How to clean the intestines of toxins

Anyone who respects his health, must adhere to the rules stating that a healthy body - cleansing of the body.Food processing nitrates, toxins, preservatives, chemical stimulants settle in the digestive tract and cause slagging, which affects the well-being and the work of many bodies.Cleaning the bowel of toxins should be the first step towards the recovery of the body.Learn what tools to cleanse the bowel you will do, where to start and how to maintain the condition of the body in the form of nezashlakovannom.

Signs of slagging organism

healthy body without toxins has established circuit continuity and able to independently cope with the virus get inside.Slagging Gradual increases the amount of poisons, there is a constant negative impact on the body.Even minor illnesses can escalate into a global problem of the body, because the effects of drugs used only partially.

Blame toxins that accumulate mainly in the food digestion organs.They impede the normal work of the entire human body.And during

his illness intoxicated intestinal walls do not absorb medicines.What should the doctor pay attention, if the treatment of the disease passes to no avail or hard:

  • frequent unreasonable irritability;
  • fatigue;
  • constant fatigue;
  • frequent headache;
  • allergic skin rashes;
  • active acne inflammation;
  • increased fragility of nails, split hair;
  • irritation of nose, throat and eyes;
  • gastrointestinal diseases - colitis, gastritis, ulcer disease;
  • infarction (in running condition slagging);
  • malignancies (extreme stage of excess toxins).

Where to start cleaning the bowel cleaning bowel

of fecal stones of toxins must begin with the examination of the patient.Carefully prepared theoretically, set a time of cleansing the colon of toxins.Perform cleaning procedures should be no more than twice a year.During the purification of toxins to pass well in parallel general massage course, lead sedentary lives with the increased consumption of carbonated water.To confirm that the body purification process is successful, turn in a comparative analysis of urine before and after the cleaning period.

How to clean the intestines of toxins in the home

Conduct yourself bowel cleaning rate of toxins is not difficult.Carefully performing all-purpose painted, you can easily achieve the desired result at home.In the small intestine crushed food does not stay long, and immediately moved to the next compartment of the body.In this part of the promotion process is slowed down, and toxins, whatever turns along with the food, begin to be absorbed in the colon wall.

To prevent harmful substances get into the muscle tissue of the body and blood, it is necessary to completely empty the bowel.Purification of the body is carried out in several ways with which you can read below.Choose for yourself a more acceptable version of the stool, as will work to clean up the body from the process.As a nice bonus - you can simultaneously with the purification of the body get rid of extra kilos, raise the body's immunity.


  1. Prepare 2 liters of warm boiled water.
  2. Add to the liquid one teaspoon of citric acid or vinegar.
  3. Put the prepared solution in a mug Esmarch.
  4. patient take the knee-elbow position.
  5. Tip mugs enter into the anus of 10-12 cm, having greased with Vaseline.
  6. Pour acidified water until the urge to start emptying.

Carry out deep cleansing enemas of toxins within five weeks of the scheme:

  1. every day;
  2. through one;
  3. every second;
  4. every third;
  5. once per week.

without enemas, using drugs

selection of drugs that help to carry out the removal of toxins from the intestines, must complete a medical worker on the basis of the data on the degree of slagging and the state of the organism as a whole.The price range of medicines varied - from cheap to expensive.Several methods of cleansing the body of toxins without drugs enema.

  • more effective agent for removing toxins doctors believe laxative "Fortrans".One package of medication is diluted to one liter of boiled water.Total need to drink three liters of solution for 6 or 7 hours.
  • similar scheme impact on bowel drug "Duphalac".Mix 200 mL of solution with three liters of water to drink and 7.6 hours in small doses at intervals of at least 15-20 minutes.Last bowel movement must occur within two hours after the last dose of laxative solution.
  • charcoal tablets having a property of absorbing harmful substances.They are derived, together with the feces and toxins from the body while taking from three to seven days.Harmless to the body's daily rate of consumption is one tablet or capsule for every 10 kg of patient weight.This method is not desirable in the presence of peptic ulcers.
  • For those who will be able to safely transfer the use of castor oil - castor oil ratio of 1 g per 1 kg of weight.Accurately measure the right amount, mix with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.Drink oil solution preferably overnight.
  • magnesia (magnesium sulfate) - effective laxative agent used at home to remove slag.One packet salts (20-25 g) dissolved in water (100 ml).One dose is enough to start an hour copious bowel movements.

With special products

often do not delivering value, you eat foods that are natural bowel cleaners.The regular inclusion in the diet of these "brushes" that swept all the accumulated "garbage", not allow to accumulate toxins even in the most secluded parts of the intestine.Natural products and dishes prepared on this basis, increase the vitality of the human body.Check out the top aides in bowel cleansing of toxins.

  • Apples

Apple pectin helps to neutralize the intoxication caused by salts of heavy metals, chemical contaminants.Apple juice has a negative impact on the toxins, worms livelihoods, other parasites living in the intestines.Fiber contributes to the rapid advancement of stool.Daily consumption of one kilogram of apples improve the condition of the intestine.

