Dry cough in a child

child cough when irritated throat surface.This happens during an illness or when the body is fighting an infection, releasing a lot of phlegm.What if there is a dry cough in a child?Young mothers often become confused and start to panic, especially if there is no cough.How to help your child to calm down, get rid of this disease, to find out the causes of and ways to treat the disease?Treat or rely on folk remedies?

What is a dry cough

cough in an adult and a child - one of the reflexes, which helps rid the body of excess mucus, bacteria and foreign bodies.When it becomes suffocating, do not cough up the fluid in the form of mucus, such a process is called a dry cough.It is especially dangerous if it occurs in infants.This is a symptom of a viral infection, which can be worn long in nature, and it may take a few days, subject to proper diet and adequate treatment.

When dry cough in infants or child becomes permanent, it is a consequence of a serious illness.Inflammation of the larynx, trachea or

tonsils lead to a strong attack, which becomes suffocating and brings the baby to vomit.In such cases, should not torment the child, you need to immediately contact the pediatrician who will tell that to take and how to calm the baby.

Reasons To stop the incessant dry cough in a child, and ease his condition, it is necessary to determine what initiated this process.Modern medicine has dozens of reasons of occurrence of seizures in children, we list the most common ones:

  1. Acute bronchitis - a consequence of the inflammatory process in the bronchi, which is accompanied by an increase in body temperature up to 38 ° C, dry barking cough, general weakness.Diagnosis is made by listening with a stethoscope bronchi.Treatment of the disease is directed to a dilution of the dried mucus in the bronchi.Dry cough caused by acute bronchitis, successfully treated pharmacy drugs and folk remedies for 5-7 days.
  2. Laryngitis and pharyngitis - a disease in which there is a strong swelling of the throat.It is accompanied by a continuous tickling in the throat, clear voice becomes hoarse.At the slightest exertion appears dyspnea.Dry throat is haunted by a child.
  3. Whooping cough - an illness that begins with a dry cough, at first he was not very concerned about the child.A week later, the attacks are becoming more intrusive.Diagnosing whooping it is possible not just becausethere are similarities with the common cold.Often confused with allergic cough.The disease is a long, poorly treatable.Pertussis sick once in a lifetime, then produced a strong immunity.
  4. Diphtheria oropharynx (cereals) - a deadly disease.Accompanied by fever up to 38 ° C, dry barking cough.Over time, it becomes paroxysmal.If time does not call a doctor, the diphtheria becomes chronic.Often this disease complicated by pneumonia.
  5. Tuberculosis provokes the child cough.It determines the disease only through clinical tests.
  6. Allergic colds and cough.These two disease are often similar in their symptoms.Many parents are wondering how to distinguish allergic cough from a cold?These are not simple without taking appropriate analyzes.Allergic cough occurs suddenly, is paroxysmal in nature, colds, on the contrary, increased gradually, passing from light to deep coughing spasms per day or more.
  7. Bronchial asthma - a combination of three components: allergies, low immunity, disorders of the nervous system.During an asthmatic attack in a child during inhalation and exhalation heard whistling sounds in the bronchi, there comes a prolonged dry cough.
  8. presence of some species of living organisms (helminths) in the human body contributes to a dry cough in children.Ascaris live not only in the intestine, the bulk of the worms, but move all the internal organs: getting into the lungs, they cause a dry cough.

Treatment folk remedies cough in children

Many parents during a child's illness does not wish to seek the help of modern medicine.If you do not want to stuff their child harmful syrups and tablets, to load a small body of chemical products advertised, then we can use the experience of our grandmothers, who knew what to treat and how to ease the serious condition of the patient.Most types of cough in a child can be cured at home, using traditional recipes.


Herbal treatment for many centuries has accumulated extensive experience and does not cease to show positive results in the fight against dry cough in children.Thanks to the healing properties of plants cured many diseases, and the prophylactic use of natural elements establishes the result.Here are a few options for beneficial herbs:

  • mother and stepmother took first place in the treatment of all types of dry cough.Tannins contained in the leaves of this plant have a diluting effect on the thick, viscous mucus, helping it quickly hawk.Tea from the mother and stepmother drink in the form of heat in the morning, and in combination with natural honey will satisfy even the most fastidious child.It is advisable to drink it in the evening, before bedtime.Providing an anti-inflammatory effect of this herb quickly bring up your baby.
  • Licorice root, like the previous grass has expectorant effect on phlegm.When used correctly, quick cure for bronchitis, laryngitis.Alleviate the condition if exhausting dry cough during an asthmatic attack.Licorice has anti-inflammatory effect, benevolently affecting the general health of the child.The herb is used to increase immunity and recuperate after an illness.
  • Marshmallow root helps to get rid of dry cough due to high content of essential oils, mucus, and ascorbic acid.This herb is dried liquefies phlegm, due to envelop the property, contributing to its rapid clearance from the lungs and bronchi.
  • collection of marjoram, marigold, mint, liquorice and violet grass has an effective expectorant action during the dry cough in children.


In medicine mustard is used as a means of warming due to the content of essential oil, which causes blood flow and leads to deeper breathing.They must be used with caution, becausemustard causes increased production of mucus, which may cause spasm of the bronchi and larynx, hence complication - obstructive bronchitis.Pairs of caustic mustard plasters, and if inhaled can cause burns of the mucous.Mustard is a distraction procedure, the use of this drug has not been proved.Contraindications to the use of:

  • allergic to mustard.If, during the laying of hot tea bags on the back there are red spots, then you need to immediately abandon this procedure.
  • Skin diseases.
  • fever.
  • heart diseases and blood pressure problems.


