Why crack the fingers and how to treat them

use of household chemicals, improper care, the external environment - all these details lead to a change in the skin condition.In the hands can appear irritation, allergic-like, there is dryness, peeling, cracking.These factors are not health disorders.A major cause for concern are considered to be a crack on the fingers, causes and treatment which is not related to the weather conditions, family responsibilities or age-related changes.Wound with blood should be a mandatory reason for seeking medical attention.

Causes of dry skin and cracks on the fingers

peeling and dryness causes discomfort.In conjunction with the advent of itching and bleeding wounds in these characteristics become constant pain.The causes of such manifestations can be different factors.The negative impact on your hands have substances for cleaning floors, dishes and other household chemicals.Get rid of their influence is not difficult.If the causes of skin changes become disease, the treatment is directed not only to eliminate

the discomfort, but also to eliminate the disease.

diseases that can cause itching, cracking, peeling and dryness of hands:

  • fungus (the main cause of the disease is considered to be the weakening of immunity);
  • contact dermatitis (a disease caused by the use of household chemicals, contact with aggressive substances or allergens);
  • eczema (a serious disease, with bleeding wounds, cracked, dry hands);
  • psoriasis (the hallmark symptom is the appearance of blood droplets;
  • beriberi (cause dryness and cracks on the hands becomes a lack of vitamins);.
  • allergy (individual response to certain factors)

question why cracked skin on fingers, means. conduct a comprehensive examination by a dermatologist to get rid of some diseases difficult These symptoms may be a manifestation of diabetes mellitus, diseases of internal organs or failure of performance of individual body systems in identifying the causes dryness and flaking, it is necessary to pay attention to the defeat of the place -.. pads, palm, periungual areaplates, interdigital areas.

cracking skin on the fingers around

nail frequent contact not only with household cleaning products, but also with ordinary water, can cause irritation. The skin in the nail plate begins to peel, crack, flake.When factors such as water and chemicals not, the reason for the appearance of the disease is internal discomfort.Accurate diagnosis can only install a specialist, but the most common of them is a fungus on the fingers, hormonal failure, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes or abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

on a cushion

cracking and peeling of the skin may be due to a lack of vitamins.The most common symptom of a lack of nutrients in the body is considered to cracking, peeling and dryness in the fingertips.Irritation, redness, pain is not there.Continuous exfoliation of the skin leads to "the rough" effect.If the area fingertips ache or noticeable amount of bleeding, it is a sign of disease.Consult your doctor as soon as possible is necessary.

devour the skin on the fingers

Cracks hands without bleeding wounds occur due to external factors or internal changes.The skin can burst from the hormonal drugs, prolonged treatment with antibiotics.Peeling cracked arises due to adverse weather conditions or frequent contact with water.For example, in the fall or winter for the hands must follow most closely.Similar symptoms may be the first manifestation of the disease.

Your skin is dry and cracked and bleeding

Some species changes are classified as the most dangerous.Bleeding cracks in most cases, are signs of serious illness.If the swollen fingers, it is necessary to conduct a survey of a dermatologist.Painful ulcers can become not only cause discomfort, but also a way of blood poisoning.Such cracks on the hands are the symptoms of eczema, fungal infections, of serious violations in the work of the body.

Itching between fingers

hands most common cause of burning is considered an allergy or skin disease.If there is itching between the toes, the influence of hygiene or chemicals is eliminated.The danger of this symptom is a common problem.The irritation may increase and move to other areas.Swelling of the fingers, with burning, considered the most dangerous sign of fungus or dermatitis.

Treatment peeling and cracks on

skin is very dry hands can become a cause of serious discomfort.Leather unpleasant to the touch, do not look aesthetically pleasing, delivers constant discomfort peeling.To treat such manifestations should be based on the cause of the problem.If the skin is beginning to dry under the influence of weather conditions, household chemicals or vitamin deficiency, then return it to the state to help a special ointment for cracks on the fingers or the mask, cooked at home.

Ointment for healing wounds and fractures

If the expert identified disease whose consequences began peeling and cracking of the skin, is carried out comprehensive treatment.The disease is eliminated special preparations, and discomfort of skin is removed with the help of ointments.The use of all means recommended to agree with the doctor.Ointments are applied to the affected area after a certain time or at least the emergence of pain, as an anesthetic.

Examples of ointments used to solve the problem of "Cracks in the fingers, causes and treatment»:

  • «Eplan";
  • «Levomekol";
  • «Vulnuzan";
  • «Tsikaderma";
  • «Bepanten Plus";
  • «Baneotsin".


means to combat dryness and flaking are divided into weak, strong, medium, and most powerful species.Creams are considered generic drugs.They heal wounds, have a moisturizing effect, eliminate pain.If scaly skin on the fingers of the child, the creams should be chosen from the group corresponding to the patient's age.Self-medication is not worth doing.In children, these symptoms may be the consequences of an allergy or a serious lack of vitamins.

Examples creams used to solve the problem:

  • «Apilak";
  • «Solkoseril";
  • «D-panthenol»;
  • «Velvet Hands";
  • «Lanolin."

folk remedies

If shelled fingers, hands and other parts of the hands, something to help restore a healthy skin can means of alternative medicine.The most popular, for example, uses honey and glycerin mask.Two tablespoons of water should be mixed with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of glycerol.Give the mixture the consistency of thick oatmeal can.Masks for hands from dryness applied to the hands, and after 15 minutes wash off with warm water.

Peeling palms of the hands, fingers and back of the hands prevents and eliminates the usual potatoes, sour cream, any vegetable oil.Components used to compresses or rubbed massaged.Process must not only hands but also his fingertips.To cure the diseases of the skin such methods will not work.The popular way to eliminate the effects of external factors, but do not get rid of internal diseases.

Video: Signs of skin diseases on hands

cracks on the fingers, the main causes and treatment factors influencing changes in skin condition - the main theme of the video.In the video describes in detail not only the symptoms of disease, but also explains the consequences of ignoring their patients.After watching the video and photos can easily distinguish the normal reaction of the skin to irritants from the symptoms of dangerous diseases.