Wisdom tooth is growing and sore gums

Few things can cause us so much trouble, like a toothache.To avoid it, we try to visit the dentist regularly.But these precautionary measures do not help, when the wisdom tooth is growing and sore gums .. Almost every adult suffered these unpleasant sensations.Let's look at the root causes of such symptoms, learn and remember how anesthesia risk factors, when it is better to make the removal of molars.

What if growing wisdom tooth and sore gums

These molars (molars) that dentists are often called "eight" to grow for a long time, sometimes for several years, and this growth is often accompanied by periodic unpleasant swelling of the mucousand varying degrees of tenderness.Wisdom teeth grow up to 25-30 years, although sometimes they do not erupt in some people.The process of the emergence of the so-stretched because of eights on the spot baby teeth do not grow, and they pass their way through to the eruption already formed jaw is inflamed surrounding tissues.

When sore gums near the wisdom teeth,

are often observed and other symptoms: fever, sore throat or gives ear, often appear cheeks and tongue edema.Since the cause of the discomfort the person affected can not, you know what pain relief methods are well used when the wisdom tooth is growing strongly and sore gums, and when you need dental intervention.

The anesthetize

Remove the pain to help those methods:

  • periodically throughout the day to rinse your mouth with soda-salt solution (in a glass of hot water dissolve 1 tsp boxes of salt and soda, wait until the fluid..It will be warm, to rinse, slightly delaying the mixture near the patient's molars);
  • make application to the mucosa swollen with pain-relieving gels for the oral cavity;
  • drink analgesic, such as analgin, tempalgin or attach to the patient place a small piece of the tablet.

In the case where the wisdom tooth is growing and constantly sore gums, you need to seek help from a dentist to prevent complications.Often the pain suggests that room for eight in a row is not enough, because it is wrong when cutting, producing pressure.Without timely intervention it will lead to the loss of or adjacent molars, or shifting of the entire dentition and bite damaged then it will be difficult to correct.

How to remove the inflammation of the gums

inflammatory process occurs during the growth of eights because with slow eruption of the molars a long time remained covered with a mucous membrane - a hood.Fall into this tissue of food pieces which are difficult to remove during cleaning of the mouth hygienic, causing microbial growth and, consequently, inflammation of the gums around the wisdom tooth.An effective treatment for this problem is the excision of the hood - a simple dental procedures, which in a few minutes will eliminate the risk of possible complications: soft tissue swelling, festering.

When you need wisdom tooth removal

Tear eight problematic necessary if:

  • it is cut horizontally, too tight to neighboring molars, injure their roots;
  • grows in cheek, it hurts the mucous membrane;
  • molar when immersed (do not cut through or cut a part) due to the high risk of a cyst or infection of the surrounding tissues;
  • appeared mucous abscess;
  • developed deep caries.

decision to remove the dentist takes, analyzing the complaints of the patient, but also on the basis of X-ray of the jaw.As a rule, the patient lacks the impact study 8s, but there are situations when the right decision for the doctor needed a circular ortopantogramma showing problems in adjacent teeth or points to the particular structure of the jaw.

What hurts the gums after tooth extraction wisdom

If molar removal was easy, without previous inflammation of the surrounding tissue, the pain will be felt after the end of anesthesia around during the day.If eight pulled out because inflamed gums near the wisdom teeth, was festering or doctor took out the pieces of the remains of 8-ki (cut the mucous membrane), the pain will be more durable.All will begin to subside in 1-2 days, the maximum period - a week.If the pain continues, develops cheek swelling, fever, there is a bad taste, bad breath, it signals about the complications.

Video: Why sore wisdom tooth and swollen gums

To visualize the process as slotted eight and what problems to your health sometimes involves, watch the video below.Short, clear information about the reasons for the rapid development of these molars caries and when it is recommended their preventive removal will help you in the prevention of oral health.Be healthy and smile more often!