit to a specialist in any case can not be canceled.The sooner you contact them, the more likely you will be able to get rid of the unfortunate illness and surgery.

Treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve with folk remedies

There are a lot of people's ways of treating hearing disorders.Experts do not recommend using them since the beginning, and be sure to pass a preliminary examination by a doctor.All folk remedies can be used only after a doctor's prescription of drugs.Self-medication can be held in conjunction with prescription drugs.

One of the most effective plants for the treatment of neuritis is considered the golden mustache.The leaves must be cut and make the broth on the water.It is best to use a thermos to remedy a good present for 12 hours.Take broth must be 3 times a day for 1 teaspoon.The same agent is added to creams for the treatment of open wounds.An exemplary treatment broth - 14 days.

Ear neuritis well treated garlic.To make money you need to rub a clove to form a slurry and add the camphor oil (3 drops).Mix well and place in the composition of gauze.Ready tool is inserted into the ear.It must leave at a time, until you feel a slight burning sensation.Use this method of treatment should be every day, until you have fully recovered.

Video: Causes of neuritis

Those articles and discussion forums prefers videos offer a look at the material, which gives details on neuritis, its causes, the methods of treatment.The more you know about the defeat of the auditory system, the better you will be able to find their way in the event of symptoms.This will lead to timely treatment to the doctor and the early cure of this disease.