Than to treat chickenpox

spread of the disease that affects both children and adults - chickenpox.In medicine it is called varicella, but such danger as the smallpox, it is not.Than to treat chicken pox, known not only physicians, but also adults, who happened to have had a child by her.The causative agent is the herpes virus, and it is transmitted through airborne droplets.Therefore, in enclosed spaces (kindergartens, schools, boarding schools), people quickly infect each other.

Symptoms of chickenpox

and adults, and many children will be able to say, it looks like chicken pox, because its sign is very characteristic.Children within 7-23 days after infection with chickenpox often does not show himself, and then in the scalp, the face appears as a rash, quickly turning into vesicles.It is distributed throughout the body, and every 4-5 days it is covered by the child even more.Rashes have many small infected accompanied by fever, which can go up to 38-39 ° C.

In adults, many of them from childhood know what chickenpox s

ymptoms occur somewhat differently, although the incubation period of the virus in the body of an adult takes as much in children.First, fever, often reaching a critical point (40 ° C).It may be accompanied by a sharp increase in the lymph nodes, nausea, vomiting, fear of bright lights and noise.The rash appears later, and within 10 days (as last acute phase of chickenpox in adults) its severity increases.

Danger chickenpox adults is not only a critical rise in temperature, but also in the fact that in place of the vesicles healed scars often remain.Children traces remain, if they comb vesicles due to a state of severe itching of small ulcers.Therefore, the parents of these should be monitored closely as possible to explain to children why it is impossible to scratch spots.

Treatment of chickenpox in

home Things to treat chickenpox in a child or adult, interested in people who are personally confronted with this disease or watch it from friends and relatives.It is particularly important to know what to smear chickenpox in children except zelenki whether to allow use of folk remedies, if it is struck by the mucous membrane of the eyes or settled in the mouth.Chickenpox on the eyes, the mouth is treated just as well as on the cutaneous integument.This treatment of the disease in children and adults may differ.


Experienced parents know what is treated chickenpox in children than it is necessary to smear defeat.With her face involuntarily, when the child goes to kindergarten, school.The type of treatment depends on the age of onset, severity of the disease.For example:

  1. in infants with symptoms suggestive of a mild form of the disease, reddening processed green paint or gel "Fenistil".In the case of a severe form that affects the mucous membranes, grudnichka should be hospitalized.Because only a doctor knows how to treat chickenpox in the mouth, which can lead to false croup.
  2. Children up to one year the immune system is very weak, so doctors prescribed him antipyretics, appropriate to their age, and "Calamine Lotion" to lubricate rash.
  3. Adolescents chickenpox runs hard, so you need to know how to handle rashes and keep the overall condition.If a teenager does not complain of headache, shortness of breath, muscle pain, cramps, then it should be treated at home.For the treatment of rashes doctor prescribes antiseptic solutions, prescribes bed rest, sparing diet.

The adult

How quickly cure chickenpox in adults, says any experienced physician.The approach to the disease is similar to the treatment of chicken pox at home in children, so do not have to deal with special difficulties.The main thing you need to strictly comply with professional requirements, the specific mode, make every effort to further recuperate health.

Pregnant body can not fight with chicken pox at the appropriate level, if a child my mother is not ill with the disease.If it struck the woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, there is a risk that the fetus will have problems with vision, and the skin covered with scars.To reduce the painful symptoms the doctor prescribes acyclovir, which should take only a day after the rash appears.When gestation of the child with questions about what is allowed to cure and treat chickenpox rash, you should consult your doctor!

How chickenpox treated

Along with the question of how to treat chickenpox in adults, people are concerned about how long the treatment.In children with a stronger immune disease duration since the beginning of the infection until the last eruption reaches 1.5 weeks or less.Once this spot is gradually cleared of crusts and within 3 weeks finally disappear.If a child has had time to comb the vesicles, the skin scars.

Important!After the last eruption person for 5-7 days stays active carrier of the virus and can still infect others.Therefore, do not let the child in a kindergarten, a school, or to admit to other healthy children in the house.These simple measures will save other people from infection and help the man, who suffered illness, recover faster.

Scar Treatment after chickenpox

special means should start using as soon as a stain will go brown.So there is a greater chance that the scars are smoothed, and will not leave behind a trace.If the skin after the spots were visible scars, and prescription ointments do not help get rid of them, you should hire the services of an experienced beautician.When medication method of treating the disease, doctors prescribe:

  • Dermatiks gel;
  • Aldar;
  • Contractubex gel;
  • Kelofibraza;
  • Medgel.

Video: Komorowski about the treatment of varicella

If you want to take timely measures to facilitate the course of the disease, you will need information.Find out for yourself, which is why doctors argue that recommend parents experienced therapists - watch the video underneath.Renowned pediatrician Dr. Komorowski will open all the cards and will help to treat the most famous and contagious "infantile disorder".