Allergy to cold

massive spring bloom, dust or pets - are not the only sources of allergic reactions.With the arrival of winter exhibit other unpleasant symptoms.It is an allergy to the cold, which is typical for warm periods due to hypothermia, for example, when bathing in the water.Signs of an allergic reaction so different from the other, so to determine its appearance will not be difficult.

How are allergic to cold medicine

Previously rejected such a diagnosis, as allergy from a cold.All because there is an allergen that causes particular body's reaction to the drop in temperature.The cause is exposure to cold air.Doctors believe that if there is a provoking allergen, the allergy and can be no question.Then why do people develop swelling and itching of skin and mucous membranes?Medicine had to admit that so are allergic to cold air.


Due to lower temperature thermal skin receptors in the body more sensitive to cold people in large numbers to release histamine, which causes allergy symptoms manifes

tation.The last is mild, but sometimes escalate into serious rash.Skin allergy to the cold has some typical symptoms:

  • redness;
  • edema;
  • itching open areas in direct contact with cold air;
  • blisters as the hives that are too scratched;
  • peeling of damaged areas;
  • bruises that appear in the field of allergies over time;
  • weakness - high blood pressure, headache, shortness of breath.

Pediatric Allergy exposed legs, inner thighs, knees and shins.The reaction to the cold can take other forms:

  1. Allergic rhinitis in the cold - a runny nose and frequent sneezing in the cold.Swollen nasal mucosa, leading to difficulty breathing.Allergy symptoms are when a person comes into a warm room.
  2. allergy eye on cold manifested as allergic conjunctivitis.Symptoms of this form are swelling, tearing, and swollen eyelids.Man becomes hypersensitive to bright light sources.

How does

Everyone feels discomfort on his return from the street, but someone from frost appear redness and swelling.When a person walks into a warm room, to the vessels, suzivshimsya in the cold, the blood rushes.If skin sensitivity to low temperature is increased - easily passing the symptoms become more active and there is an allergic reaction to cold.

allergy frost on

hands Externally the affected areas appear as dense pinkish-red rash.Cold allergy on his hands - it's swelling and blisters with a clear liquid inside.The latter appear at a particularly severe form of allergy.The skin becomes dry and cracked.The lesions resemble a burn from the nettle, so an allergic reaction to a low temperature is called "cold urticaria".


face Allergies cold on the face looks like an itchy reddened areas in the form of spots or blisters that cover the lips, cheeks and eyelids.Rash has whitish or pink hue.In severe cases, a person strongly swells.Allergy Symptoms easily confused with SARS, colds or even dermatitis, so it is best to consult a doctor so that he accurately diagnosed.Especially it concerns the period of pregnancy, when any infection is dangerous.

Causes cold allergy

is difficult to identify the cause of the allergy, if not most of the allergen.Cold is only a starting point, or so-called trigger mechanism for the occurrence of a malfunction of the immune system.The integrity of the cell it is broken, it releases histamine.It is the cause of the allergy.In addition, there are other factors that cause this reaction:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • infection in chronic form - pyelonephritis, caries, tonsillitis;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • stress;
  • errors in medication.

Treatment of cold allergy

allergens such as pollen, dust or pets, may be excluded from the surrounding space with allergies.What about the cold?You can not eliminate it, so it is difficult to cure this disease.It becomes possible only alleviate the symptoms.For this purpose appointed antihistamines or applying cream allergy to the cold, to protect the skin.


Doctors recommend children engage in healthy hardening and exercise.In combination with vitamin A, C, E can be a positive trend in the treatment of allergies.Particularly severe reaction to cold in infants, because it can not be said that not feeling well, and the disease progresses at the same time.Here are some simple tips on how to get rid of allergies and fight its symptoms:

  1. damaged areas lubricate healing creams or ointments.
  2. Minimize child stay in the cold.
  3. Use natural fabrics in the clothes, which do not absorb moisture and wind.Choose a jacket with a hood, and shoes with greater length.
  4. Before going give your child warm tea, and an hour before lubricate the face of a baby with the help of fat cream.It will protect your skin.
  5. follow the diet crumbs - reinforce each other allergens.


How to treat allergies in adults?Apply the same antihistamines, but they have a number of side effects: addiction, depression of the nervous system, kidneys, liver and metabolism.For this reason, added to medication preventive measures reaction to cold:

  • absence of hypothermia;
  • clothing made from natural fabrics;
  • moisturizing lip hygienic lipstick (do not lick them in the cold);
  • wearing headdress;
  • massaging the cheeks and nose in the cold;
  • treatment of chronic diseases.

folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers its own methods for the treatment of cold allergy:

  1. for healing lesions lubricate them aloe juice.
  2. about it compresses from broth with marigold flowers.To prepare pour 2 tbsp.l.raw glass of water.In turn Apply a warm and cool gadgets, keeping them in turn 2 and 1 minute.
  3. Mix in a glass of water 1 tbsp.l.honey and drink before bedtime.Honey reduces itching, has a soporific effect.
  4. Drink decoction of mint 50 ml 3 times daily after meals.To make it, pour 1 of mint just vskipyachёnnoy water.

Video: Dr. Komarovsky allergies

Some people know very little about their health or do not care about it, putting everything on later.Simple skin allergy to the cold, if it is treated properly or not treated at all, can lead to bouts of cough and even asthma.Be aware of what is happening to the body during cold weather efficiency will view video from which you will gather full information about allergies to cold temperatures.