Inhalation for children

In the period from autumn to spring acute respiratory infections are not uncommon.Worst of all, when this affects the youngest representatives of the family.At such moments in the course are all means to alleviate the suffering of the baby and cure the common cold.Inhalation for children - the most effective method to speed up the healing process, relieve symptoms of urgency.For all parents, this issue is acute, and many are turning to the treatment of children's diseases effective methods.How to make inhalation to children and that for this use, read on.

How to make the child inhalation

Inhalation characterized as the treatment of respiratory diseases by direct injection of drugs into the inflamed lesions of the respiratory system.This method of treatment is the most rapid, reliable and safe if you want in a short period of time to cure their child.This requires a nebulizer, which allow you to perform the treatment procedure using pure steam, essential oils, potato or herbal decoctions, etc.

In the modern age there are so many of such devices, which facilitate the process of inhalation and are used to children of different ages.Certain age children contraindications for this procedure is not (except for newborn babies and infants a year old), it is important to persuade the kid to not scare him.

When you need to do

you will certainly come in handy inhaler for children to effectively treat respiratory diseases.For diseases that are treatable by inhalation include:

  • sinusitis;
  • tonsillitis (loss of voice);
  • pharyngitis, laryngitis;
  • stenosis;
  • tracheitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • asthma;
  • allergic to pollen.

Performing inhalation by children should comply with all the rules, which comply with the following guidelines:

  • plan inhalation so that there was a break for at least an hour between eating and manipulation;
  • when the baby breathe, put him to sleep;
  • duration of the inhalations should not exceed three minutes in children;
  • effective treatment with inhaled consists of at least 10 sessions.

Types inhalers

Depending on the disease to be treated, there are different types of inhalers.Some of them are aimed at the elimination of cough and other help to normalize breathing in the sinuses, others are used for sore throat, asthma, etc.Another purpose devices exist that allow an effective treatment of diseases in the home.Discover them in more detail next.


The term "nebulizer" is derived from the "nebula" and literally means fog or cloud.The appearance of this device back in the XVIII century, characterized the transformation of liquid medication into an aerosol to perform inhalation.Unlike the steam nebulizer apparatus it is that it creates a method using an aerosol flow of drug microparticles.Today's pharmacies offer to choose and buy at different prices, these electrical devices from leading manufacturers ( "Omron's", "Gamma", "Geyser", "spacer").


In this case, the air that enters through the narrow opening, amenable to low pressure.Consequently, the air velocity is increased and the liquid is sucked out of the chamber is also in a low pressure area.Here begins to interact with the air stream medicine, breaking into tiny particles, which fall into the most remote areas of the respiratory tract.

To somehow attract children to the inhalation process, the manufacturers of such equipment are trying to create an interesting look.Such options include compressor inhaler called "Train" company "Omron".It has a nice bright view of a toy locomotive, equipped with all the necessary tubes, masks, which are used for different methods of breathing.Perhaps the use of even a 4-month-old child.


effect of such an immobilizer is based on the curative effects of liquid high-frequency ultrasonic waves, thereby forming an aerosol inhaler.However, drugs used for inhalations in this case is not advisable because the ultrasonic frequency macromolecular compounds destroy antibiotics, and other medications mucolytics.Take advantage of better decoction of herbs or salt solutions with the drug.


nebulizer based on this type of effect evaporation of the volatile drug solutions (which are usually essential oils) which have a boiling point below one hundred degrees.However, compared with the previous species, the vapor inhaler has a number of disadvantages, including limited use of drugs in a very small concentration, which does not always produce the desired healing effect.

solution for inhalation

To effectively use any inhalation for children need not just water for inhalation, it is important to prepare special solutions.They are based on different drugs, the list of which is for physician intensive care.This can be bronchial drugs, antibiotics, expectorants or with soda solution.Discover, what makes inhalation nebulizer on.


These drugs are designed to treat the bronchi.The maximum effect is achieved due to bronchodilators of delivering fine particles to the bronchi using inhaled treatments.These include the following inhibitors:

  • «Ventolin Nebula»
    1. Composition: salbutamol as a main component, which creates the effect of a drug.
    2. Indications appointed doctors in bronchial asthma and in patients with chronic lung disease.
    3. Application: slurry is applied in pure form by 2.5 ml of either dilute "Sodium chloride".The procedure should take no more than 10 minutes, and the allowable frequency of daily - up to 4 times.
  • «Berotek»
    1. Composition: fenoterol, which effectively removes the asthma attacks.
    2. Indications.This medication is necessary for use as a prophylaxis or treatment of asthma, chronic lung disease.
    3. Application: inhalation for young children (under 6 years of performance), take 20-25 drops of "berotek" and drip directly into the inhaler.


