The disease is a heart defect

Healthy Heart divided into two parts by a partition.In the left half of the circulating arterial, and the right - venous blood, which do not mix.What is heart disease?It is a complex disease with the wrong anatomical location of various structures in the vital organs.After reviewing the information about the symptoms of heart disease, attentive parents will not miss the first symptoms and be able to give your child a long and happy life.

disease Classification

concept of heart disease includes various defects of the body.For correct diagnosis and determine the type of disease the doctors held a number of diagnostic procedures.Analyzing the overall statistics of the research, there are several main types of the disease.This classification is not exhaustive, however, accepted as a basis for cardiologists around the world.

On the mechanism of

Depending on whether there is a congenital or acquired heart disease, how radically different for the disease, its diagnosis and prescription of treatment,

rehabilitation procedures.The effectiveness of measures aimed at reducing the negative impact of the disease is directly related to the mechanism of heart disease.


from three to six weeks of pregnancy there is a bookmark system of the heart in the fetus.Often during this period, some women are not aware of their situation and do not care about their health.Therefore, doctors insist that pregnancy should be planned, becauseOnly 8% of disease falls on chromosome fails, the remaining 92% - this is a wrong way of life of the future mother.

According to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD code 10), congenital heart Systems occupies a leading place among the birth defects.About eight children per thousand are born with the disease.Ten years ago, this diagnosis meant a short life, but today, thanks to modern inventions in medicine, there is a chance to renew it.What happens in heart disease:

  1. With this illness in the cardiac septum there is a hole through which the blood is enriched with oxygen from the left ventricle enters the right and mixes.
  2. displacement of the aorta, which impedes blood circulation.
  3. Out in the pulmonary artery is narrowed, so the venous blood can not get out of the heart to the lungs to be enriched with oxygen.
  4. Increasing the right ventricle of the heart, because of the work under great pressure.
  5. The body is thrown out of poor quality blood.


These heart problems are much less common.Heart disease develops during school age, or acquired throughout life, as a result of the transferred diseases and affects the valve body of the device.Acquired heart disease is divided into three types:

  • rheumatoid;
  • mitral heart disease when the narrowed valve opening;
  • heart failure, when, due to the incomplete closing of the heart valve, as a result of his injury, the blood flows back part where received.

Such defects are different reasons:

  • viral infection can cause heart complications;
  • reception of strong medicines;
  • abnormal intrauterine development;
  • poisoning with toxic substances, due to prolonged exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions;
  • genetic predisposition to heart disease.


Defect cardiac device is versatile localization, is a complex disease, which interferes with blood circulation from the heart to all the internal organs, cells and tissues.Depending on the location of the body of the defect concentration is observed in patients with different symptoms and response to disease.The degree of severity of heart disease as determined by the localization of the disease site.

Vices valves

most important parts of the heart - it has four valves: the mitral, aortic, tricuspid valve and the pulmonary trunk.At the moment they are pumped up to five liters of blood and prevent its reverse progress.The most frequent violations of the heart valves:

  • narrowing (stenosis);
  • fusion;
  • failure.

Heart valves defects must be replaced.The replacement need bicuspid aortic and mitral departments.Several years ago, these patients have established mechanical device made of metal and plastic.Innovative technologies allow the use of a biological heart valve, which is adapted to the human body.According to the structure of such a prosthesis is close to the natural organs.

Vices ventricular and atrial walls

include congenital heart defects in early defect interventricular and interatrial septa very common.From the first months of life in these children have life-threatening diseases associated with heart failure.The clinical picture is typical in such cases:

  1. visually observed heart hump on the sternum, due to the abnormal size of the right ventricle.
  2. over the area of ​​the heart in the third and fourth intercostal space tapped systolic tremor, which may not be available at high pulmonary pressure.
  3. Increased liver.
  4. In light tapped stagnant wheezing.

To cure heart disease and to prevent its possible irreversible processes, it is assigned an operation that lasts for several hours.After surgery, the patient is on artificial respiration for 10 - 12 hours.Timely conduct of the operation not only helps save the life of the little man, but also to create conditions for its proper development and prevent disability.

