The electric toothbrush oral b

monitoring the cleanliness of the oral cavity is the main condition for maintaining healthy microflora not only teeth but also the gastrointestinal tract for many years.Using a conventional brush, it is difficult to adhere to the rules prescribed by dentists dental care.The electric toothbrush oral b able to facilitate cleaning, spending much less time to process, and the result is better.This invention is worthy of the attention of those who are not indifferent to the household electric device, is committed to health and beauty, wants to save on dentist.

How to choose an electric toothbrush Braun Oral-B

Many prefer electric toothbrushes Oral b, becauseThis device has some advantages over classic:

  • brush head rotates in different directions and securely removes plaque from the remnants of food;
  • whitens teeth;
  • possibility of selection of different nozzles, depending on the desired effect;
  • uniform degree of pressing does not injure the gums and does not destroy the enamel.

seeing on the shelves of the store a large number of different design and configuration of electric brushes and attachments to them, it is easy to get lost.To choose an electric toothbrush and stay happy, you should stick to simple rules:

  1. Give preference to the device, which has a fixed charge, and the battery.
  2. Try to find a toothbrush with a timer, by which you will be required to brush their teeth for two minutes.
  3. Choose Electrobrushes multiple cleaning modes, asat first use is better to set a minimum for the addiction.
  4. Pick with brush suitable for you packing: whitening, cleaning the interdental spaces for sensitive teeth with enamel, for carriers of braces.
  5. Pick up a brush, suitable in size and weight, for example, for children under 12 years of age does not fit a large, lightweight device.

Overview of the most popular models in the stores

technology is a wide selection of all kinds of electric toothbrushes Oral b.Through advertising, we are aware of such electro bi shouted:

  1. Braun Oral B Triumph horal - electro premium, which is designed with innovative technologies: there is a display, which shows the degree of pressing, the cleaning, the battery charge level.Complete with "Triumph" brush is the case to protect the device from dust and dirt while traveling.
  2. Braun Oral B Professional black.Thanks to the innovative development of this device is able to clean the entire surface of the tooth at the same time.This device is suitable for beginners, becauseit is the only one nozzle and the cleaning speed.There is a pressure indicator, which when excessive pressure turns red.
  3. Oral-B Vitality 3D White Advance - most affordable model, which has a speed of cleaning, however, at times better than a conventional manual."Vitality" will provide a gentle massage gums, cleanse plaque.
  4. Oral-B Stages Power.Brushes in this series have a variety of colorful prints with cartoon characters.Musical accompaniment, thanks to built-in speaker, will not leave indifferent any child.The device is designed with the features of gentle children's teeth: there are soft bristles to gently clean enamel from bacterial film without damaging the gums.
  5. Oral-B TriZone Eltandborste has three modes of transmission: gentle cleansing, daily and cleaning with polishing.There is a pressing and a timer built-in sensor, reminiscent of changing purification zone.As stated by the official website of the oral b - single charge lasts for a week of use.

Where to buy and how much are interchangeable nozzles

When buying electro Oral b and interchangeable attachments thereto should pay special attention to the originality of the device, it is no rare-crooks sellers who offer counterfeit.In order not to buy counterfeit goods, buy products only from dealers to the service center.For ease of selection, the official site of Bi yelling in Russian provides a complete catalog of the models of toothbrushes.Here is a table of online stores that sell original electro and related accessories:

Model name

store name, address

Price (rub.)


Oral-B Triumph Professional Care Manual 5000 + 7 accessories

Online store ZdravZona


shop Online Dental supermarket


shopping center "The Seventh continent»

Moscow, Leningrad sh., d. 112, cor.1



Children electric toothbrush from 3 to 10 years of Hello Kitty

Online Store Tiu


Online store Dr elephant



Oral-b PRO 500 (d16) CrossAction

Online store Irrigator


Online store wikimart



Irrigator Waterpik WP-100 E2 Ultra

Online store Dr elephant



ul.Dmitrovka, 32


Online Store Irrigator-Stor




Online store NetRan


Internet pharmacy Apteka


Online store Breket shop


How to brush your teeth electro ORAL bI BROWN

Professional electric toothbrush yelling bi removes plaque in several times more efficient than manual.Due to high speed rotational movement and pulsating bristle heads, provides cleaning of the entire surface of the tooth, gum massage.To clean the electro teeth properly, it should be done in stages:

  1. Apply toothpaste on the brush.
  2. Start by cleaning the outer surface, lingering on each tooth for five seconds.
  3. Gently push the brush, the bristles penetrate between teeth.
  4. Switch to clean the inner surface, giving her a little more time.
  5. Thoroughly clean the chewing surface.
  6. Do not forget to change the nozzle.
  7. For a thorough cleaning of the space between the teeth and hard to reach areas have special nozzles toothbrush oral-b.

video about the benefits of electric toothbrushes Oral-B Braun

Roller will be useful to those who are lost in the variety of types of electric toothbrushes.Expert Company Oral-B is available and interesting talk about each model, showing them in their work.After watching the video clip to the end, you will learn about the importance of caring for children's immature teeth and gums with a special electro.Information is available at the end of the video review on how to choose the right electric toothbrush, what to pay attention to stay happy with the purchase.

Customer reviews and recommendations dentists

Arkady, 45 years

I, as a dentist, I recommend their patients not to save on health.Replacing a conventional brush for electric, you will notice the result: problems with your teeth will become smaller and trips to the doctor will be reduced.For people who are prone to the rocky sediments, I advise you to use an ultrasonic electro.My patients are happy with their new acquisition.

Vera, 28 years

My teeth were always yellowish, but my mother convinced me that it is hereditary.Such enamel property, I take for granted until I was presented with an electric toothbrush oral b Triumph and attachments thereto.After a month of daily use noticeably bleached my teeth!I strongly advise everyone to buy this wonderful brush, already mother prepared a birthday present.

Lyudmila, 35 years

My five year old son refused to brush your teeth every morning I had to fight to make him do this procedure.I was advised to purchase recently for his children's electric toothbrush New Oral-B Expert with music and timer.It cost a little expensive, but I did not regretted that took her.Since then my child brushes his teeth with pleasure.In the morning, the mood cheerful and fun!