Care and maintenance of Achatina

special conditions require unusual animals.How to choose a terrarium and soil?What temperature readings ulitochkam need for a comfortable life?Care and maintenance of Achatina - a complex process that has to know "from A to Z" each feed zavodchik.Chem unusual pet, and what should be excluded from the diet?Set of simple rules about possible problems will protect your pet from the disease, and will save you from stress.

Home Achatina

Giant African snails belong to the numerous family of terrestrial gastropods.Representatives Achatina - one of the largest among similar.Within the genus, scientists have identified more than sixty species.Retikulyata and Fulik - a popular variety of domestic animals.Their features:

  1. have Achatina elongated with a pointed crown of a large sink.For some individuals, it reaches 35 cm.
  2. Hazel shell is covered with a dark zigzag pattern.
  3. body clam soft, black or dark brown.
  4. animal weight ranges from 300 to 450 grams.
  5. visual organs are located at the ends of the tent

African Achatina lives in a humid climate the coast of East Africa.Through the efforts of the white man's animal spreads to other countries.Representatives of the species are considered pests due to the rapid reproduction and destruction of crops.Care snails do not require professional knowledge.This pet is suitable for busy people or children.

How live snail

We Achatina shellfish contain in a terrarium.As a result, at home with proper care and maintenance of Achatina live to a very solid, "old" age of 5-10 years.Puberty unusual pets have already reached to 12 months.growth process continues throughout life, but after the first two years there is a slowdown in the rate of development.


Proper maintenance of snails - a pledge of an exotic pet health.To provide conditions similar to natural - that is the task of caring owner.You need to purchase the necessary equipment and accessories.Representatives of active species at a temperature of 10 to 30 degrees.With the onset of winter and cold weather, the pet becomes dormant.If you want to wake up the clam - create a comfortable environment in the house: + 28 ° C and high humidity.Sleeping Beast sprinkle with warm water.Clean up in the terrarium can be two or three times per quarter.How it works:

  • complete replacement of the litter;
  • aquarium clean without the aid of chemical agents;
  • cleaning products - it is poison for your pet, so a bath is performed only with water and baking soda;
  • put snags, large shards from pots - day animals will hide under them;
  • presence of plants - by the owner wishes, the most unpretentious of them are ferns, ivy.

Choice terrarium

The best option would be an aquarium or terrarium for Achatina.If glassware is too bulky, look for plastic items.For a comfortable existence to one person you need at least three liters of space.Capacity should be necessarily cover with small holes.Because of this:

  • animal does not run away;
  • in the terrarium will be supplied fresh air.

In an extreme case - lift the cover to improve gas exchange.Make sure that the pet could not crawl through the gap.Comfortable temperature for snails coincides with the apartment.If colder, the shellfish fall into suspended animation.To the event it was not a surprise to you, be sure to buy a thermometer.It will be able to control the climate inside the house.


Pets snails prefer to burrow into the substrate.Therefore, on the bottom of the aquarium should be a layer of soil.Economical option - flower land without the addition of peat and mineral fertilizers (check with the seller or on the label).The disadvantage of this material - dirty pet and glass housing.We can recommend the coconut substrate, which is sold in pet stores.

Litter is bound to be deep - African giant snail bury it in the sink.Make sure that the land was not the stones - they injure delicate body or shell of the mollusk.The content of snails Achatina includes decontamination of soil: 10 minutes, calcined in an oven at 180 degrees.So you get rid of insects and their larvae in the ground.Here are a few rules:

  1. Achatina need humidity, so do not forget to spray the bed of a sprayer for flowers.
  2. Water for home terrarium is only filtered and not cold.
  3. Construct bowl in a stable tray for Achatina.Care is not without elements of comfort.Representatives gastropods like to bathe.

The feed Achatina

Land snails eat plant-based foods.Youngsters adore live plants, mature individuals - decaying remnants.So the kids are fed daily, and guarded - once in several days.Absolutely can not give (the animal dies):

  • salt;
  • sweet;
  • sour;
  • smoked;
  • fried;
  • potato eyes;
  • alcohol is.

The feed Achatina to avoid the disease pet?Be sure to include calcium in the diet - a building material of the shell.Get him out of gammarus, sepia, shell, eggshell.Pet stores offer katslekashu - food prepared based on cereals with the addition of various mineral sources.The table will help you to choose seasonal diet:




Other products

Apples, pears,apricots, bananas, strawberries, cherries, plums, watermelon, cantaloupe.

Bulgarian peppers, boiled potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, leaves of cabbage, lettuce, squash, courgettes, cucumbers, cultivated mushrooms.

Rolled oats, beans, peas (fresh or boiled), fresh biscuits, bread.

dandelion, nettle, plantain, sprouting oats, foliage and flowers of fruit trees, dairy products (no salt, sugar, spices), minced meat, boiled egg, baby food, feed.

How to multiply

Club snails lovers - this is the place where acquire a pet.Price depends on the individual age and nursery.Because fertility gastropods often distributed free of charge.Each individual is a male and female sex organs.Autogamy likely, but it happens very rarely.The maturity comes at the age of 10 to 12 months.If your plans do not include breeding animals, Achatina are seated in different containers.Cum body clam persists for two years.

Care eggs

incubation period lasts 28-56 days.All depends on the type and conditions of detention.Masonry consists of 200 or 300 eggs.The optimum temperature - 28 degrees.The soil has to be moderately moist.Avoid dryness and excess water.Newborn youngsters better isolated from adults.Eat no one will not, but comfort will be no longer the same.

Video how to care for African snails

Online a lot of material on the care and maintenance of Achatina.How to choose the right diet and what to avoid?Video tips professional breeders will help prevent many errors.Learn everything you need from the experts, prepare to care and learn how to these unusual pets.Your household will appreciate the fun Achatina - very noticeable snails from another continent!

What eat

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