How to remove a toothache at home

whom they have not tormented debilitating toothache, which appeared late in the evening or at night?Even worse, if you are out of town or where you can not see a doctor immediately.What parents worry if baby teeth hurt, especially when they begin to erupt!In pregnant women, this situation is not only able to hurt her, and even the unborn child.Toothache: the lift at home?Let's look at what to do to calm sleep or wait time before applying to dental hospital.

How quickly remove a toothache at home

toothache, but you're away from a hospital or she at this hour is not working?Provide first aid to himself alone.For pain, there are many reasons, so do not rest when you feel better.Immediately go to the doctor, to avoid potential complications: purulent inflammation, fistula on the gums, headaches.There are many ways to quickly get rid of the pain:

  1. take drugs.
  2. Rinse mouth by various means.
  3. Anesthetize folk recipes.


most available painkiller for a toothache - time taking the pill.It

can help relieve the painful condition and soothe inflammation.There are drugs that are recommended for admission to children during pregnancy.Antibiotics often assigns dentist with festering after tooth extraction.Pobespokoytes to home on the shelf kits were dental drops.

painkillers for toothache

Pharmacology offers a huge amount of drugs can help.How to get rid of a toothache at home?The easiest way to take pain medicine.There are drugs that can help to quickly among them "Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol" to appoint even children, pregnant women.There is a group of effective medications to help with any pain.Among them, "Ketonal" "Nise" "Ketanov".However, they have a number of contraindications.


You were complications, abscess after removal.What to drink from a toothache in this case?The dentist prescribed antibiotics, which reduce inflammation caused by germs and bacteria trapped in the wound.Among the popular products:

  • «lincomycin."Apply with purulent diseases, fistulas.
  • «TSifran".Able to destroy bacterial cells.It has bactericidal activity.


If there toothache: you remove it at home?You can help ease her dental drops.This drug is made from natural ingredients, because everything is shown.Use it for local compresses.Apply 3 drops of wool, attach to the tooth.In the case of caries it is recommended to put a drop in the cavity.Formulation:

  • Peppermint oil.Facilitates decontamination.
  • Camphor.It acts as an antimicrobial agent.
  • Valerian.It has a calming effect.

folk remedies How

offers recipes folk medicine for a toothache, ranging from simple rinsing, use of available tools from the garden and to the exotic methods unknown effects!In acute pain, start with the fact that clean the teeth with a brush, a special thread.There is a possibility that the inflammation has arisen from getting food or foreign body.Rinse the mouth with soda or sage, then move on to other methods.

Toothache: you remove it at home?Crush the leaves of valerian, kalanchoe or geranium, attach to the tooth.Assist packs of pine oil.Calming effect beet slice, applied to the site of inflammation.When caries in the tooth cavity:

  • Mortgage piece of heated propolis.
  • Drip clove oil.
  • Lay turunda with an alcoholic solution of propolis.

How to kill the tooth nerve at home?It is difficult, because surgery to remove a tooth nerve must produce a doctor.If you need to do it quickly and at home, then be sure to contact the hospital.Make sure that the tooth has a hole where you want to lay the active ingredients.These include:

  1. Gunpowder.There is a possibility of poisoning.
  2. vinegar.It causes burns tissue, requires careful application.

There is still the question of how to remove a toothache under the crown at home.Make a paste of crushed garlic, added to salt, soda, and ten drops of hydrogen peroxide.It is recommended to clean teeth this pasta several times a day, this is a very effective method.There is another way, which gives an excellent result.Requires rinse your mouth with this lineup:

  • glass of 10% novocaine;
  • egg white;
  • salt.

The gargle

At the beginning of the disease of the teeth or rinsing purulent inflammation are recommended.In this situation, a simple tool to help escape from a toothache at home - soda.On a full glass of water add one teaspoon - rinse solution is ready.Excellent results are obtained by the use of sage:

  • Take a glass of boiling water, add a tablespoon of herb.
  • Boil for ten minutes, the infusion should be kept warm in the mouth and rinse.
  • process continues until pain relief.


There are ways to deal with a toothache using garlic.Easily accessible spicy vegetable is able to kill bacteria, soothe the nerves.There is a simple recipe: Make a paste of crushed garlic and salt, use it to clean the teeth.Another recipe from the obscure, but effective action:

  • Grind garlic.
  • Wrap in napkin.
  • bandage wrap on the wrist where the pulse is measured.If the dislocation pain on the right - to make a bandage on the left and vice versa.


If toothache, when you sit at home, help a small piece of lard, but it should be unsalted.It is used fresh or frozen.Wanted to cut a thin slice, put his cheek to the tooth.It will take about twenty minutes - and you will feel that it became easier.Do not forget after that to go to the dentist.

What helps toothache children

trouble when kids suffer from pain.How to help them when teething, fever?Excellent help "Nurofen for children" - he takes the temperature, reduces morbidity.It recommended when teething, lubricate sore place with a mixture of oil of cloves or vanilla powder and olive oil.To prevent the disease processes in this period helps calcium supplementation and special ointments and gels.

Video: acupuncture points toothache

you do not like to take medications or are contraindicated to you, but what if it is strong toothache in this situation?Escape to help massage the acupoints.Watch the video - and you will know where they are located, how to find them, what are the techniques of acupressure.Learn three ways to relieve pain, attach the video to your favorites - so you always will support themselves and their children.