  • Bran

Cellulose, which is part of wheat, rice, oat bran, quickly and effectively help to cleanse the colon from the slag.Bran for bowel cleansing normalize microflora in it, which increases the body's immunity.

  • Kashi

Many cereals serve as safe scrub, scraping the walls of the intestinal mucus, slag and accumulated sediment.

  1. particularly useful oatmeal "Hercules", which not only removes toxins, toxins, but also gives the organism in abundance minerals.A handful of cereal, steamed hot water or milk - a lovely breakfast for the body.
  2. millet porridge, which for months each morning to eat breakfast - will perfectly clean the intestines of toxins.Night washed groats pour clean water, and in the morning without having to drain the liquid, bring to a boil, cook 5-8 minutes.Optionally in such a mess is added dried fruits, pumpkin.
  3. Buckwheat porridge or rice, prepared according to the same manner as millet - will be a good helper for removing mucus from the bowel wall, slag and saturation of the body's potassium, magnesium.
  • Vegetables

On the basis of some vegetables in tasty, useful for the organism food with which many women at the same time and lose weight, and to clean the digestive tract of toxins.To do this, use the products in their raw form, to passing through the small and large intestine, fiber found in vegetables, are all cleared the wall.Especially popular are some salads:

  1. «Blade».Raw vegetables - beets, carrots, cabbage cut finely, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.
  2. Cabbage finely chop, add some garlic, lemon juice and vegetable oil.
  • Fresh juices

Freshly made juices to effectively act on the rate of advance of digested food in the gut, not allowed to stagnate, so do not have time to form slag.The best juice for the purposes of cleaning the body are considered to be fruit: orange, apple;vegetables: carrot, beet, who consume one glass between meals.Without preparation to drink fresh juice is not recommended.A few days before the reception give the stomach to get used to - eat more fruits and vegetables in their raw form.

decoctions of medicinal herbs

Herbs to cleanse the bowel of toxins in the form of decoctions take at night.In the morning should happen mild purgation.When emerged diarrhea should reduce the concentration of broth.When emptying did not occur - increase the dose of herbs.Several effective herbal formulations when held bowel cleansing of toxins:

  • Broth №1.Dried herbs number 3 tbsp.l.senna, 2 tbsp.l.plantain, 1 tbsp.l.chamomile, 4 tbsp.l.Helichrysum pour 300 ml of hot water, boil for 1-2 minutes.Strain.
  • Broth №2.1 tbsp.spoon chamomile, marsh Susica, plantain put in a saucepan.Pour a glass of heated water, boil for 1 minute.Close the cover, to insist.Take 2 times a day before meals.
  • Broth №3.4 tbsp.l.alder cones boiled in a glass of water 12-14 minutes.Cool.Take before meals for 1 st.l.2-3 times / day.

Effective folk remedies to cleanse the body of fecal stones

  1. honey with lemon.Glass of water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and as much lemon juice, will help in the past month even split stale stone, slag in the intestine.
  2. Pickle cabbage.Warm brine sauerkraut (half cup) will play soft laxative.Constant use of the brine will display all fecal stones, cinders.
  3. Sour milk.In a glass of kefir or milk podkisshego add a tablespoon of olive oil.The liquid to drink every day on an empty stomach, one month will eliminate the stones and slag intestine.
  4. Prunes.Well washed prunes dried fruit (1 cup) sugar and purified water (0.5 L) overnight.Dried fruits in the morning is good squeeze.The resulting infusion drink on an empty stomach a glass every day to remove toxins from the intestines.
  5. Linseed oil.A tablespoon of flax seed oil, drunk on an empty stomach, regulate the bowels, gently remove all fecal stones, slag, together with the natural emptying.

Video: what and how to clean the intestines of toxins

as proposed familiar with useful information that need to be taken to the intestines working smoothly, preventing the possibility of slag formed on the walls.For an explanation of the mysterious numbers that contribute to the normal operation of the body's digestive tract, you know, watching a video.If you want to improve your health: clean the intestines of toxins, get rid of parasites - all of the information presented in the video.

feedback on the results of

Tatiana, 47 years

high blood pressure linked with age.She was surprised when the doctor advised me to undergo cleansing enemas in the clinic, citing the fact that the toxins gathered in the gut adversely affect the body.A month later, I began to feel better, not only returned to normal pressure, my chair became regular without the use of drugs.

Sergey, 33 years

After antibiotics have been some problems with the liver.The attending doctor has advised to do cleansing of toxins.But the first step appointed to clean the intestines, and then the liver.Decoctions of herbs positive impact on the entire digestive system.Unpleasant pain went right, and bowel work returned to normal after the removal of toxins.

Olesya, 29 years

For the third year using a weight loss scheme by removing toxins from the intestines.Respect for the fruit and vegetable diet helps to have a natural soft stools each day.Scrubbing all bowel deposits assists per two-week course special food to lose weight by at least 5 kg.