Plates for teeth alignment

What sets us apart from the crowd?This charming and unique smile, but bumpy by nature or due to injury bite can spoil her appearance.Here, join the battle a variety of dental appliances.It can be braces, but sometimes help ordinary plate for teeth alignment.Staples able to properly arrange the dentition to further resort to surgical methods.

How to align your teeth without braces

How to fix crooked teeth?One way - it's a plate for correction of malocclusion.Different models, as seen in the photo are 2 common parts: the arc of the metal envelope of dentition and soft palate plastic part.Metal plate, because part of the arc is made of nickel or titanium.They "remember" the form that they were given, ie,dental resist pressure.Here are the different types of plates for your teeth:

  1. removable.Includes screws and springs system, the amount of which depends on the value of the product.They are made for a specific person for a small correction of malocclusion the upper or lower jaw.wearing time is bet
    ween 1.5 to 2 years.
  2. Fixed.They are mounted on the outer side of the dentition by means of a complex of locks, which are inserted in a metal arc.Sometimes it tighten.

How to put plates on the teeth?The process involves several stages:

  1. X-ray examination.
  2. Making molds and plaster models on them for a particular patient.
  3. Installation plate for the subsequent alignment of the teeth, which is painless.After installation, may momentarily increase salivation and articulation disorders.


Correction formed bite - a process more complicated, because the facial bones have already its final structure and virtually unchanged.If you are interested in the alignment of the teeth without braces, the dentist will be able to offer a number of ways.Just the usual plate is not recommended for adults.Installation is possible, but it will take more money and time on treatment.Because of this, use other ways to align your teeth at home:

  • veneers or Luminar;
  • aligners or aesthetic caps.

orthodontic plates in children

young age takes precedence over the more mature: yet unformed correct bite is much easier.To this end, the dentists used children's plates, that at an early stage to correct bite problems.These dental structures are set up to 12-15 years of age and are more gentle action.Here is what functions are performed by the plate on the teeth children:

  • rebuild job muscular frame;
  • guide jaw to normal growth;
  • increases the space between the teeth, giving rise even impacted;
  • protects against the bias of individual teeth of the growth axis.

How much wear plate for

teeth wear construction time depends on the defect, which is examining doctor prescribes a period necessary for the effective correction of malocclusion.Term use also depends on several factors:

  1. After braces for teeth straightening plates are of the period, which is 2 times more than the braces treatment.
  2. To get rid of the curvature of the wearing of corrective structures should be not less than six months of the year for children and adults.
  3. To align the front teeth to be effective, the design worn all day, and for the simple prevention - only at night.

How much is to align the teeth

As to the question, how much is to put a plate on the teeth, the price range varies depending on the type of the structure itself and can be:

  1. How much is a plate on the teeth without screws?Its price ranges from 8 to 10 thousand. P.
  2. Upmarket cost plate with screw device - from 11 to 13 thousand p..
  3. Kit with 2 plates, ie,a machine - from 15 thousand p..

Video: What better braces or plates

Treatment of how a device would be better plates or bracket-system?The situation is ambiguous, since both designs have their own characteristics, and the decision depends on the defect of the jaw and the patient's age.If you want to decide on what is best suited to you, see useful video.Knowledge of the characteristics of these devices will help in the determination of a more rational treatment.


Tatiana, 38 years : I have a son, he was 8 years old.I had to put a plate.After years of wearing the result on the face, and the daily wear only about six months.Then we were allowed to wear only at night.My advice - do not delay, so as not to have to put braces.

Natalia, 34 years : My 10-year-old daughter plate bite corrected very quickly - enough just to wear for six months.Furthermore, adenoids pulled slightly upper jaw.And fix this defect.Well, that wait too long.I recommend to parents.

Svetlana, 41 years : son in 15 years due to uneven dentition already wanted to put braces, but doctors decided to try until the plate, because the age still allows.He already has a long, about 2 years, but there is a positive trend.They said they needed a little reproach to strengthen the effect.Efficiency is, even at this age.