Symptoms of heart failure

disease one of the most important organs - heart study over several centuries.The list of serious diseases znachitsya cardiovascular failure.The illness often affects the health and leads to considerable complications if symptoms of heart failure did not notice at the time.Symptoms of a serious deviation depends on various factors, sex and age of the person.We will try to find out what are the signs of heart disease, it looks like a pattern of symptoms in women, men, children and the elderly.

What is heart failure

cardiovascular disease, also known as congestive, expressed in a set of specific symptoms and clinical signs, stands out circulatory disorders."Motor" and its valves simply can not provide the right amount of blood all tissues and organs.The occurrence of heart disease, the number and intensity of its symptoms, the presence of features of development of the pathology depends on many and important point.Let's start with the main types of severe cardiac disease.Classification by worsening

symptoms of speed:

  • acute heart failure;
  • chronic heart failure.

Yet heart disease is divided into the left ventricular, right ventricular and total failure (depending on the ventricle, which severely impaired pathology).There is also a classification by origin deviations: myocardial, overload, mixed forms.Heart disease is divided into cardiogenic (primary) and cardiogenic (secondary), which is determined on the initial "failure" of the contractile activity of the myocardium or tide venous blood type.Separation by vascular heart disease severity level - I, II, III, IV degree.

main symptoms

absolutely every poor circulation - it is a direct threat to the human body.For a successful and complete recovery from cardiac disease should be promptly identify the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.Specific features of the disorder pumping function determined not only by the victims of the heart, but also a degree of failure.If a person feels even the slightest sign pointing to cardiovascular disease, it requires emergency care, treatment medication prescription cardiologist.


frequent symptom diagnosis "heart failure" - a paroxysmal, dry cough.Blood stasis due to left heart ventricle causes poor functioning of the fluid collecting in the lungs.Basically, the person starts coughing after strenuous exercise.This unpleasant symptom of cardiovascular disease is perceived by most people as a response to chronic diseases (eg, bronchitis).This fact leads to the fact that patients almost never complain of cough in the survey cardiologist, considering that heart problems to do with it.

Cardiac asthma

In the case of cardiovascular disease occurs cardiac asthma, which is characterized by attacks of breathlessness.Cause such kind of signs of acute left heart disease department.Asthma attacks are always unexpected (mostly at night), beginning with a dry cough.The attack is activated dramatically, with the feeling of lack of air, it flows into serious shortness of breath, and then to present asphyxiation.This feature cardiovascular abnormalities is very dangerous, and therefore requires urgent action.


next symptom of heart failure - the swelling.At first the patient has a slight swelling of the legs and feet.Later, the swelling is completely dispersed on the legs.Swelling in heart failure becomes noticeable in the evening, disappearing in the morning.When the disease progresses, the swelling take the form of thick and kept constant.If edema with congestive heart disease develops longer, significantly increasing in size the femur and tibia of the leg.Tablets or any other means will not help, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist.


sign of the heavy cardiovascular failure - shortness of breath.The patient breathing becomes more frequent, it makes deep breaths.At first, heart shortness of breath occurs only during intense physical activity (eg, fast climbing stairs).After a certain period, when failure progresses, a person feels short of breath, even in the course of normal conversation or in a quiet state of inactivity.If this symptom is detected dangerous for the health of heart disease, it is best to see a doctor without delay.

Heart pain

For obvious danger signs of heart failure even include pain in the heart.Such a feature of the disease often makes itself felt.Burning and sharp pain signal the spasm of coronary vessels, leading to a lack of power of the heart.Another such discomfort called angina.There are stenokardicheskie pain due to low temperature, physical stress, stressful situations.If twinge quickly ended, and after a while repeated again, be sure to consult a cardiologist.

first symptoms

for cardiovascular disease is characterized by significant discomfort for the person's life, who is sick.This uncomfortable condition through time turns into a kind of stable symptoms.Symptoms of heart failure appear in opposite-sex individuals of different age groups.Heart disease is more common in the male working-age sex after 40 years.In women, the critical indicators of age - from 55 years.When there are early signs of cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to take this very seriously, and as soon as possible to begin treatment.


symptoms of cardiovascular disease in men are varied.They simply note that if responsibility for their well-being.Since the stronger sex is more likely to suffer a heart disease, heart health always comes first.Experts recommend more frequent visits to the cardiologist, especially the men, whose age has passed for the bar in 40 years.If you do not detect heart failure in the early stages, it can lead to serious consequences and complications.Thus, signs of cardiovascular disease in males:

  • blue tip of the nose, fingers, chin, ears;
  • slight yellowness of the skin;
  • increase in veins in the neck;
  • swelling of some parts of the body;
  • allocation of foam from the nose and mouth;
  • shortness of different levels (up to attacks of breathlessness);
  • dry cough or sputum as a foam;
  • enlargement of the liver;
  • crackles in the pulmonary region (inaudible at a distance);
  • forced seat (often with legs bowed down).


Features heart disease in women causing the need of the medical examinations and comparisons with other similar symptoms for heart disease.Symptoms of female cardiovascular disease are a little different from the symptoms of the disease in men.This is due to a variety of aspects.The main thing to identify a serious illness at an early stage, focusing on its early symptoms.The disease is heart failure in females is characterized by distinctive features:

  • compared to men, women are not so strongly felt chest pain (often not squeezing and burning sensation);
  • early signs of heart failure occur much earlier;
  • often appears heartburn, pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting;
  • considerable pains predominate in the field between the shoulders, back, neck, both arms, the lower jaw;
  • severe shortness of breath, dry cough;
  • progression of cardiovascular disease in females more to do with emotional experiences, to a lesser extent with exercise.


Early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease in a young child or teenager is a very important aspect, but it is not always real.The main index - caring parents.If they keep watch over the baby, who was born without abnormalities, the disease will be determined at the initial stage of development.Symptoms of children's heart failure and their level of severity are modified based on the age group, the duration of the disease.The main classification of failure in children and adolescents:

  • appearance of tachycardia (rapid heart rate to 90 beats);
  • tangible shortness of breath;
  • fast and frequent fatigue;
  • darkening of the eyes, dizziness, loss of consciousness;
  • disturbing a bad dream;
  • pale skin;
  • specific swelling all over the body;
  • blue fingers and toes, lips;
  • frequent regurgitation (newborn baby);
  • paroxysmal cough and pulmonary wheeze.

In old age

In humans, the average age group of cardiovascular disease is characterized by clinical symptoms and expressed more clearly than in the elderly.Older people with heart problems the disease is manifested in two scenarios.Lack sometimes occurs with minimal symptoms.In another case, the disease is characterized by stagnant diverse clinical symptoms in the presence of destabilization which meet particular health was ill organs (brain, kidneys).Regardless of the symptoms of the disease, should be time to seek medical help.

Signs of heart failure in people of venerable age, are progressing very quickly, so their early detection is critical for human health and life in years.Early symptoms in the elderly:

  • significant increase in seizures of dry or wet cough;
  • frequent, fatigue without apparent reason;
  • darkening of the eyes, dizziness, and sometimes fainting;
  • unstable, light sleep;
  • tinnitus;
  • decrease in mental performance;
  • decreased physical activity;
  • great excitement, which is replaced by a prolonged severe depression.

video about the symptoms of heart failure

warned in advance of the ailment - is armed.Especially for those people who are closely monitoring their health and the state of their loved ones on our website taken an interesting video.Cognitive video provides useful information about the types, symptoms of cardiovascular disease.You will learn how to identify the signs of heart disease as quickly as possible to avoid possible complications in time to seek help from professionals.Check out the video, try to remember the signs of heart failure and be healthy.