This type of medicine refers to extraordinary means to thin the mucus.Using inhaled mucolytics with doctors effectively fight with a strong cough of any origin.These drugs are well relieve swelling of the mucous membranes, even high viscosity liquefied sputum.That's what you can do inhalation:

«Ambrobene" or its analogs, "Ambroxol", "ambrogeksal»:

  1. Ingredients: main ingredient - Ambroxol;
  2. Indications: for the treatment of acute or chronic diseases of the respiratory system.
  3. Usage: not recommended for use with medications called "Falimint", "Pektusin", "Bronholitin", "Sinekod" other.To make inhalation for children, dilute 2 ml of syrup with saline solution one to one.Follow the procedure twice a day.


impossible to cure long-protracted respiratory tract disease (more than 10 days) without antibiotic.These drugs help prevent deep penetration of the infection into the bronchi departments have broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties.The following drugs are often used include antibiotics during inhalation.


  1. Composition: acetylcysteine ​​(the same as "ACC"), thiamphenicol.
  2. Indications: enhances the action of mucolytics.
  3. Application: Use 2 ml of final solution (125 mg of the drug with 125 ml saline).

Alkaline solutions based on alkali help intensively phlegm and purulent discharge from the nose and throat.This method of inhalation of a simple and effective means.He treats diseases of the respiratory system.To perform inhalations with mineral water, use the "Borjomi" and "Essentuki" so:

  • -half a liter of mineral water in the kettle, heat up (45 degrees);
  • inhale the steam through the nozzle mouth, nose and exhale;
  • processing time - 8 minutes, and the number of repetitions per day - up to 4 times;

What do inhalation

Watching what you want to treat the disease in view of the presence of certain symptoms, there are various drugs that are used to prepare inhalations.For a nebulizer, you can prepare solutions, inhalation of vapor which will effectively treat diseases such as snot, wet or dry cough, sinusitis, asthma, sore throat, flu, SARS, and other diseases.Explore further what to do inhalation nebulizer.

At a cold

For effective treatment of rhinitis and nasal congestion, use a discharge of specialized solutions for inhalation, entitled "Sinupret", "Naphthyzinum", "Epinephrine" ( "Crank").More effective: "asterisk", "Pinosol", "Rotokan".Discover how to cook with a cold inhalation:

  1. Eucalyptus or fir oil: dilute 14 drops of ether in 0.2 liters of saline.For each treatment with a cold charge the nebuliser 3 ml of the solution obtained by repeating the procedure with a day to four times a day.
  2. «Sodium Chloride": ampoule with 4 ml of the drug in the nebulizer fill, process pipe "chlorhexidine" breathe up to five minutes.The day should be done at least three times.

When bronchitis and dry cough

When caught off guard bronchitis or a long dry cough, will help you with expectorant inhalation ( "Mukaltin", "Lasolvan") and mukalitikami.Another use antitussives ( "ledokain", "Tussamag"), herbal remedies.The following inhaled medicine for coughs:

  • Flomax inhalation
    1. Composition: fenoterol bromide.
    2. Indications: Used for the treatment of chronic obstructive airways disease.
    3. Application Prepare Flomax children with saline (2 drops), thread the nebulizer when coughing - breathe.
  • Lasolvan inhalation instruction
    1. composition of the main component - ambroxol.
    2. indications: for acute and chronic diseases with viscous thick sputum;
    3. use 2 ml of the drug dissolve with 2 mL of saline solution, do the procedure, adding 3 ml of the prepared solution by repeating the procedure up to 4 times per day.
  • «Pulmicort»
    1. Composition: base material - budesonide.
    2. Indications: chronic lung disease, acute inflammatory diseases.
    3. Application: Dissolve 1 mg of the drug with 2 ml of saline solution, using a mixture of 3 ml for four repetitions per day procedure.