The color of the skin of the patient

One of the distinct signs of heart disease is to change the baby's skin color.Attentive to your baby mother should be noted, if the skin differ from the normal color, becoming bluish or red when crying, feeding, active movement, you should pay a visit to the pediatrician to eliminate heart disease.


venous blood, which carries the waste products and carbon dioxide, in the heart mixed with the arterial and through the entire body carries no food and oxygen and harmful substances.In such cases, the child's skin turns blue.This feature can not be ignored, sinceit may be due to such disorders of the heart:

  • in the interventricular septum of the heart has a hole;
  • pass into the pulmonary artery is narrowed, so that the heart is difficult for the passage of blood oxygenation.


Too pale skin may indicate the development of heart disease.This symptom suggests that blood saturated with carbon (blue) does not come to the main circulation of the great circle of the circulatory system.With such a mechanism arises a thickening of the vessel walls and heart to overtake blood work wear.In this mode of operation heart failure develops over several months.

Key signs and symptoms

Doctors distinguish typical symptoms, using which it is easy to suspect heart disease.Any change in the state of health should immediately make you seek help from a specialist.Cardiologists appeal to the attentive attitude not only to the health of their children, but also to their own way, which is widely ignored in today's active society.


heart disease in adults are the characteristic features that are hard to miss.Here are the ones that belong to the vice vital organ:

  • frequent shortness of breath;
  • chest pain;
  • headaches;
  • severe weakness, in which no vitality;
  • blue nasolabial area is typical for heart disease;
  • pale skin of the face;
  • limbs cold feet and hands, even in warm weather, can talk about heart disease.

In children and infants

not always possible to detect heart disease in the newborn: there are species that are not immediate.It happens so that the infant is born on time with good weight, developed in accordance with the age, but when running a small circle of breath circulation, there are the first signs of heart disease.Some types of heart disease are diagnosed only a few months after birth.These include patent ductus arteriosus, which shall, within three weeks of closing.

If the oval window is not closed, the doctors diagnosed a small defect of the heart.The signs by which parents may be suspected congenital cardiac disease (Tetralogy of Fallot) in their children:

  • cyanotic lips (cyanosis) when crying, laughing, or breast-feeding;
  • retarded growth;
  • poor appetite;
  • difficulty in performing normal physical activities;
  • bulge chest from the left ventricle of the heart, pulsation sometimes seen;

diagnostic methods

To suggest a defect of the internal organs may in utero.Fetal fetal echocardiography can help determine whether there is an anomaly of the circulatory system of the baby.In the event of suspected heart disease should use modern diagnostic methods.Most popular:

  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • echocardiography through the esophagus;
  • angiography;
  • MRI heart diagnostics.

treatment of heart defects

When put an accurate diagnosis, the physician determines the treatment of the disease.Malformations cardiac delimited to the complex, which require immediate attention, here are newborn children with severe abnormal development of the heart.There are some diseases that can be supported with medication prior to the appointment of the planned operation.

Therapeutic treatment

This treatment is aimed at eliminating lung disease of the heart.Assigned to maintain the patient on the waiting time before elective surgery.Surgical treatment of diseases of the heart of the system consists of special physical exercises, breathing practices and receiving pharmacy preparations:

  • immunostimulatory drugs;
  • means expanding vessels;
  • drugs aimed at the food of the heart muscle.


cure diseases of the heart of the system is possible by the operational method.Children with this disease surgery is welcomed by doctors only after six months of life, when the child got full weight.Another operation was carried out ten years ago by the cut, but now modern doctors have learned to treat heart disease without scalpels and scars.

This operation takes about twenty minutes, a few hours later the child is allowed to go, and are discharged from the hospital on the third day.The result of surgery, blood in the heart is divided by a partition full, "motor" running smoothly.Over time, the patch is covered with cells and tissues of the body, it becomes one, indivisible body.

Video: how is the operation when vice

heart to your attention below shows the clip of serious diseases of the heart of the system of a newborn boy.You will see the golden hands of the surgeon correct a mistake of nature and give life to the little man.The video shows the operation on the heart valve, using the latest technology, which until recently were used only in Israel.Inspection video to end, and you will know how many are living with heart disease and what are the consequences.