The rinse your mouth after a tooth extraction

lack of timely treatment of teeth and other problems can lead to irreversible consequences - their removal.It is necessary to know the rules in order to prevent the negative consequences.One of the main - than to rinse your mouth after a tooth extraction.This hygienic procedure helps to avoid infection, entry of microorganisms into an open wound.

mouthwash after tooth extraction

After surgery in the jaw formed hole.She is filled with blood clot - a natural protection against ingress of microorganisms and inflammation.The opinions of physicians on what to do after tooth extraction, split into two opposing trends.Some say that it is necessary to rinse your mouth, others forbid it to do at least 48 hours after a visit to the dentist (active movement can wash Blutwurst plug in the hole and make the situation worse).

golden mean in this issue becomes the following method: the first 48 hours to hold antiseptic oral procedure, only then to carry out a full rinse.This will prevent the leaching of a blo

od clot, provide wound care.But what is to rinse your mouth after a tooth extraction?There are both specialized drugs and traditional methods.


  • chlorhexidine (digluconate another name).Before use read the rules, how to use chlorhexidine mouthwash:
  1. Type in your mouth with warm water.Gently, without the "gurgling" rinse cavity.
  2. Dial about 10 ml of chlorhexidine and move in different directions, to treat the oral cavity.Duration of procedure - 20-30 seconds.The number of repetitions per day - 2.3.
  3. carry out the procedure for 5-6 days.If you properly understand how chlorhexidine rinse your mouth, then healing will come faster.

  • hydrogen peroxide.Antiseptic, known to many from his childhood.However, to use it is not recommended to rinse.It is indicated only for local use, and expanding bubbles of oxygen can damage the blood clot.
  • Miramistin.When buying pay attention to packaging.The most convenient would be a bottle of spray.Breeding it is not required.The optimum would be three-time processing the hole day.Miramistin safe for health and has a wide range of activities.

  • Tablet mouthwash.The most common means of disinfection is furatsilin.Dissolve 6 tablets in 1 liter of water and make the mouth trays that well after the removal of the tooth is not affected by aggressive rinsing.For external machining can be applied Dekasana.

Soda solution

Some physicians still recommend the use of this method, but modern medicine offers a more effective security.The main indication for the use of soda bath is pus formation, since it is able to pull it out of the wound.In such a salt solution is often added to enhance the effect.Cleaning these components is able to harm blood clot and the hole, so it is better to abandon it.How to dilute soda mouthwash:

  • soda - 2 g;
  • water (warm) - 200 ml.
  1. Connect ingredients, stir thoroughly.
  2. Dial the solution in your mouth, hold, spit.Do
  3. claim 2 several times.

Liquid mouthwash

mouthwash, developed by professionals and takes into account all the features of the impact of the active ingredients to the teeth and the mucous membrane, so its application in this case there are no contraindications.Such liquids have a pronounced anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and a pleasant smell.Perhaps the use of pharmaceutical solutions for fast healing.Common are Salvini, Stomatofit, Chlorophillipt mouthwash.


decoction considered gentle and safe way.There are ready-made solutions, which are sold in pharmacies.This means such as Rotokan.Perhaps the use of the following herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula.For the treatment used and the gum (resinous tree selection).It is not inferior herbs in their properties.

To use broths need to properly prepare them.How to brew chamomile or sage?This will require:

  • grass - 1 tbsp.l .;
  • boiling water - 1 cup.
  1. Connect the ingredients and wait until the broth infusion.
  2. Do mouthparts baths: score - Used - spat.
  3. gargle three times a day is enough.

The gargle

for a normal recovery process complications do not arise.For quick results, follow all recommendations, with a clear idea:

  • How many rinse your mouth after a tooth extraction.
  • How many days to carry out the procedure.
  • Consider special cases.For example, what is to rinse your mouth after a wisdom tooth extraction, or in the presence of severe pain?

When flux

flux or swelling after tooth extraction - unpleasant phenomenon.Leave them unattended is unacceptable and the best option would be an immediate visit to the dentist.At home, alleviate the condition at the flux will help the following solutions:

  • decoction of sage.Prepared according to the instructions described above.
  • decoction of oak bark, St. John's wort, sage.Take 2 tablespoons.l.each, pour 1 liter of boiling water.After brewing, strain and rinse your mouth.Broth disinfects and removes swelling after tooth extraction.

for healing gums

Immediately after the operation wound bleeds.It can last for days and is not a cause for alarm.If you still want to help the body, you should familiarize yourself with how to stop the bleeding after tooth extraction.Make saline Stir all the crystals and do the oral trays.A good effect has a decoction of oak bark.

The pain

If toothache after removal, do not panic.To remove the used anesthesia and after it ceases to act, the nerves begin to function normally.The pain may accompany you throughout the day.Stomatofit should be used, it has an anesthetic effect for rinsing.If you long to have a toothache than to rinse and wait for relief, better to see a dentist.

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qualified doctors, well-known all over the country, will talk about everything related to this subject.Why can drop a tooth, which entails removing the consequences.Elena Malysheva show on mannequins important points.Understandable tips will help to figure out what to do for the prevention of dental problems and what are the first steps after the removal.