How to get rid of papillomas home

Papilloma - a benign nature of education in the skin.There are in any parts of the body, but most often on the neck, eyelids, face, chest, genitals.From this phenomenon, it is desirable to get rid of a man, because it can become cancerous, cause autoinfection.If you are familiar with this problem, you must figure out how to remove papilloma at home.There are so many effective drugs from the pharmacy and popular ways to treat.

Recommendations for treatment of warts and warts in the home

The most important condition - before you choose a removal tool, be sure to consult your doctor.Only a specialist with certainty say whether it is possible to remove the papilloma at home and advise a good way to solve the problem.In addition, it will look a photo and indicate the nature of education.You must understand that a cure for HPV does not currently exist.All the methods described below are effective for the removal of structures, but they can reappear.The very same papillomavirus will forever remain in t

he body.

Treatment pharmacy means

Manufacturers produce many effective drugs.These are some of them:

  1. Cream Aladar.Effective tool for getting rid of warts at home, which has practically no contraindications.Apply to clean the affected area with the formation of the night, after washing out.
  2. Oxolinic ointment.Suitable for removing genital warts in the groin, warts.It should be inexpensive.
  3. Gel Stefalin.vegetable components, base - alcohol solution.
  4. Dermavit.You can not handle the chest and armpits.
  5. Frezol.The manufacturer guarantees the removal of the papilloma after the first application in the home.
  6. Malawi.The drug relieves itching and assists in removing warts.
  7. Gel Panavir.It contains active bio-components.It is used five times a day half a month.
  8. Isoptin.Tablets for HPV blocking.Accepted courses.Do not use during pregnancy.
  9. Kriofarm.Medicine freezes education, after which it disappears in two weeks.
  10. Lyapisny pencil.Effective means that loses its popularity.The reason is that the pencil leaves traces on the skin.If education is necessary to remove from the face, it becomes a serious problem.

How to get rid of warts on the body of folk remedies

There are not only pharmaceutical, but also the "grandmother" means to correct the problem:

  1. Garlic.If you have no idea how to treat a papilloma, try this remedy is necessary.Take a few cloves of garlic, crush, add a little vegetable oil or any hand cream.Apply to the formation of the resulting slurry is about half an hour.Do packs a day for a month.
  2. Onions.Half of a small head, clean, chop and pour a couple of hours cider vinegar.Then mash with a fork to mash the state.Apply on the affected area, Wrap polyethylene, leave for half an hour.Make a compress in a day for a month.
  3. Aloe.Especially effective is the drug to eliminate warts in men and women in the genital area.If you make a compress on the affected area before going to bed, if you know the problem.
  4. celandine.If you do not know what to cauterize a papilloma, try the juice of this plant.Disinfect the affected area.Cut off the stem celandine juice and apply eye-catching on the papilloma.Pre-formation base is allowed to tie a thread, but because of this the skin can become inflamed around.Use the method of the month twice a day.
  5. Kalanchoe.Fresh leaves of the plant apply to the affected area at night, secure the bandage on top of cellophane wrap.Take such packs 7-10 days.
  6. chestnut leaves.The perfect tool for the treatment of papilloma in the genital or anal opening.Enter half a bucket chestnut leaves and pour boiling water over night.The resulting broth, pour in the bath and take it half an hour.Repeat procedure week.
  7. Echinacea.Take pharmaceutical plant extract according to the instructions recommended by the manufacturer.
  8. banana peel.Rub the affected area with it pre-treated with iodine.
  9. Dandelion.Fill the head with alcohol colors and leave in a dark place for a fortnight.The resulting infusion to apply papilloma 7 times a day for 30-40 minutes.Education will be gone in a couple of weeks.
  10. egg white.A very effective method of removing warts.Regularly then polish protein formation, after drying, apply a new layer.
  11. Walnut.Mix a young fruit of kerosene, pre-cut them.Insist three weeks.Smear the affected area tincture three weeks in a row every day.
  12. Special adhesive tape.Sold in pharmacies without a prescription.Impregnated with the drug formulation.Rules of application are very simple: Cut a piece of plaster stick to the papilloma and leave for about five days.Then soak the plaster and tear off abruptly.If papilloma remained in place, repeat the procedure.
  13. Tea tree oil.If you can not imagine how quickly remove papilloma at home, try this remedy.Lubricate them growths, but try not to fall on the clean skin.Do the procedure twice a day.
  14. onion peel.Fill it with lots of vinegar.Capacity cloth cover or otherwise protect from light.Insist in a dark place for a couple of weeks.Make compresses infused peel to the affected area once a day, preferably at night.
  15. Mix the same amount of violet and sage.Add three parts of plantain and pour boiling water.Soak infusion of day, remove the cake and drink a tablespoon every day.
  16. Lemon essential oil.Carefully apply a drop of papilloma times a day.The skin around try not to touch.

Other home remedies for warts removal and cautery

There are many alternative ways to deal with formations.If you do not know how to remove papillomas at home, try the following:

  1. potatoes.In order to treat a papilloma, need to be cut in half to rub the affected area with potatoes.Repeat it should be daily.Effective are also compresses with potato juice.Wash the potatoes and grind in a meat grinder.Press from the resulting pulp juice.Moisten it cheesecloth and apply a compress on the night of 14 consecutive days on the papilloma.
  2. soap.It can also help to remove education.Papillomas should be lubricated economic or tar soap at night for a month.She begins to inflame, after treatment should be discontinued.Education will then shrink and disappear.
  3. Thread.The method used in the intimate area can not, under any circumstances.In order to remove the education should be to tie knots over papillomas silk or cotton thread.It is believed that they disappear within one to two weeks.This method is absolutely not recommended.The most "harmless" consequence of a strong inflammation of the skin lesion.

What to do after the removal of papilloma

If you got rid of education, remember the following rules and follow them during the first days after the swelling disappears:

  1. Do not try to tear the remnants of a papilloma.
  2. Do not rub the affected area with washcloth water procedures.
  3. Avoid applying any cosmetic creams to the skin in the affected area.
  4. Try not to stay in the sun.
  5. Avoid injury chemicals.

Video: how and what to bring home papilloma

If you have any unusual skin lesions, look at the following video.Before display papilloma folk remedies, you should consult with a doctor.Thanks to the expert, you need to make sure that education is really benign.The video you can see, what treatments are offered modern and traditional medicine.

feedback on the results of the treatment

Margarita, 36 years : Long thought about whether to remove papillomas on the body.Disturbed, they have only aesthetically.As a result of the build-up he has decided to get rid of.I am applying a paste of garlic, but it was a strong burning sensation.I decided to use lemon oil, then castor.Papilloma extinct, but then appeared in new places.Now think about the surgical removal methods, I believe it will help.

Nadezhda, 44 years : I warts began to appear long ago, but at first they did not disturb me.When they became too much I went to the doctor.Advised to use ointments and taking restorative vitamins.So I wonder whether there are traditional methods of removing growths on their own and I decided to try celandine.The result was not long in coming, papilloma disappeared very quickly.

Alexander, 47 years old : I became interested in how to properly remove papilloma at home, because it appeared in my intimate place.To the doctor to go it was not convenient.Essential oils tried, but the result was not.Helped only medicines purchased at a pharmacy.Due to the problem went away ointments.Traditional recipes, unfortunately, did not produce results, but Kriofarm proved to be very effective.