How to instill apple autumn

used in horticulture inoculation of young shoots on old wood, because it is much easier than to plant a new tree.There are different ways how to plant trees.This is done to obtain new varieties of plants, increase the amount of crop quality, create more resistant to cold and disease breeds.That all went well, you need to know how to plant an apple tree autumn old tree.Due to the nature of this time of year it is necessary to strictly follow the rules and do everything in a short time.

When instill apple

Just need to decide when you will instil an apple tree.Experienced gardeners prefer to do it in the spring or autumn, but it is possible to carry out the procedure in the summer or even in winter.Experts say that the autumn vaccination is not easy, but it has its advantages.So, for example, grafted seedlings in splitting is much easier to tolerate transplanting in the spring and will take root.Grafting apple autumn will save you time, if for some reason was missed spring or summer.

If you decide to do this summer, remember that June, July and August - the hottest months and the tree must be frequently watered.Spring is the best time is the start of sap flow, when the kidneys are only bloom and the air temperature of + 7 + 9 ° C.As a rule, this is the beginning of April.With proper attention and care a good result can come at any time of the year.


optimal period for grafting apple trees - the beginning of September.At this time, more active sap flow, which with the approach of cold weather is getting slower, leaves are already beginning to fall, and the trees go into the sleep phase.Be sure to catch up to the onset of the first frost, to graft a branch had time to settle down.Otherwise, it will die, and the next pereprivivki will be only in the spring.

It is important to prepare in advance stalk.It is better to do in the fall pruning, cutting annual shoots with a sprig of no less than 40 cm. Be sure to clean the crust of dirt.It is recommended to do everything in the morning, cloudy and dry day.Keep better graft in the peat, sawdust or wet sand at low positive temperature in a dry place, periodically moisten the substrate.This will keep the cuttings fresh, swollen, as if just cut.

For a tree to instill

To obtain the desired results it is important to know that it is possible to vaccinate.For example, if your garden has grown ordinary wildings, then it is possible to instill stem or bud from the mother plant, and it will start to bear noble fruit.The best rootstock is considered to be the same plant species as the branch graft.The easiest way to the fall of an apple tree grafted to an apple tree, a pear to pear.But breeding work have expanded the boundaries of the rule.Take in a pear tree bark crevice, put to the kidney with the apple branch and the tree will bear fruit like pears and apples.

compatibility plays an important role of stock and scion, so you need to choose what to instill apple.Quince is in the same "family" as a pear or apple, but there are a number of varieties are incompatible with it.The more closely related trees, the better.Even if the graft has taken root well, it is not certain that it will be durable.So, most stone well get accustomed to the apricot, but how long it lives only the apricot.The same rule determines that it is possible to instill the apple tree.

grafting methods

There are two basic ways of how to instill apple autumn old tree - budding and kopulirovka.The first is carried out with the help of the kidneys, and the second - the cutting.However, the vaccination of apple bud is best carried out in the spring.For the autumn period cuttings fit much better.Ways to this type of vaccinations lot, so we consider only the most simple, practical options.

Simple kopulirovka used when the scion and rootstock of the same diameter and age less than 2 years.It is necessary to make the same cuts on the bias, so that they are completely identical.Attach they need immediately, otherwise the surface has dried, oxidized because of which fusion will be much worse.An improved version of kopulirovki provide a stronger bond by additional longitudinal incision.In sections need to make incisions along the axis of a third and accurately compare the scion with the stock.

If the diameter of the branches are different, it is best to use vaccination to splitting.On mature trees cleaved slice crosswise or crosswise.It is inserted into the shanks on the bottom that must have long oblique slices.If the animals have damaged the base of the tree or the skeletal branches, it is recommended to use vaccination bridge.This will help save a young tree.Along the edges of the damaged area do the T-shaped cuts in the number of cuttings.Get them in the edge of the scion and secure.

How to inoculate apple

you need cutting with a pair of kidneys from the fruit-bearing plants.Clean it completely from all the dirt on the bark, prepare tool.The knife must be very sharp to the cuts on the tree heal faster.Boiled water, wash the cut on the rootstock and scion, wipe everything clean gauze.Inoculation of the cortex is carried out as follows:

  1. On rootstock Speel branch so that its length from the trunk was not more than 70 cm
  2. Strip place saw cut with a knife..
  3. Make an incision in the bark of the branches in the vertical length of 6 cm. The blade of the knife should reach the timber.
  4. Slide bark rootstock.
  5. on the handle of the scion make oblique cut.
  6. On the reverse side of the cut stalks tapered and inserted under the bark of the rootstock.
  7. place vaccinations should attach film, tape or twine.

Video: how to inculcate a fruit tree

The main purpose fruit tree grafting - get healthy, productive plants.Results of the work have to wait 2-3 years, so errors in this process is extremely undesirable.It is not so hard as to grow an apple tree, but it requires more care and training.Video about how vaccinations and harvesting the graft will enable more clearly make out all aspects of the process.

Three ways to instill apple

Harvesting scion