Wet cough in a child

healthy and happy kids - what every mother dreams of.The smaller the baby, the more difficult it carries various diseases due to immature definitely nervous, muscular and immune systems of the body.Viruses, bacterial pathogens, allergens, infections can become a source of disease.The wisdom of Mother Nature is so great that the body a variety of symptoms suggests physicians, parents on the causes of the problem.What does the wet cough in a child, and how dangerous it is?

Reasons wet cough in a child

Cough - is amplified exhale through the mouth, caused by irritating the airways receptors factors.Occurring at the same physiological processes - reduction of laryngeal muscles, improving muscle tone of the bronchial system, the tension of the abdominal muscles - are reflex.The cough reflex is unconditional, serves a protective function of the body, allowing the body to withdraw foreign, other annoying objects.

presence of a wet cough in a child in most cases not dangerous, life-threatening and health

in general symptom.Doctors call this kind of expectoration mucus productive: the muscles of the bronchial tree are reduced, getting rid of the disturbing foreign bodies - phlegm, dust particles, allergens.Pulmonologists, pediatricians insist - neither wet nor dry cough is not treated!It is necessary to identify the cause and to influence it.

So, removing the causes productive of sputum in a child are:

  • Prostudnye, viral and other diseases.
    1. variety of respiratory tract infections.
    2. Bacterial complications.
    3. Asthma.
    4. Chronic diseases.
    5. Oncology.
  • allergy.
  • Runny or snot.
  • Physiological causes (often found in infants, when the milk gets into the respiratory tract).
  • Teething.From 8 months, most babies first teeth appear.Profuse salivation, inflammation of the mucous membranes become "agents provocateurs".

In some cases, the appearance of a wet cough in a child should prompt emergency response parental presence and supervision of a physician:

  • Age of the child (1 year).Dangerous wet cough in infants because of the lack of development of the body's systems and the inability to cough effectively.As long as the kid does not know how to sit down, accumulated mucus in the bronchi.Wet gurgling cough can bring to vomiting, cause breathing problems.
  • temperature Availability above 38 for three or more days.
  • Sudden prolonged seizures in children.
  • presence of dyspnea with frequency:
    • most 60 breaths - crumbs in infants up to 3 months;
    • more than 50 breaths per minute - at the year-old child;
    • 40 breaths or more in a child aged 2 years and older.
  • presence of wheezing, whistling cough, barking may indicate inflammation of the lungs, occurs without heat or bacteriological be undertreated complication of viral infection.
  • When copious sputum of the child has a greenish tint;admixture of blood;reddish color.
  • Permanent wet cough in children 3 years and older, accompanied by a reduction / loss of appetite;lethargy;sleepiness.

Folk remedies for cough with phlegm

the treatment of a variety of methods should be guided by the child's age and the nature of the disease.The absence of an elevated temperature, the presence of appetite, followed by a wet cough after the disease, should not cause acute anxiety of parents.Special attention and care require kids to a year.When the cough in infants must always call a doctor on the house!Strong attacks, until the vomiting can be triggered by:

  • pertussis wand.This is one of the few cases when the cough goes away after taking the drugs, providing braking cough center in the brain.Self-medication is strictly prohibited, and for diagnosis by laboratory testing is necessary to confirm the presence of whooping cough in a child's body.
  • stenosis of the larynx (laryngotracheitis).Urgent call in case an ambulance: you need to be hospitalized with the crumbs!As long as you expect a doctor to enter the bathroom with hot water, after closing the door.Hold your baby in a warm humid microclimate, age maximum ease.

remaining cases of wet cough in infants under a year old, as well as in older children and adolescents, perfectly amenable to treatment using physiotherapy - inhalation, chest massage;breathing exercises;light physical activity;stay outdoors.Let us consider in detail how to quickly get rid of a wet cough.


Magnificent means "translate" cough from dry to wet, affecting the upper respiratory tract with warm air, essential oils, saturated vapor soda, salt, iodine is inhaled.Remember childhood way of treating the common cold "breathe over boiled potatoes"?So, our grandmothers and mothers were right: warm air, warming the trachea and nasopharynx, thins the mucus, improving motor function of ciliary epithelium.Ideally, this method is for those who have accumulated phlegm in the throat and upper tract.

