Red spots on the skin in children

Good parents always worry about their children's health, especially when there is a significant reason.Children are highly susceptible to all kinds of diseases, so when the child's body red spots or minor redness, you should pay attention to the strange symptom.How to protect your child why the rash appeared, than cure - a lot of questions.Red spots on the body of the child indicate that you should find out the causes and quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms.Prior to the campaign to the doctor see what happens.

symptoms and possible causes of red spots in children

First of all, you need to pay attention to what appeared a rash: red spots on the body, huge spots, small red rash, and then - what the size of the affected areas.Find out if there are still some signs of the disease.These may include: scaling, itching, fever, pus, swelling, pain.Symptoms listed above is generally accompanied by allergies, infectious diseases, potnichke, insect bites or burns.

allergic reaction

first thought when the baby was covered with red rash - a suspected allergy.The allergic reaction often occurs in very young children as a kind of signal that the product is not fit: it is red spots in the newborn throughout the body or the affected area.Small red rash on the body of the child or centers covering a large portion also sometimes signals an allergy to food or household chemicals.

The major food allergens belong: eggs, honey, cheese, mushrooms, chocolate, citrus fruits and seafood.Avoid prolonged skin contact with the baby synthetics, chemicals (powder, soap).But allergy - the concept of the individual, so you should see the reaction of the organism to new foods, household chemicals, toys.

By allergic reactions include eczema, and even hives.Eczema - this cover rough spots baby face, scalp, neck, arms, knees.Outbreaks subsequently expanded bursting bubbles formed.Such sites are baked and strongly itch.Urticaria - blisters that are very itchy and when you click on them under the skin appear small white dots.Both diseases can be treated.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious lesions are very specific and require different treatment and care.By diseases include:

  1. Chickenpox.A more familiar name of "chicken pox" hides behind a big red spots that later turn into blisters bursting.Then there are red spots on the body, severe itching, and sometimes fever, weakness.Frequent occurrence of areas are cheeks, armpits, and the spaces between the fingers.Chickenpox is transferred to a small child easier, the main time to begin treatment.
  2. Scarlet fever.The development of a streptococcal infection in a child's body is triggered by failure to comply with the rules of hygiene or contamination by airborne droplets.No wonder we are constantly repeated as a child: a good wash hands thoroughly wash fruits, vegetables and berries.Carrier of infection may become dirty toys, clothes, household items Red dots on the body of a child appear in areas of the armpits, the face (excluding the nasolabial region), the groin.Scarlet fever characterized by pain in the throat and a strong scaling of the skin in the affected areas two days after the primary symptoms of the disease.Treatment is with antibiotics.If a family has a child, it must be isolated from contact with the infected.
  3. Measles.Dispatched tactile (through touch).Large red spots appear after the manifestations of common cold, cough, heat, fear of light and bright sunlight.Skin reactions are manifested in the 3-4 day.With red rash turns to brown, then peel off and disappears.Lots irregularly shaped lesions may appear on any part of the body: arms, head, back, feet, knees, stomach.Treatment of the average is carried out for two weeks.
  4. Rubella.It is transmitted by airborne droplets, but with proper treatment lasts long illness.Symptoms: headache, conjunctivitis, sore throat.Not a good time for the photo, the affected areas: the face, chest, back.Typical measles pink spots that appear within a week after infection.

Miliaria and diaper rash in the newborn

If good reasons the appearance of red spots in the skin folds was not found, then it is likely to sudamen.With intensive sweating (especially in the hot season), in the folds of the skin sometimes appear a fine red rash prickly heat.To avoid unpleasant symptoms bathing the baby should be held more frequently.Buy clothes made of natural materials, do not use oily skin care, let your skin "breathe" more often.

Intertrigo can manifest in the form of red patches, slightly similar to dropsy.There are diaper rash subsequently heat and sweat secretions.Kids suffer from diaper rash in the groin area, buttocks, skin folds, neck and chin.If prickly heat and diaper rash is required to maintain a constant cleanliness and freshness of the skin, proper hygiene and air baths.

Insect bites

mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other insects can trigger their bites appearance of redness on the child's skin.The bites are similar to allergies, they are very itchy, annoying kid may be hot, like a burn.Remove severe itching will using special gels for baby's skin ointments and creams.If a child has combed the bite, the treated area with green paint.Should give the child an antihistamine to reduce the chance of swelling.

Skin diseases

to children's skin diseases which are accompanied by redness on the skin belong:

  1. Viral dermatosis.Often occurs in children aged 5-8 years.It provokes dermatosis intracellular viruses that appear on the skin in the form of herpes, warts, genital warts, molluscum contagiosum.It is characterized by the weakness of the body, fever, peeling, and red vascular rash.When dermatosis for kids is important to a proper diet and a strict adherence to hygiene.Examinations and tests show changes in the body that lead to disease.
  2. Pustular skin lesions.When redness turn into pus bubbles, it is obvious manifestations of child pyoderma.There are streptococcal pyoderma, diaper dermatitis and dry ringworm.Treatment of purulent lesions should be on doctor's recommendations.Appropriate timely treatment can help get rid of without consequences, because such lesions affect the body as a whole.

What if the spots itch and peel

unpleasant itching affects the beauty of the skin, the child's mood, because the constant scratching annoying child.There is a risk to place more infection, so to remove the feeling of itching to try a soothing compresses.The basis of compression can be a decoction of chamomile, celandine, calendula, which is moistened cotton swab.After brewing squeezed grass still applied to the affected areas.Means for compresses should not include alcohol and podsushivayuschee funds - this will increase exfoliation.Remember to rub the red areas you can not!

To which the doctor ask

Red spots on the body of your child must always be examined in the hospital.Consult a dermatologist, he will appoint the necessary tests, will conduct a survey of affected areas of the body.Assign remedies should only be a professional, not to the situation worsened, and resolved.Unpleasant symptom not only worsens the skin, but also affects the body, so treat the child under the supervision of competent dermatologists.

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Young children often carry various diseases and make the most nervous of their parents.Redness, skin dryness and flaking are calling for a thorough examination and identification of additional signs of disease.Temperature, sore throat, runny nose, weakness, a kind stains lead to a specific disease, which is a treat.

If red spots appear on the child's body, any mom starts to sound the alarm.The experiences are not in vain, for any redness, birthmarks raises the question: why has appeared as a cure, which means?Learn the classification of red spots, prevent the appearance, choose the appropriate treatment.Experienced children's pediatrician will respond to issues of concern to parents experiencing.