How to treat periodontal disease

If you started bleeding gums, it may be the first symptom of periodontal disease.It is a painful condition caused by the processes of tissue atrophy, the cause of which has not yet been established.How to treat periodontal disease right?Let's see what periodontal disease and how to treat it according to modern dental development.Learn how to get rid of the disease by means of national medicine are necessary preventive measures of this disease should be treated to what expert.

Modern methods of treatment of periodontitis

The choice of tactics of treatment of periodontal disease depends on the stage of the disease, the degree of destruction of the gums and bone.The dentist determines how extensive the inflammatory process, how many teeth do not be restored, and then makes a comprehensive program, giving preference to certain therapies.How to treat periodontal disease in clinics?medical manipulation algorithm is as follows:

  1. Initial inspection.
  2. X-ray photo, and other diagnostic tests.
  3. removal of plaque and stone.
  4. General and local drug therapy - the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, hormonal agents.
  5. Physiotherapy - activation of the blood supply to the gums.
  6. Remediation of the oral cavity - treatment of caries, removal of decayed teeth, roots.
  7. splinting - reducing mobility rickety teeth.
  8. Surgery.
  9. Prosthetics.

complex dental interventions complement ancillary techniques, such as laser treatment of periodontal disease, or gum massage.The patient is required to teach oral hygiene, since the lack of dental care disease progresses.Laser therapy is not the main method of treatment of periodontal disease, but only helps to relieve swelling, reduce bleeding gums, to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention.


After removal of dental deposits held drug treatment, which includes general and local therapy.Assign vitamins, drugs to enhance immunity (immunomodulators), injection into the gingiva (removal of inflammation, elimination of soft tissue degenerative changes, the saturation of oxygen).In the acute form of the disease the doctor chooses an effective antibiotic, develops a treatment regimen for a particular patient.

General Medicine

This antibacterial effect on the body as a whole, the standard course which takes about ten days.How to treat periodontal disease with a total treatment?The patient was prescribed antibiotics by injection or pills, anti-inflammatory injections in the gums, hormonal, immunnopovyshayuschie funds.Preparations for the treatment of periodontal disease:

  • biogenic stimulators;
  • FiBS;
  • ribonuclease;
  • aloe extract;
  • Methyluracilum;
  • lidasa;.
  • antitoxic serum, etc.

Local therapy

complex local therapy procedures, medical treatment of periodontal disease is antiseptic in nature, consists of rinsing applications anti-inflammatory gel, for example, in such a combination:

  • «Chlorhexidine" (0.05%) - rinse;
  • «Holisal-gel" - application on the gums.

How to cure periodontal disease these drugs alone?It should be after breakfast and brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth (at least one minute).Dry gauze swab the gums and cause them around all the teeth healing gel.After treatment, there is not two or three hours in the evening to repeat the procedure.All courses are held for ten days.


efficacy of the treatment of periodontal disease depends on a complex of the procedures used.One of the most popular in dental practice measures - physiotherapy.The main objective of these procedures - to eliminate hypoxia gums, periodontal tissue saturate with oxygen, improve blood supply.The physiotherapy treatment of periodontal disease is used:

  1. Darsonvalization.The course impact on the gum tissue alternating high frequency current.The goal - the removal of pain, improve blood circulation, reducing the sensitivity of the mucosa with periodontitis.Appointed after the removal of dental plaque, is carried out using a special apparatus (30 sessions of 10 minutes).
  2. laser treatment used to fight infection in the periodontal pockets.The procedure helps to regenerate tissue, removal of edema and inflammation.
  3. Vacuum therapy is aimed at improving the soft and hard tissues of periodontal power, suspending them atrophy.The basis of the procedure - the impact of periodontal disease on the affected capillaries and stimulate the body's defenses.Vacuum therapy is conducted in conjunction with other therapeutic methods.
  1. Treatment of periodontitis negatively ionized air - respiratory physiotherapy, which is prescribed in order to expand the capillaries, normalize the morphological composition of the blood.A course of 15-520 ten-minute sessions with a fluid aeroionizer.
  2. Electrophoresis calcium gluconate - effective procedure aimed at removing dentin hypersensitivity.