Modern medicine for the convenience of parents and children to take advantage of special offers inhalers:

  • Cheaper and simpler versions presented tray and a tube with nozzles.
  • Nebulizer - a medical device for use in the home.By inhaling converted into aerosol liquids (medicines, soda, etc.), the child perfectly liquefies viscous mucus.

expectorant massage

Effective performed in the home by parents or professional massage of the chest, helps get rid of the child from wet cough.Light tapping movements;broad sweeping strokes with the pressure on the chest, carried out from top to bottom;kneading and pinching will enhance blood flow to the bronchial tubes and lungs, stimulating mucus thinning and removal of phlegm.

Other effective means

Herbal decoctions, tinctures berries have long been known as an effective means of getting rid of the child cough.To dry cough went into the wet, brew 0.5 liters of water 4 tablespoonsthoracic collection.Tincture of rose hips (100 g of dried berries per liter of water) to raise the tone, saturating the body with vitamin C;broth linden strengthen expectorant component, liquefying phlegm;Chamomile tea, being a natural antiseptic, to help get rid of bacteria and viruses.

good for the baby in the treatment of wet cough breathing exercises.It promotes relaxation cough center, reduces the frequency of urgency, promotes the normalization of the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory system.To improve the performance of light, "pumping" a large volume of air, buy baby balloons.Combining game with respiratory treatments at the last inflated, you can help your child.

Expectorant drugs List

expectorants to "produce" productive cough in a child, is divided arbitrarily into two groups:

  • Medicines thinning sputum.
  • drugs that enhance the excretion of mucus from the bronchial tubes and lungs.

form of the drug - tablets, syrup or medicine - depends on the age of the child.All drugs are divided into natural and synthetic.The advantages of the first should include a minimum of chemical additives, which are weakened by illness the child's body will receive if swallowed.The downside is the unpredictable reaction to the natural components: allergy often leads to increased wet cough and attacks.


Mothers of small children, thinking that give a child, should pay attention to chemical dyes and additives, flavoring syrups: they can cause allergies, causing amplification of the cough reflex.In the pharmaceutical presented syrups:

  • reflex effects on the respiratory system:
    1. Alteyka;
    2. Pektolvan ivy;
    3. Stoptussin Phyto syrup;
    4. Bronhikum etc.
  • resorptive effect, improves mucus secretion:
    1. Amtersol;.
    2. Ambroxol;
    3. Karbotsistein.


Dry medicine for children is the combined effect of the drug, facilitates wet cough, normalizes the activity of the cilia of bronchial epithelium.It belongs to the natural herbal remedies, it shows children from infancy.Ingested orally in liquid form diluted powder boiled water in said proportions on the insert.Excess dosage is not allowed!


tablet form of medicines more suitable for children of middle and older age.Tablets contain less dye, and on the impact on the performance of wet cough as effective for the child, as syrups and medicines.A small list of expectorant drugs:

  • ACC;
  • Mukaltin;
  • Sinupret;
  • tablets cough;
  • Evkabal et al.

How to treat a wet cough without fever for Komarovsky

Children's cough often occurs due to viral / bacterial lesions of the organism (acute respiratory viral infection, bronchitis, laryngitis, snot, etc..) Or by reason of a violation optimal for an individualchild existence conditions (dust, the presence of mold, overdried air, etc.).Methods and tools for the treatment of wet cough depends on the cause of the disease, age of the child and the disease.How to cure the child phlegm?

Get together and calm down, and then take a series of measures aimed at:

  • cough relief process, helping to thin the thick, viscous mucus;
  • create humidity to 60-70%;
  • ensure the absence of allergens, even if the child is not allergic;
  • stopping medications when a wet-productive cough;
  • categorical prohibition reception antitussive drugs (except whooping cough, croup) with a wet cough.

What if sputum does not depart

If your child has a wet cough transferred to dry, it is necessary to understand the reasons:

  1. Reception antitussives off natural airway clearance reflexes.Adopted by yourself, not for other purposes, they can translate Wet productive cough barking baby dry.Decision will be giving up drugs, drinking plenty of fluids, taking mucolytic drugs.
  2. Taking antibiotics when SARS, mutually receiving certain medications can cause the formation of a dry cough, although initially the child was present wet.
  3. After a brief improvement after undergoing the transformation of cold wet cough dry testifies lowering infection in the lower respiratory path or accession bacterial destruction of the body.In this case requires an immediate visit to the doctor!

Video: Dr. Komarovsky of wet cough in a child

wet cough in children - not always the indicator of the presence of the disease.He is considered a normal physiological process, if during the day your child coughs up 10-15 times.So local immunity responds to interactions with viruses, dust and bacteria.Coughing in the morning children shows drying of the nasopharynx during sleep and respiratory tract seek to get rid of the accumulated per night mucus.How to behave parents if the child appeared cough wet, learn, watch our video: