stomatitis treatment in adults in the home

Stomatitis - a disease that has infectious bacteriological nature.According to WHO data, suffer from this disease more than 20% of the population.stomatitis treatment in adults in the home includes a combination of medication, the use of traditional medicine.Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth accompanied by painful sensations, discomfort when eating, time wasting taste buds.Rapid recovery depends on the choice of the correct treatment protocol, therefore, found himself stomatitis symptoms, do not delay visit to the doctor.

What causes stomatitis

imbalance in the immune system leads to various diseases.If stomatitis in children - a disease of dirty hands, the adult becomes the cause of not one but several interacting factors:

  1. weakened immunity.Most clinical cases of stomatitis in adults, requiring serious medical treatment arises from the failure of the body's protective mechanisms.
    1. Vitamin deficiency, deficiency of minerals and micronutrients.In the treatment of thrush in adult
      s in the home is very good reception vitamin complexes.
    2. Malnutrition.Unbalanced diet leads to a lack of nutrients, becoming a cause of stomatitis.
  2. injuries resulting from mechanical or chemical effects.In adults, such stomatitis easily treated at home.Eating spicy, hot, dry food, you may accidentally scratch the cheek or the sky.
  3. Chronic diseases requiring treatment under medical supervision:
    1. diabetes.
    2. immunodeficiency syndrome - AIDS and HIV infection.
    3. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, colitis, ulcer.
    4. Neoplasms.
  4. Dehydration in adults due to dysbiosis, diarrhea.
  5. Reception diuretic drugs without a prescription.Ladies who dream to lose weight at home, enjoy the medicines inappropriately.
  6. Problems with oral hygiene.The bacteria proliferate in the cavities, tartar, periodontal disease are the impetus of occurrence of stomatitis in adults.
  7. Poor quality dentures.In this case, the best way of treatment will change a prosthesis, restoring mucosal microflora.Do not forget to preventing stomatitis use mouthwash at home.
  8. Smoking, drugs, excessive use of alcohol.

Types and symptoms of the disease

Before treat stomatitis home, you need to determine the cause and type of disease.His infectious, viral, bacterial forms differ by type of treatment.Assign products to help get rid of the inflammation, the doctor will be able to identify on the basis of symptoms, test results, or smear.More than 90% of cases of stomatitis in adults successfully cured in compliance with the recommendations of the expert in the home.Presented below classification with detailed pictures will help you understand the kinds of stomatitis and visually identify them.


most common type of "adult" stomatitis.Formed in violation of the rules of oral care.Moderate discomfort, a slight burning sensation, pink spots on the tongue or inside of the cheeks - signs of catarrhal stomatitis.Treatment of adults often requires serious medication held in the home.


In some cases, is a consequence of the lack of treatment of older forms of catarrhal stomatitis and connection of a bacterial infection.Most manifestations associated with an imbalance of the natural.It is characterized by the formation of wounds with a red border, causing a burning sensation, an itch.Sores penetrate deep into the mucosal epithelium, so the treatment procedure in adults long, including antibiotic therapy.See at home this type of stomatitis is problematic due to the specifics of the spread on the back surface of the tonsils closer to the sky.


Adults shown the formation of small sores round shape - the AFL, with a white or yellowish tint with red trim.Sometimes when mechanical damage to the front of the oral cavity: lips, cheeks, tip of the tongue.Most physicians are inclined to the opinion that the etymology of aphthous stomatitis virus, calling reasons adenoviruses, herpes infection.

Chronic disease in adults with frequent relapses indicates the presence of gastrointestinal or liver disease.Manifested by symptoms: multiple lesions of the lips, cheeks, tongue;pain interference to the food;fever up to 38. Treatment of stomatitis house includes a range of measures associated with symptomatic signs, strengthening the immune system.


Thrush is contagious: is transmitted by contact in everyday life, sexually.The cause of infection appears the fungus Candida.Different caseous whitish coating on the tongue, cheeks, palate.Independent attempts to remove fungal growths by mechanical means in the home can cause injury to the epithelium of the oral cavity and the formation of ulcers.Thrush in adults is accompanied by a burning sensation, severe itching.For the acute form of a specific attribute appears partial atrophy of the taste buds.

Herpetic stomatitis The nature of this form of the virus.Herpetic infection, which is in the blood - a life "sentence": once introduced into the body, it stays with you forever.The weakening of the immune system, stress, nervous feelings are manifestations of the virus trigger.With the success of herpes attacks the lips, corners of the mouth, inside of the cheeks, gums, forming a single vesicle or colonies with the liquid bubbles.In adults, treatment of stomatitis include the use of special drugs that take away the symptoms, heal wounds.


scratches, damage the soft tissues mucosa dentures or a rough edge of the tooth, burns when taking too hot food or drinks, chemical damage - the main causes of traumatic stomatitis.Home treatment involves the use of adult analgesic ointments, gels;rinse decoction of herbs and ... periodic laments: "Oh, how hurt I bit my lip / drank hot tea (underline)".

How to treat stomatitis in the mouth in adults

correct diagnosis, appropriate symptomatic treatment will provide quick relief from pain at a stomatitis.The impact of the complex of actions aimed at oral hygiene, a balanced diet, clever use of drugs (acyclovir at a stomatitis, other drugs) can help to deal effectively with the disease at home.

Control Power

For the prevention or treatment of "adult" stomatitis should be balanced nutrition, including in the diet of foods rich in valuable minerals and vitamins:

  1. Discard the flour, sweet dishes.
  2. Enrich diet of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Eliminate traumatic factors excluded from the menu crackers, potato chips, dry fish.
  4. Serve warm, but not hot food.


Special solutions having disinfectant, healing, anti-viral, or soothing effects will be an excellent assistant in the treatment of thrush in adults at home:

  1. solution of potassium permanganate.Pour into a glass of boiled water, ostuzhennoy to 40C, potassium permanganate on the tip of a knife.Should get a pale pink liquid.In the treatment of canker sores in adults effective rinse three times a day with a solution of potassium permanganate at 100 ml at one time.
  2. Rinse with peroxide.For a one-time procedure, you will need 50 ml of boiled water, 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide.Rinse after 5-10 minutes after a meal.It has antiseptic, disinfects the effect on the oral mucosa.
  3. Furatsilin - antiseptic pills stomatitis, relieving fungal plaque that kill pathogens in the home.The daily "portion" of treatment - 500 ml.Pour the pre-pounded to a powder 2 tablets furatsilina boiling water, stir well.Rinse with warm water and throughout the day.

The use of drugs

In less severe disease can help you at home vitamin complexes, ointments and gels, locally acting on the lesions.Chronic forms of stomatitis, severe inflammation that interferes with food intake, fever - symptoms that require immediate treatment to the doctor.Special treatment is necessary in allergic forms of the disease with the use of antihistamines.

«Legacy" drugs - blue, talker, brilliant green, iodine - still popular with adults for the treatment of stomatitis.Lower efficiency in comparison with a new generation of drugs leveled relative safety and minimal side reactions when used in the home.What other drugs include drug treatment of stomatitis in adults?


Reducing the protective functions of the body often provokes a vitamin deficiency or lack of certain trace elements in the diet.Receive comprehensive vitamin and mineral preparations - "Complivit", "Revit", "Vitrum", "alphabet", "Multitabs" - will give cheerfulness, restores balance of nutrients, enhance immunity.Most systems are designed for long-term use - up to three months.

Immunomodulators - a synthetic or natural substances that act on phagocytic functions.In the treatment of stomatitis in the home for adults suitable drugs that increase the immunoglobulin content of saliva:

  • «Imudon".The acute form of the disease require admission 6 tablets per day with a two-hour intervals.
  • «Viferon".The ointment is good for restoring local immunity of the mucous membrane of the mouth.Adults should be applied up to 4 times a day a thin layer on the inflammatory foci for the treatment of stomatitis.
  • Immunostimulant "Galavit".Appointed with acute stomatitis, requiring intramuscular injections of the drug.The adult dosage - 100 mg / day, the period of treatment - 5 days.

Obezbolivayusche means

remove pain, reduce sensitivity to external stimuli to treat thrush at home adult help anesthetics local action:

  • «Lidocaine aseptic".It has a powerful antiseptic and analgesic effect.Use should be 2 times a day.When injected, try to get to the affected areas.
  • «Coldrex Lary-Plus".Lozenges.The maximum permissible dose of admission per day - 8 drops.

anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

Most drugs in this group include combinatorial combination of anesthetics, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting components.