Massage and gymnastics for the teeth and gums

purpose of massage (gymnastics) with periodontitis - increased lymph flow, blood, increasing the nitrogen metabolism, oxidation of tissue, which leads to their recovery (healing).The procedure was carried out hardware (vibratory) or manual method (finger massage), after topical therapeutic treatment.How to treat periodontal disease massage effect on inflamed gums, loosened teeth?

To perform manual massage index finger wrapped with cotton bed moistened with petroleum jelly, gums vertical stroke (up from the neck of the tooth), or in a circle.Duration of treatment - 20 minutes: 5 minutes with the inner and outer sides of the gums on each jaw.Contraindications to the procedure:

  • malignant tumors;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • hemophilia;
  • pregnancy;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • cardiovascular disease.

most effective folk remedies

is important to remember that any folk remedies treatment of periodontal disease are subsidiary.Do not use them without consulting a doctor, to replace dental procedures affordable means to cure periodontal disease because their own is impossible.Traditional drugs against periodontal disease is used for massage and rinse.They are astringent, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antibacterial action.How to treat periodontal disease at home using rinses?To do this, use decoctions and infusions of herbs:

  1. Oak bark - used astringent decoction (proportion according to the instructions on the box) every three hours after pre-brushing.
  2. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory herbal teas marigold, violet, cranberry leaf, Repeshko.
  3. Infusion of leaves or membranes of walnuts helps to loose gums.Rinsing is carried out at least six times a day.
  4. Firming blend of cinquefoil (4 tablespoons), sorrel (2 tablespoons), cabbage brine (300 ml) - a six-rinsing during the day.
  5. blackberry leaves from bleeding.The infusion is prepared in a thermos, rinse your mouth 3-4 times per day.
  6. golden mustache Broth is used for the prevention of acute periodontitis.When purulent inflammation added thereto drug infusion of chamomile.

is considered an effective treatment of periodontal disease with hydrogen peroxide.The first method - a three-percent solution of rubbing the gums.The second - the addition of peroxide in tooth-paste (coating the toothbrush third - ingestion:

  • add peroxide drop in 50 ml of water;
  • drink the mixture on an empty stomach;
  • half an hour eat

In the opinion..patients gymnastics with coniferous twig -. another effective folk remedy in the treatment of periodontal disease first three weeks, green shoot bites from top to bottom, splitting it to the state of the brush further two months performing the second exercise -. branch is clamped between the teeth, jaws move sideways and back and forth. third gymnastics element - clutched in his hand escape bitten and try to tear away a piece of the head movement

Surgical and orthopedic intervention

These methods are used in the treatment of periodontal disease at an advanced stage when the medication, physical therapy measures already useless in surgical interventions..eliminate the deep periodontal pockets, which stops the progression of the disease.The next stage of prosthetics:

  1. Cemented bridges pose subject to the availability of all the teeth and their fan-shaped divergence.
  2. splinting clasps make up for lost teeth, dental function as tires.


disease first measure of prevention of periodontal disease is hygiene.It is necessary to use high-quality brush and thread teeth cleaning, use them after meals and at bedtime, rinse your mouth with a decoction of medicinal chemist and special means.The second mandatory preventive measure periodontitis - taking vitamins and proper nutrition.Good for teeth and gums are rich in trace elements the following products:

  • liver;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • wheat bran;
  • potatoes;
  • lentils;
  • crabs and crayfish;
  • dairy products;
  • soybeans;
  • dark meat poultry;
  • beef;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • river fish.

What doctor treats periodontal disease

possible to cure periodontal disease, only an expert will tell you.At the slightest suspicion of this disease requires professional advice periodontist and dental hygienist.An examination of these experts will carry out the measurement of periodontal pocket, develop an individual care regime will calculate the cost amount to the treatment regimen.In order to prevent further diagnosis will be carried out, professional cleaning and polishing of teeth, periodontal applications, remineralizing therapy.

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home Want to know more about proven methods of treating periodontal disease folk remedies?Watch a video with a selection of useful tips.Here you will find recipes of medicinal alcoholic tinctures and decoctions for rinsing, cooking and the use of potions of sauerkraut, banana peel, sea salt, sugar beet, propolis and other available means.