Children rarely like inhalation, if you manage to persuade the child to breathe over the warm steam, then dry, lingering cough may heal quickly, without harming health.Applying this national way, you replace them chemicals, syrups and tablets.The advantages of using inhalation dry cough:

  • active moisturizing nasal mucosa, promotes liquefaction of sputum;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • safety, provided that the natural ingredients used for inhalation;
  • adding one - two drops (no more) of essential oil of lavender, rosemary or tea tree you'll get a double effect: dry cough lighten and relieve the child's headaches.

But with all the positive qualities that is inhaled, do not forget about contraindications:

  • body temperature above normal;
  • emphysema (lung disease);
  • heart problems;
  • presence of purulent sputum.


Do not underestimate the benefit of a simple, at first glance, people's way of treating cough.During the overlay to compress the chest, there is a deep tissue warming.This action has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.Packs come in several forms:

  1. alcoholic.
  2. oil.
  3. dry.
  4. wet.
  5. hot.

imposing a compress, you must make sure that the baby temperature is normal, otherwise it will provoke an even greater increase.Carry out this procedure at night, so that after the removal of the child immediately went to bed.Precautions need to use honey compress.Often the child is allergic to this product.Doctors warn parents of alcohol bandages because absorbed through the skin, alcohol damages the small body.

cough medicine

Sometimes folk remedies, for all its benefits, can not cope with advanced disease.Then come to the aid of parents drugs on the night dry cough.To quickly get rid of disease, you need to seek help from the child's doctor, who will tell you how to remove a coughing fit and prescribe the appropriate treatment for a diagnosis.Cold preparations are made for the night, just before bedtime, and expectorants day.


Modern Pharmaceutical has hundreds of different cough syrups, expensive and cheap.Made for a child, they have a pleasant sweet taste, smell, thanks to fruit flavors and natural dyes.This medication is prescribed for children up to three years, asthe child of this age is difficult to swallow the tablet.Syrup dry cough in a child, depending on its causes, have a soft, enveloping effect.Before use, carefully read the instructions, exclude contraindications.There are several types:

  • syrup antitussive effect, for example, "Sinekod".Appointed at the unproductive, painful, do not stop coughing.Treats diseases such as whooping cough, croup
  • syrup mucolytic effect, such as "Ambrobene" prescribed to alleviate cough and dissolve thick mucus;
  • syrup antispasmodic effect, for example, "Pektolvan Ivy" is taken to relieve painful, barking dry cough.

drugs from allergic cough

most effective way of healing from this type of cough is to remove the source of the allergy.This could be animal dander, dust, chemicals (washing powder aerosols).If this does not solve the problem, you need to use the pharmacy drugs that suppress the allergic response.Treatment has the right to appoint a doctor.You must know that these drugs have an effect if you have cleaned your house from the reasons that caused the allergy.Otherwise, the action is bland.

Dry medicine

To facilitate the compulsive cough in a child doctors often prescribe medicine dry.This drug is diluted with boiled water before use, and taken orally.The advantages of dry medicine:

  • has a natural composition, which includes liquorice root;
  • has a wide range of activities, used as an expectorant, relieves spasms, sedative;
  • convenient dosage form of sachets, used immediately after manufacture;
  • long shelf life.

Other drugs

When pneumonia, inflammation of the bronchi, trachea and laryngitis doctor, to an appendix to the national methods appoints soluble powders cough, such as "ACC".This medicine is taking a course in seven days.Relief comes on the second day of treatment.Well it dissolves dried mucus and enables it to easily release the bronchi and lungs.Due to irritation and antioxidant effect it fights bacteria and infection, which is caused by SARS.

What if the cough persists

The longer a child is coughing, the cough quickly formed the habit in the brain.The reason goes, but attacks remain for months.In most cases this is due to an organism dewatered, low humidity in the house.These reasons are easily eliminated plentiful drink (not soda, not sugary drinks), daily wet cleaning, or the inclusion of a humidifier (preferred).

Video: Komorowski of dry cough

respected Dr. Komarovsky as no one else can tell us about the causes of the prolonged dry cough as help alleviate the patient's condition and the child's parents if the child coughed all night.Available with humor inherent in this pediatrician, it will open on the methods of treatment of the information on contraindications to particular methods.Answer the most exciting questions parents.

Reviews treating

Irina, 27 years : «My son is 3 years.A month ago, began go out in the garden, less than a week - fell ill the next morning.He returned home with a fever.Dry cough began only night.I do not know, helping in such cases, and began to treat him with folk remedies: brewed chamomile, mother and stepmother, and rose hips.After application of herbs, cough becomes wet after a few days, runny nose disappeared. "

Olga, 25 years : «After discharge from the hospital my baby came a dry cough.I do not knowledge la how to treat children under one year disease.The child was without temperature and other signs of the common cold was gone.Accidentally saw ne transmission Dr. Komarovsky, who talked about coughing in children.The cause was found in soft toys and carpet, which were in our room. "

Natalya, 32 years : «When my child comes nonproductive cough s, I think it dry air in the house and know how to stop bolez Hb:I spend a wet cleaning in the room, introduce drinking regime, in the form of clean water and warm tea with honey at night turn on the humidifier dry air ventilated house.In the dream the window does not close, even in winter.And yet!No chemistry, I do not welcome and do not go to the doctors, do not drip in the nose. "