How to calm the nervous system and relieve stress

Exclude from everyday life various stressful situations, conflict, quarrel or depression will not work.The human psyche notes instantly dangerous and harmful environmental factors and promptly reacts to them.Frequent emotional stress can disrupt the operation of the whole organism.Analyzing how to relieve stress and calm the nerves, it is necessary to objectively assess the available nuances.Important issues are the choice of a particular means:

  • frequency of breakdowns;
  • psychological condition;
  • settled, often - wrong mode of the day.

How to calm your nerves

Get rid of irritability, excessive susceptibility events bring the psyche back to normal in several ways.The most effective methods are considered to be the use of sedatives, natural resources, traditional medicine systems or special breathing exercises.To strengthen their effectiveness, you can use the daily change of the day, diet or giving up bad habits.It is necessary: ​​

  • spend more time outdoors;
  • not forget about restful sleep;
  • establish proper nutrition.

Using sedatives

strong medications for the treatment of nervous system, appointed experts in emergency cases.Depressants pills prescription differ special composition, they are not recommended to take without prescriptions professionals.The course of treatment should not exceed a specified time frame.This period depends on the degree of the unpleasant condition.How to remove a lot of stress and calm the nerves of drugs?Take:

  • «Atarax '(a medicine with a combined action, further eliminates sleep disorders);
  • «Glycine" (normalizes mental state and helps to improve mental activity, not to possess hypnotic drug);
  • «Nervo Wit" (contains valerian extract, has a complex effect on the nervous system).


Most sedatives, available in tablets, have a number of contraindications.Take they should be after consultation with a specialist.Appointed by them in case of emergency, when stress reaches a maximum degree of manifestation.Traditionally tablets are used to treat the effects of severe emotional distress, prolonged depression, nervous breakdowns.Common purpose, to help solve the problem of how to relieve stress and calm the nerves quickly - is:

  • «tenoten" (available in various forms, is intended for the treatment of neurological diseases, stress conditions, is accepted by prescription);
  • «Kvattreks" (released in pharmacies on prescription drugs related to a wide range);
  • «Phenazepam" (a highly tranquilizer, has sedative, muscle-relaxing effect on the body).

Natural sedatives

most common sedatives on the basis of plant components - is:

  • «Persia" (recommended to take at the time of neuroses, stress, as a preventive measure);
  • «New Pass" (has a complex effect, but it has some side effects that are sold without a prescription);
  • «Motherwort" in the form of pills or tinctures (a sedative, is considered a safe, non-prescription dispensed in pharmacies);
  • «Valeriana" tablets (soothes the psyche, not to disturb sleep, helps to combat anxiety, stress and other mental states).

sedatives from sleep disorders

Among remedies for stress that can calm the central nervous system include:

  • «Adaptol" (remove irritability, normalize sleep, relieve the effects of stress conditions);
  • «Despres' (containing St. John's wort extract has a calming effect on the body, relieves insomnia);
  • «Melison" (lavender extract and a mixture of other herbs beneficial effect on the psyche, normalize sleep).

With the help of breathing exercises

Some techniques to help cope with the problem, do not involve the use of drugs.Quickly figure out how to get rid of stress, help exercises.Special breathing exercises are able to provide at least an effective impact on the psyche than medication.It is recommended while performing gymnastics listening to soothing tunes.Breathing exercises for calming:

  1. Removing stress from the shoulders and neck (hand should be placed on the shoulders when inhaling maximally spread them apart, repeat the exercise several times).
  2. Removing stress from the back (raise hands up on a breath pull the body as much as possible, standing on tiptoes, arms should try to "get to heaven", repeat up to 5 times).
  3. belly breathing (air necessary to breathe in and out several times that he filled not only the chest but also the abdomen).
  4. Slow breathing to calm (breathe in the air should be slowly and deeply as possible, exhale sharply done, repeat several times).
  5. Active breathing through the nostrils (inhale air through the nasal cavity, the maximum oxygen capturing nostrils).

When solving problems, how to deal with stress is recommended to use breathing reception of yoga.Breath is on four counts, and then - an exhalation, and breathing is performed at a similar time delay.Repeat these actions should be a few times.Experts note that a noticeable relief of emotional state comes after a few minutes.

With songs and music

Effect of certain melodies and sounds on the human psyche for many centuries, is studied by psychologists.It is believed that music to calm the nerves have no less effect than traditional medicines or medicated drugs.Doctors recommend to listen to compositions by Rachmaninov, I. Bach, Tchaikovsky.Among the soothing melodies are your favorite songs or pieces of music that are popular with a particular person, and while he relaxes.

To eliminate stress state is recommended to listen to specific songs for meditation, recording nature sounds.To carry out such sessions should be relaxing, not only during the period of nervous tension, but regularly - for the prevention of relapse and neurosis.Ringtones are a perfect complement to the gym or the process of preparing for bed.

Video on how to calm the nervous system

Get rid of nervous tension can not only special drugs, and drug-free means.Aromatherapy, exercise, relaxing music - all these and other methods are very effective in getting rid of stress.On these and other common councils and means to combat nervous tension tell video tutorials.Practicing psychologists introduce a secret technique for calming one minute.

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