Inhaler for children cough and runny nose

efficient and safe way to deal with the symptoms of colds, flu and SARS - nebulizer therapy.This term treatment with special devices, nebulizers and inhalers.Inhaler for children cough and runny nose delivers the drug directly into the inflammatory focus.Inhalation shown and bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis and other issues related to the health of the respiratory tract.

Types of inhalers for children

Doctors are three basic types of devices: steam, ultrasonic and compressor.They all operate on the same principle: the drug is converted to vapor or aerosol for deep penetration of the drug into the airways.The use of inhalers for children cough and runny nose helps to carry out the procedure with a minimal amount of drugs.Before you decide which is best inhaler, it is necessary to know how they differ.


For the treatment of upper respiratory tract suitable steam inhaler.This is an advanced modification of the well-known folk method "breathe over the potatoes."The action of the device is ba

sed on the inhalation of hot steam.It works with volatile substances having a boiling point less than 100 degrees threshold - is essential oil and herb teas.The solution was heated to 45 degrees, is converted into steam and is fed through a mask in the nose and mouth.

Disadvantages steam inhaler for the treatment of children:

  • child is difficult to breathe hot air jet.
  • During the heating of the active nutrients destroyed.
  • concentration of the drug in the inhaled cloud below the required for treatment.
  • list of solutions, which are allowed to fill the device small.

Steam Inhaler - the cheapest, the cost of simple devices - from $ 10, the average price range: $ 35-40.Known steam inhalers for children: «Cow» (name translated as "Burenka"), "the Puppy" ( "Dog"), "Daisy."The pharmacy can offer a device called "Chudopar" he is not a child, but it is used for all family members, including children.


instrument of this type creates a powerful airflow and delivers it through a small hole in the chamber with the drug solution.It formed an aerosol cloud that is inhaled by the patient through a mask.The advantage of this device - it can spray almost all kinds of drugs, prescription for inhalation.Minus - the unit is very noisy and some kids perceive it cautiously, hardly get used to it.As a part of the device has an electric compressor and nebulizer, spray liquid.

To reduce children's anxiety during a meeting with the device manufacturers make inhalers compressor type attractive.Cheerful train or whale calf is taken as a toy.Among this kind of devices are allocated Omron inhalers.These high-quality, often applied to them the epithet "the best inhalers."Cost compact inhalers Omron starts from $ 60.Known compressor inhaler - "Dolphin» (Delphinus).He gives to adjust the size of aerosol particles.Should such a device from 80 dollars.


Ultrasonic inhalers similar to compressor means aerosol delivery to the airways, but compared to them, they are almost noiseless.Using ultrasound device sprays the medicament into tiny particles under 5 microns.Ultrasonic inhalers for children cough and runny nose - an effective method of treatment.A child can breathe as the mouth and nose.Choosing an ultrasonic nebulizer, attention should be paid to such characteristics as dispersion, ie the particle size of the spray of the drug.

penetrate into the bronchi are particulate matter with a diameter of 5-10 microns.And if the statement says that the device generates larger particles, it is better to abandon the purchase.The device, in the characteristic which contains a large dispersion of the aerosol particles may be of poor quality, especially low-cost.The cost of the ultrasonic inhaler starting at $ 45.Well-known manufacturers: Omron, AND, Beurer.How to choose an inhaler, tell the pharmacist in the pharmacy.

Which is better: an inhaler or nebulizer

Any device for inhalation is sometimes called a nebulizer, the inhaler.The word comes from the nebulizer "nebula", which translated means "cloud of fog."This name means that the liquid medicine is transferred into an aerosol cloud.A «Inhalo» in translation from the Latin - "breathe."Nebulizers - a narrower variety of inhalers.These do not include steam, because it does not allow to vary the particle size.Most nebulizers allow you to change the aerosol feed mode.

What to choose for your child cough

Coughing may be used as a steam inhaler or nebulizer.Steam Inhaler helps when a child's cough, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Steam inhalation made correctly, contribute to the dilution and easier sputum discharge.This method is not suitable for young children.The ultrasonic nebulizer or compressor is safe to use, even if the child chest.Indispensable they are in the treatment of lower respiratory tract, and if the child's tormented cough.

How to use an inhaler at home

use of the device, means to perform a few rules.Perform the procedure in an hour and a half after eating.Repeating two-three times a day.Before the procedure, you need a good clean nose to free the respiratory tract, and to facilitate the access of the aerosol to the destination.Do not use the inhaler if there are contraindications:

  • fever, more than 37.5 degrees;
  • nose bleeds, and have a tendency to bleed as a whole;
  • discovered an allergy to the drug for inhalation for which the prescription;
  • have a serious disease of the cardiovascular system.

What medicine pour

drug is to be used, prescribed by a doctor.The dosage for children is 2 ml.Also children need medication saline inhalation.They are diluted in vehicle ratio of 1: 1.When dry, barking cough need to use ambrobene, Lasolvan and ambrogeksal, the active ingredient in them - ambroxol.To expand the bronchi using Flomax.His dosage determines the child's age, year-old supposed to mix 6 drops of funds with 2 ml of saline solution.Children from three years to fill 8 drops.

When laryngitis, stenosis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, and false croup helps Naphthyzinum.These procedures are carried out on the same saline solution, in a ratio of 1: 1.Tested means to facilitate the flow of cold - inhalation of mineral water for children.Gas from it be released.Recommended mineral water - "Borjomi".Pour in the nebulizer for children 3-5 ml of fluid.

for steam inhalation is often used chamomile, herbal decoction.It helps with the common cold, such procedures are useful and tonsillitis, flu, bronchitis and tracheitis.Other herbs that help in the treatment of colds: thyme, mother and stepmother, and sage.Effective steam inhalations with essential oils, menthol, eucalyptus, geranium and juniper.3-5 drops of the oil placed in saline.Small children are not allowed inhalation.The ultrasonic nebulizer can not pour oil.

How to breathe

inhalation cough in children may last 1-3 minutes.If you use a steam inhaler, it is important to make sure that the steam does not come into contact with the skin.Breathe with steam inhalation to be careful, sharp intake of breath can cause burns of the respiratory tract, so pediatricians prohibit such conduct kids procedure.After inhalation drug cloud recommend hold your breath for a second or two, to relieve cough, and then exhale.

video about children inhalers

Before purchasing and using an inhaler encourage you to read the video, which offers visual answers to most parenting issues.You will see how to perceive the noisy compressor inhalers very young children, how comfortable they feel in the mask.Hear tips renowned pediatrician - Dr. Komarovsky about what is best to do inhalation, learn how to help your child stop being afraid of the nebulizer.

Nebulizers for children

What do inhalation

If a child is afraid of the procedure

reviews inhalers

Larisa, 32 years : I am the mother of two children, in young (3 years) is often observed coughing, colds constantly pass into bronchitis.Bought compressor nebulizer "Locomotive", I thought that I would have to keep the baby, but he was happy to tolerate the procedure, and does not even want to finish.The effect is visible already after one day of inhalation, we spend two: in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

Svetlana, 25 years : daughter went to this fall in kindergarten and became the most often hurt SARS.On the advice of a friend bought a nebulizer treatments spend with mineral water "Borjomi", it helps you quickly, we have much less sit on the sick.We bought an ultrasonic nebulizer Omron pharmacy.Make inhalation with your family - it's very convenient.The kit includes a nebulizer mask for adults and children.