When sinus

To facilitate the course of the disease and speed up the healing process can not do without in the sinus inhalations for children.There needed vasoconstrictor drugs that are removed the inflammation in the nose, breathing easier.In this case, you will be inhalation:

  • «Dekasanom".It is antiseptic, disinfectant with antiviral activity.It has strong product reviews.
    1. Composition: Decamethoxin.
    2. Indications used in chronic inflammatory diseases (tonsillitis, sore throat, sinusitis, inflammation of the adenoids).
    3. range 2 ml Dissolve the drug with 2 ml of saline, use 3 ml of the resulting mixture for three treatments per day.
  • brine.3 g of sea-salt in 10 ml of dilute saline solution, ready for use a mixture of 3 ml for 10 min procedures several times a day.
  • Essential Oils: Mix a drop of rosemary, thyme and mint, dissolved in 2 ml of saline solution, follow the procedure for about 20 minutes three times a day.

At temperatures

It should always be remembered that while the temperature of the inhalation treatments should be abandoned altogether.However, there are situations where the use of a nebulizer possible.For example, in a child acute course of the disease and to maintain the effect of therapy, inhalation can not cancel.However, if the temperature rises above 37.5, any procedures prescribed even by doctors to cancel.

In asthma

to treat asthma by inhalation, using drugs that enhance the bronchi ( "Berotek" "Salbutamol", "Fliksotid Nebula", "Eufillin"), phlegm ( "Lasolvan" inhalation"Mukolvan"), antibiotics ( "Septomirin" "Dioksidin", "Gentamycin" "Metrogil" "Miramistin").More help hormone ( "hydrocortisone", "prednisolone"), antihistamines ( "Dexamethasone" "kromogeksal"), drugs for improving immune ( "Derinat", "interferon", "Laferobion" "TSikloferon").Prepare solutions using these drugs.

Recipes for nebulizer

There are recipes for inhalation, which have a wide range of actions during respiratory diseases.There can be used drugs such as "Tonsilgon®," "Propolis", "Marigold."Use them to facilitate the course of the disease, improve the general condition of a speedy recovery.To learn how to prepare these solutions for inhalation, read the instructions below.

  • With "hlorofillipta" the necessary components and applications:
    1. 1 ml of alcohol (one percent) of tincture on chlorophyll eucalyptus leaves;
    2. saline inhalation (10 mL);
    3. all mix, use a dose of 3 ml of the prepared solution for each 20-minute procedure;
    4. use at least three times per day.
  • With "tonzilgon" (homeopathic remedy for inhalation based on horsetail, chamomile, dandelion, Yarrow, Althea, walnut):
    1. 2 ml of the drug should be added to the same amount of saline solution;
    2. fill the nebulizer must be 4 ml ready-mix;
    3. inhalation duration - 10 minutes a day with repetitions of up to four times.
  • With "Propolis»:
    1. 1 ml of the drug dissolve in 20 ml of saline solution;
    2. use of 3 ml per inhalation three times a day.
  • With "furatsilina»:
    1. one tablet of the drug dissolve in 100 ml of saline solution;
    2. 4 ml of the diluted drug use with inhaled up to two times per day.
  • With "Calendula»:
    1. 1 ml of alcohol tincture extract of inflorescences dissolve in 40 ml of saline solution;
    2. fill in the nebulizer 4 ml inhalation and follow a couple of times every day until complete recovery.

Inhalation at home

If you do not know what to do inhalation cough or a cold yet, the performance of procedures possible methods without the use of a nebulizer.For this purpose, the means at hand, which are at home, for example, garlic or potatoes.More can do inhalation at herbal solutions.Just take the necessary ingredients, boil and breathe on paruyuschey pan with ready-national treatment medications.

  1. with garlic recipe: Boil the finely chopped garlic 6 zubochkov five minutes and breathe over the steam.
  2. proportions herbal inhalation: Take a teaspoon of dried eucalyptus, sage, garlic melkonarublennogo, validol tablet, briquette quarters with pine extract, Boil, inhale vapors.
  3. Boil two potatoes in their skins, breathe over a pan until until cool.

Video on inhalation for

children Before perform inhalation at home folk remedies or use nebulizers, consult with a therapist, so he carefully examined the child, put the correct diagnosis, and only then, according to its regulations,use respiratory therapeutic exercises.Then check out videos that describe the correct execution of the procedures for children.

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