How to quit smoking on their own

Getting rid of any addiction - a serious test for strength.For example, to quit smoking, many are trying.Only some of them reaches the target.What effective methods should be used to bring themselves to their goals and get rid of nicotine addiction?

According to statistics, about 70% of smokers dream is to get rid of their bad habits.Less than 20% of them had never tried to quit smoking, but 80% are regularly attempting to combat the pernicious addiction.How to quit smoking on their own, you need to know every smoker who wants to get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

What causes

Smoking Each person has their own reasons, to push him to smoke.But most start smoking at a young age just because to join the company of smokers peers.It seems that with raskurennoy cigarette comes friendship, understanding and fun.But with this comes only nicotine dependence.

tobacco addiction, adult smokes another cigarette for constant stimulation of the senses.Condition like Kaifu arises from the action of nicoti

ne contained in the smoke.It has a sedative effect on the nervous system, soothes, calms, and sometimes causes a feeling of euphoria.

Because with time comes the body's addiction to nicotine action, there is a desire in the regular replenishment of missing feelings, so a smoker increases the number of cigarettes smoked per day.But even this does not bring much pleasure, because in the background there are the first temporary euphoria health problems (cough, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness), who did not remain unnoticed.

Many people smoke because of the banal boredom.Addicted to addiction once, they can not get rid of it, not knowing what to do.Thus, a person smokes a cigarette at the bus stop waiting for the bus, waiting for a call between the work done, the conversation with a friend - just for myself something to do.

Some do not attempt to give up smoking because of the fear of being alone.When the smoke all acquaintances and friends, do not want to "stand out" from the company and becomes a "black sheep", otherwise they will not understand.It is better to stay away, as a result of habit than to support the company to get lung cancer.

It is possible that sometimes people smoke only because they like the smell of smoke and the taste of cigarettes.But then every man for himself must decide for himself that he is more important: instant pleasure or life without the risk of many diseases.

How to adjust yourself to quit smoking

must understand that cigarette you do not get nothing but lose your health, beauty and youth.Cigarettes you do not need for normal life, they eat you from the inside, take away your strength.Abandoning them, you do not lose anything.

'll have to learn to relax yourself, lost to the need for regular stimulation of the senses by using tobacco.To do this, find a hobby, a new passion.Begin to live a new, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Do not you want to see how your children will grow up, take the hands of grandchildren and dance at their wedding?With each cigarette you smoke this is your chance to live is getting smaller.

Getting Started quit smoking

  1. decide to make a solid right now.There is no longer any excuses: either tomorrow or Monday, or from next year, but right now.
  2. Tell your family and friends about your intention.Ask them for support and assistance.Cool would be if you dare quit smoking someone else, so you will support each other.
  3. Get rid of all the attributes of smoking around you: ashtrays, lighters, jacket, in which you went out for a smoke or a pillow on which you sat on the balcony, inhaling tobacco smoke.All these things are no longer in your life, send them to the trash.
  4. Calculate how much you are spending money per month on cigarettes.Put this amount in an envelope and zapryachte away.At the end of the first month without smoking, remove the nest egg and buy yourself a gift, reward yourself for the distance traveled.And so do each month of life without dependence.

main ways to combat smoking

easy and affordable way to quit smoking - stop smoking it all.But some people to cope with the addiction is difficult, so they are finding more ways to help overcome the consequences of failing to tobacco.

To reduce the effect of withdrawal symptoms at cessation, use nicotine patches.In their application to the body receives nicotine, but the lungs are not exposed to the adverse effects of smoke.However, the cardiovascular system is still suffering from the effects of nicotine.Therefore, sticking plaster - it is only a temporary step until you lost the desire to smoke.

The same principle works nicotine gum.It must be slowly chewed in the mouth, holding the saliva and then swallow.It has an unpleasant taste and smell, besides frequent gastrointestinal disorders when using nicotine gum.

There are special inhalers containing nicotine.If you have any desire to drag on a cigarette, you need to do 80 breaths through the inhaler.Because the body has the necessary dose goes pure nicotine.

also used medications, but they include antidepressants that are overly soothing effect on the nervous system and the human psyche, causing some confusion, drowsiness and apathy.

Unconventional methods include hypnosis, acupuncture, aromatherapy, psychological suggestion, auditory training, charms, folk remedies.

How to quit smoking on their own for 5 days

This technique was developed by the American therapists and well-proven worldwide.


  1. During the next five days, the morning get up half an hour earlier than usual.
  2. Fasting drink 500 ml of non-carbonated water.
  3. then spend a few minutes breathing exercises: do deep slow breaths and short sharp breaths.
  4. Eat during these days only plant foods.For breakfast, drink fresh juices and eat fruit.For lunch, vegetable soups and salads.For dinner, stews, salads and steamed vegetables.
  5. go to work, move more.Stay active, even light exercise is very beneficial to you now.
  6. Already on the fourth day of the procedure you get rid of the desire to smoke, and to consolidate the results of the fifth day.

Folk remedies to combat smoking

  • You will need a tablespoon of valerian, dandelion and catnip.Mix collection and pour a glass of boiling water.Insist means under the lid closed until cool.He was then strain and drink a decoction when there is a desire to smoke.
  • At the unbearable desire to drag on a cigarette tobacco do yourself rosemary or mullein leaves.This method used in China.
  • Use 250 grams of green oats.Grind it in a blender and pour 500 ml of boiling water.Insist broth for one hour, cool and strain.Take it if you want to smoke 100 ml with the addition of a teaspoon of honey.
  • tablespoon of baking soda dissolve in a glass of warm water.As soon as you want to smoke, rinse your mouth with a solution - it will cause an aversion to tobacco.
  • tablespoon of herb St. John's wort in the brew cup of boiling water and drink this infusion throughout the day as an ordinary tea.The composition of this herb include substances that have a sedative and calming effect, helps to strengthen the nervous system.

plots that help to quit smoking

magical spells to help cope with the addiction only to those who believe in them and properly configured on their reading.It is advisable to read the text of the plot near and dear people.

  • Read over a pack of cigarettes, "spoke (the name of the one who has to quit smoking) smoking.He will no longer poison themselves, others and the air.He (name) now find a new occupation. "
  • At midnight, when no one is in the house, stand before a mirror and light three candles.5 times, say the following words: "God, have pity on me (name).I ask the health and strength to get rid of addiction.Deliver me from suffering, and I will be your servant. "
  • If a woman wants to talk her man smoking, it should at night to become the mirror, when a man sleeps, light three candles, thread a needle and say: "Somewhere in the distant sea there is a small island, there I was sitting(your name) - a beautiful girl and using a needle and thread on hold (the name of the man) from smoking.He gets rid of bad habits, life destroying. "

Quit smoking for 1 day

There is no miraculous method that will save you from nicotine addiction in a single day.The whole secret - in a personal setting and psychological suggestion.Want to quit smoking - and you will succeed.Think about that, getting rid of the addiction, you will become healthier and happier you will look younger than their years.Here are some statistics:

  • smokers person's risk of developing cancer of the larynx, esophagus, stomach and other organs is much higher than that of a nonsmoker.
  • Smoking contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  • Among smokers strokes and heart attacks occur in two times more likely than people without nicotine addiction.
  • Smokers eventually suffer reduced fertility, impotence.
  • 20 minutes after quitting the pulse returns to normal, a day significantly reduced the risk of a heart attack two weeks to recover his breath.You will be easier to overcome long distances and climb stairs.10 years after quitting smoking the risk of lung cancer becomes the same as that of non-smokers.

How pregnant quit smoking

After news that soon you will become a mother in your life is no longer the place to cigarettes.If you do not own health care, think about the future of her baby.Do not take any drugs that replace cigarettes.Focus on developing life within you.

happen much in the open air, do light exercise, shown to pregnant women.Join the club of the future mothers, begin to communicate with them, tell us about your problem.There you will find like-minded people, who will share with you tips and tricks, how to quit smoking.

Avoid going to the guests, where the smoke.In addition to self and give up smoking from secondhand smoke, which is also harmful to the health of the embryo.With a strong desire to smoke, eat a handful of raspberries, it is temporarily neutralized by the craving for nicotine.

How to get better at getting rid of nicotine addiction

Some women believe that smoking cessation would lead to weight gain.Corrects you only if you become a "jam" problem.For example, instead of cigarettes snack cakes or eat candy.

sure to get yourself a new useful habit to take his hands.Women are encouraged to start to knit, embroider, paint.The men will be free time for troubleshooting in the house: fix faucets, cabinets, nailing pictures or shelves.

Connect the sport.Even a daily walk fast pace will not let you get better at throwing smoke.Take yoga, it helps to lose weight and soothe your nerves.Through yoga, you begin to live in harmony with themselves and with their inner world, you will not pull to cigarettes.

How to quit smoking forever

Not everyone can at one moment to give up cigarettes.Take small steps.Start with the fact that reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by accident (while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, during a commercial break on TV, etc.).Then eliminate smoke immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

daily move in the right direction by reducing the number of cigarettes.Rejoice each of his achievement, and then you quit smoking for good without any problems.

This video will give you an assurance, if you decide to do away with nicotine dependence.