What better nebulizer

How much grief gives mom a sick child, especially when coughing heavily, breathing heavily, his stuffy nose.Doctor appointed complex treatment and recommended daily inhalations.To carry the child to the clinic, especially if outside slush and cold, do not want to.Come to the aid nebulizer, which will allow to do inhalation at home.With this handy device, you will be able to treat not only children but also adults.On sale there are many models of these devices.What nebulizer better?Let's get acquainted with their views and make the right choice.

Types of nebulizers

Nebulizer used to treat respiratory diseases.The feature of this device to inhalation is that it produces very fine particles of the drug, like a fog, which is delivered directly into the bronchi and lungs.This results in instant absorption, which helps to speed up recovery.With the help of:

  • facilitated cough;
  • decrease swelling;
  • cough sputum;
  • asthma attacks quickly removed;

Nebulizer - a very compact device that is suitable for u

se at home and on the road.Successfully treat cough and runny nose in children, and is useful for adults.In this case the patient can sit or even lie down.There are many kinds of devices, each has its advantages and disadvantages.In addition, sputtering technology distinguished:

  • compressor;
  • ultrasound;

  • electron-net.


The structure of the nebulizer compressor and includes a special chamber, which is filled with the drug.Dosage is indicated in the instructions.The compressed air passing through the chamber to the mist spray preparation state.The difference between this device that is allowed to use any drugs, even antibiotics, cough medicines, antiseptics.Thanks to its reliability, the device will serve you for a long time.The only drawback - a lot of noise at work.

Compressor inhalers differ in the type of work:

  • Convection.They are air continuously, continuously forming a cloud of drugs.When you inhale the patient receives the drug, and on the exhale aerosol is sprayed in the space.
  • Manual operation.Press the special button, you get the medication only on inspiration.
  • Activated breathing.The aerosol is produced continuously in the chamber, but a special valve allows only a portion of the drug on inspiration.
  • Dosimetry.The medicine is supplied only at the moment of inspiration.


These nebulizer medication sprayed by means of ultrasonic vibrations.At the same time impossible to obtain very small particles, the aerosol does not flow into the smallest branches of the bronchial tubes.This means that the device does not cope with all the diseases.Unfortunately, this device sprays, not all drugs.Ultrasound destroys antibiotics, drugs that thin the mucus, hormonal preparations.

Electronic mesh

This device is also called a membrane or mesh nebulizer.Its operation is based on the fact that in a special electronic grid, under the influence of low frequency vibrations, the drug solution is extruded.This gives very small particles of the aerosol.It uses any drugs cured all diseases related to the respiratory system.

membrane nebulizer portable size and operates on batteries, with no loud noise.Take the machine to the road, if you fear that a child falls ill during the holidays.Another advantage - they are convenient to use bed-patients, because the drug is not shed.This is very important if ill grudnichok or an adult who does not get up.The disadvantages include the high cost.

What better nebulizer: compressor or ultrasonic

answer to the question of which nebulizer is best to choose depends on the disease and the drugs that are appointed doctor for treatment.If you have an inflammatory process, which is treated with antibiotics, buy compressor unit.This is due to the fact that these drugs neutralize ultrasound.Compression is large and makes a lot of noise that will frighten your baby.

ultrasonic device - a compact, easy to use on the road, because the bundle includes a battery.It does not make loud sounds, but has limitations on use.This device is not suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases, because it produces the aerosol particles larger.It is impossible to use essential oils, but have no problem with inhalation of medicinal herbs.One of the most popular - an ultrasonic nebulizer Little Doctor.

Choice nebulizer

choosing a nebulizer, check with your doctor to find out what medication he will prescribe for treatment.This will determine the type of spray, and model of the device.If you have kids, it is better to buy a nebulizer for children cough and cold, which sprays all kinds of drugs.You will be sure that the device will help you out with any other disease.Bedridden patients more convenient to use membrane apparatus.


compressor nebulizer kit Dolphin includes two sprayer.Adjusting the size of aerosol particles made attachments to the drug got into the finest branches of the bronchi.The main thing - carefully read the instructions in the description and make a correct setting.Three modes of operation and the lack of restrictions on the use of drugs makes the device at home indispensable for the treatment of laryngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

B Well

Company B. Well lets all types of nebulizers: compressor, electronic and ultrasonic mesh.Due to the fact that the kit is a mask for adults and children, nosepiece, breathe with their help can all members of the family.Follow the inhalation of these devices with a dry cough, chronic bronchitis, allergies and you will feel relief quickly.


If you have a sick baby, children's nebulizer Omron will be your lifesaver.The device is silent, it can breathe lying down.Thanks to its compact size and powered by batteries, the device is used not only at home but also in the country, work, in the car.Omron takes a high position in the ranking of the application in medical institutions.

Which nebulizers better Omron c24 or Omron c28?Let's compare the models.Both have a compressor-type sprayer.C24 apparatus more compact, has lower weight and lower noise level.Small hose length provides mobility.C28 model has a large number of spare parts, which ensures long-term use.The presence of a moisture switch ensures safety.

How much is a nebulizer

When will generate cost comparison, you will see strong differences.The price depends on the configuration of the device, and spraying type.Choose which one suits you best nebulizers.

Model nebulizer

spray type

average price, rbl.

Gamma Effect (Gamma)





med2000 Allegro (Allegro)


Vega CN-HT02 (Vega)


Omron Comp Air ne-c24-ru


Microlife NEB 10


Omron Comp Air ne-c28-ru


Dolphin f1000





B. Well WN-119U


Omron Micro Air ne u22



What is different from a nebulizer inhaler

Inhalers are used to deliver drugs in a spray form to the sore spot.The smaller the particles of the drug, the more effective the struggle with respiratory diseases.The nebulizer is a form of inhaler which turns liquid medicine into an aerosol cloud.In this form, the drug reaches the most shallow and deep lung and bronchial sections, recovery is faster.

Video: how to choose a nebulizer

Watch the video and you will avoid mistakes when choosing this machine.You learn what you need to consider acquiring the device for the treatment of children of different ages.Which of nebulizers better for babies?Understand why do not all these devices the same pulverized medicine and what role is the right choice of container products.You will see how to use the nebulizer.


Maria, 45 years : I have chronic bronchitis, aggravated by moisture.The doctor has advised to buy a nebulizer.Recommended start using when coughing begins.I thought, what to buy and chose Microlife nebuliser NEB10.She was surprised that the coughing stopped rapidly.Now I use it for prevention and treatment.I advise everyone to buy.

Anna, 28 years : I synochku 5 months.Just when you are lying in the hospital.The doctor said that it is desirable to buy a nebulizer.It's better than injections or tablets.I do not believe that such kids are doing inhalation nebulizer when dry cough.It turned out that it was true.At the nebulizer Omron has a special mask for infants.Mommy, I advise you to buy.

Valeria, 32 years : bought Dolphin nebulizer when sick with bronchitis daughter.It has been 3 years, the unit still works well.I take at the first sign of a cold.During this time, we went through all the serious health problems daughter, I stopped going to the hospital.My husband and I also use it when coughing.I advise you to buy a machine for anyone with small children.