  • «Vinylinum" (Shostakovskiy balm).How to use: dipped in a liquid with a cotton swab coated with surface wounds and inflammatory lesions.Use after meals and at bedtime.
  • «Miramistin spray."For the treatment of adults stomatitis sprayed the affected area 3-4 times per day.
  • «Stop Angin 2A."It reduces swelling of inflamed areas of the mucous.Do not exceed the permissible dose - 5-6 tablets / day.

antifungal and antiviral drugs

adults cope with the viral nature of the disease in the home help:

  • «Holisal".A great cure for all types of stomatitis.How to use at home: to squeeze out a sanitized finger centimeter of gel, rub evenly to the affected area.
  • «Rotokan".Herbal preparations for mouthwash.Pour 5 ml of hot water (200 mL), cool slightly.
  • «Acyclovir" in stomatitis appointed doctor if mounted herpes nature of the disease.Home treatment in adults is based on vesicles in the mouth lubricated thin layer of gel.

Healing medicines

By means of contributing to the speedy regeneration of soft tissues mucosa stomatitis in adults include:

  • «Solkoseril".Dental adhesive paste that should be applied in thin layers.It forms a protective film, accelerates wound healing mechanisms of the body.
  • «karotolin" oil of sea buckthorn, wild rose.Perfect for a restorative phase of treatment stomatitis at home.Applied on the mucosal surface with sterile gauze or a cotton swab.
  • «Stomatofit".Natural preparation containing sage, mint, chamomile, oak bark, arnica.Designed for rinsing: a quarter cup per 100 ml of water.

Folk remedies for the treatment at home

What is the secret of folk methods of treatment of thrush in adults?Decoction of herbs, lotions and compresses the body to help cope with the disease.Oils fruit trees accelerate the process of tissue regeneration.What are the medicinal plants are effective at home when dealing with stomatitis:

  • camomile.A decoction of the flowers of this plant is ideal for rinsing with aphthous, ulcers, traumatic stomatitis.Pour a liter of water 2 tbsp.Chamomile spoon.Boil, allow to stand.Pour into a container for rinsing 100 ml of strained liquid body temperature and start the procedure.
  • Eryngium planum.For the treatment of early stage "adult" stomatitis brew of herbs on a steam bath, insisting broth 2-3 hours later.Rinse at least 6-7 times a day.
  • sage, calendula.This herbal tea (1 teaspoon), mix with chamomile, pour boiling water.infusion time - 2 hours.For the treatment of stomatitis rinse your mouth every 2 hours, in order to prevent - 3 times a day after meals.
  • Kalanchoe, aloe.A couple of leaves of plants, pounded to kashepodobnogo species attach to ulcers, sores on for 5-10 minutes.You can vary this method of treatment, chewing in between meals peeled rough sheets.

Than to treat stomatitis during pregnancy

Many future moms complain about the appearance of a whitish plaque formation or the AFL, sores in the mouth while waiting for the baby.Riot of hormones, the birth of a new life weaken the protective function of the body, so stomatitis during pregnancy has not overlook every other woman.Treatment of symptomatic disease, carried out only under the supervision of a physician:

  1. get rid of the fungal infection will help garlic gadgets in the home, in the absence of allergies in women for these products.Mash pulp in a couple of cloves, wrap with sterile gauze or a bandage.Apply to the wound for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Home rinse with soda and iodine have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect.On glass water put a teaspoon of baking soda, half of that portion - salt and drip, using a pipette, 2 drops of iodine.Rinse during the day with 1.5-2 hours intervals.
  3. delicious way to treat stomatitis - lubrication of damaged surfaces of the mouth of the jam tea rose.Good heals wounds rinse at home rose petals on the basis of broth inflorescences, filled with boiling water.

Video: how to quickly cure stomatitis home

Throughout life we ​​are faced with a variety of viruses and bacteria.Some of them safely "lives" in the body, forming the microflora of the mucous membranes.Interacting with each other, staphylococci, streptococci, fungal infections maintain equilibrium ratio, not letting "outsiders" on their territory and forming the human immune system.The first in the fight against foreign particles entering the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and mouth.All about home methods for treating thrush in adults, you'll learn by watching video.