Ointments against psoriasis

Psoriasis - a very insidious disease.Modern scientists are still unable to identify the exact cause of her appearance, so it is impossible to achieve a complete cure of the disease.Patients can settle for medicines set up to ease the symptoms of the disease.Creams, folk remedies, phototherapy, mud therapy and ointments for psoriasis will help restore the quality of life and prevent infection in wounds formed.

What ointments better in psoriasis

There are many treatments for this disease, containing tar, salicylic, ihtiolovaya, sulfur and other components, the most popular of which are an effective means of:

  1. Ointment Golyuka.Composition - egg white, grease, cream, honey, powder celandine.Indications - relieves symptoms of disease, but it is not necessary to use it during an exacerbation.Application - to smear a thin layer, producing a slight massaging, 2 times a day.Price: 485,00 p.
  2. «Antipsoriaz".Composition - birch leaves, celandine, succession, marigold, sushnitsa, linseed oil, lanolin, vaseli
    ne oil, camphor, grease.Used for the prevention of disease.How to use: rub in the areas affected by the disease, in the evening every hour, 2-3 times.In the morning means you need to rinse.Price: 750 p.
  3. «Tsitopsor".Composition - fat grease.Indications - progressive, stationary and regressing stages of skin disease.Application - Apply a thin layer to the affected area 2 times a day.Cost: 2500 p.

Ointments and creams for the treatment of psoriasis

People suffering from this disease, wondering what to smear psoriasis to get the desired effect.Preparations of this disease, depending on the composition, divided into 2 groups: hormonal and non-hormonal.Each of these types has its positive and negative sides.It is very important to correct the ointment the doctor picked up from psoriasis, guided by the characteristics of the organism and the degree of development of the disease:

  1. Hormonal ointments have one indisputable advantage - they are very fast, but this effect is short-lived.Corticosteroids have a large list of side effects and are addictive.
  2. nonhormonal agents are more attractive at a price not disrupt hormonal balance, do not have a large number of harmful effects.


Among hormonal methods emit a strong, medium and weak activity of drugs:

  1. «Belosalik".Ingredients: betamethasone dipropionate, salicylic acid, mineral oil, petrolatum.Indications: Treatment of skin diseases.Application: Apply a small amount evenly.Rub should be slightly to 2 times a day.Price: from 429 p.
  2. «Dayvobet".Components: betamethasone dipropionate, calcipotriol monohydrate.How to use: Apply to the affected area once a day 1.Smear means you need a thin layer.Cost: 967 p.
  3. «Elokim".Ingredients: mometasone furoate.Indication: inflammation and itching in skin diseases.Application: every day (1 time) apply a thin layer to the affected areas.Price: 374 p.

nonhormonal drugs that do not have in their composition of hormones can be divided further into several groups:

  • salicylic;
  • zinc ( "Psorikap");
  • with tar (Vishnevsky ointment);
  • with grease (Kartalinovaya "Antipsor", "Magnipsor", "Psorikon");
  • with vitamin D;
  • Chinese medicines ( "Sophora", "leather king", "Lycan shuanzhu", "Basyangao").

Examples of some popular representatives of non-hormonal ointments for psoriasis:

  1. «Psorikap".Formulation: pyrithione zinc.Indications: skin diseases.Application: a cream for psoriasis is not a hormonal easy to rub into the skin 2 times a day, causing a thin layer on the lesions.How to treat psoriasis on the head: apply on the scalp, removing hair.Cost: about 380 p.
  2. ointment Vishnevsky.Ingredients: xeroform powder, birch tar, castor oil.Indications: skin lesions, thrombophlebitis, etc. Applications:. Ointment for psoriasis need to rub the affected uchastki.Tsena: 30 p.
  3. «Kartalin".Ingredients: grease, salicylic acid, honey bee, chamomile, succession, lysozyme, lavender oil, eucalyptus.Indications: kartolinovaya mixture has anti-inflammatory and regenerative action.How to use: Apply to plaques 1-2 times a day, you do not need to rub.Cost: 750 p.
  4. «Sophora".Components scorpion Dried fruits girchi, Amur velvet, safflower, lazurnik, fraxinella, Sophora flavescens.Indications: skin diseases.Note: you need to gently rub in place plaque formation 2 times a day.Cost: 250-280 p.

Where to buy and how much are

Remedies for psoriasis can be found in various Moscow pharmacies:

  1. Pharmacy "Neofarm" (Pr 60 fly of October 31/18, building 1) offers the means to buyfrom the disease at a cost of 340-955 p.Here you can find "Elokim", "Belosalik", "Dayvobet".
  2. The "Sun" pharmacy on the street.Batyuninskaya, 1 there "Elokim", "Belosalik", "Kartalin", "Dayvobet" and "Antipsoriaz".These drugs here are 365-933 p.
  3. «Heart" offers to purchase the following products: "Elokim", "Belosalik", "Dayvobet".Prices range from 332 to 955 p.Address: Izmailovsky blvd, 38.
  4. The "Duty pharmacy", located on ul.Taganskaya, 26, prices are 400-998 p.From the selected funds are not there only "Antipsoriaza".
  5. on online services to find "Antipsoriaz" is not possible, there are other drugs."Apteka.ru» (apteka. Ru) offering price from 356.60 to 950 p.Slightly cheaper (346-971 p.) On "Eapteka.ru» (eapteka. Ru).


name drugs / price (p.)






«Neofarm" (Ave 60 years of October, 31/18, building 1.)






«Sun" (str. Batyuninskaya 1)






«Heart" (Izmailovo Boulevard, 38)






«duty» (str.Taganskaya, 26)






Apteka.ru (apteka ru.)






Eapteka.ru (eapteka ru)






feedback about the results after treatment

Alex, 35 years old : Psoriasis - a terrible, incurable disease, but there is a real opportunity to get rid of his symptoms.I'm used to this drug, "Zorka".It is designed for animals, but also people can help: relieve itching and remove plaque.

Valentina, 60 years : Always, when almost all skin ailments use Vishnevsky ointment.In my opinion, a proven, low-cost and effective remedy for skin diseases.Medication has helped me in the struggle with manifestations of the disease.

Olga, 48 years : This disease brings a lot of discomfort to those who suffers from this disease.His symptoms are not only felt, but are seen physically, so you need to get rid of them faster.The doctor prescribed me an ointment for psoriasis, "Elokim".The drug has a fast, visible effect.